Before we get into it, I just want to say again, this information is not meant to tell YOU what your body is or isn’t telling you. It is intended to help inform you so you can open up and start a deep and sincere communication with your own self. You with me?

So now, onward and inward.

I bring you information from…THE RIGHT QUADRANT!

“Oh! Wow! What a kind, glorious and majestic side of myself!”

The right side is repeatedly revealing itself here as the masculine space in me. The land of magic, autonomy, and SPACE. Space in both the sense of outer and inner.

The Cosmic Papa, the Divine Masculine, the rowdy cowgirl, the go-getter-done, the make-it-happen, and the ultimate protector. The right quadrant is responsible for insuring you are safe, you are respected, you are strong. It looks after your physical well being, the use of your body, the building of your muscles, the alignment of your bones, and your doing.

Found in the right quadrant are issues with structure and plans, follow through, and spacious flow.

Over and over again I’ve been shown a common imbalance here: the exhaustion of trying to get things ‘right.’ This is the area of my body that attempts be or do things ‘right’ and is suffocated by it.

In these knotted tissues, I have found the lack of a ‘father’ presence. Fathering is not necessarily about your father, it’s about the space or energy of those (including yourself) who made sure you were protected from the emotional, physical, spiritual, and soulful abuse of this world, and insured you brought your inspirations into materialized or manifested form. This protection and successful manifestation is something that ought to be provided to us as wee ones, and as we grow we become adept at providing this for ourselves and offering it to others.

Thus, the right is the constricted, exhausted side of constantly fighting for our OWN. The right side teaches us to stand our ground, to share our voice, to do and act as we are inspired and called to be.

When balanced this is our torch-in-hand, guiding light.

When out of balance it is the torch that burns our home, sanctuary, body. We have been culturally dominated, across gender and bodies to BE a particular something or be USED for something. That control, abuse, and resistance can wreck the right side.

One of the most common places we have not been protected, no matter the gender, is our root, our genitalia, and/or our sexuality. I’m offering a live online 90-minute class and healing for this  in a couple of weeks: The Soul’s Path to Healing Sexual Trauma & Abuse with the Wisdom of the Root. If this medicine is for you – come join.

The Right Side is where I have found the cosmos spinning inside of me, the magician who can materialize a miracle in an instant, and a light so bright all is illuminated and all action is clear. Here, I AM READY.


The right side represents your internal container, and like a bowl, if it has a crack, it leaks. Viewed through the lens of masculine and feminine, the right masculine side is the container for your flexible, fluid, feminine aspect.

The feminine reminds me of a puddy-like substance, radiant, vibrating, healing, alive, soft, malleable, and responsive. It likes to be more liquid, solidify for a moment or two and then change again.


Fluid takes the shape of the vessel it fills. So it is with this partnership of container and substance.

If your right side is wonky, if your container is leaky, busted, weak, or too small and tight, if you lack a safe internal container, this is what it might look like in your life:

  1. Your feminine aspects overtly leaks out (or if the space is too small, spills out) and you are experienced by the world as dangerous, untrustworthy, emotionally volatile, severely up and down, unstable, unpredictable, and/or needy. (Anyone remember me in my 20’s?)


  1. These aspects of your flexible, dynamic, feminine self solidify and stiffen to create the uber-firm boundaries and safety you need in lieu of a healthy container. We can do this so much that we are experienced by others as cold, distant, controlling, and/or stubborn. (Sound like anyone you know?)

I imagine the right side more like an orb and less like a bowl. In a sweep of sci-fi sound effects the right side’s container whoooommms round, holding and protecting the ever-evolving left side substance, which expands inside the container beyond “sides” and dances freely…


Hee heee, kinda like this only way safer :-)

With an intact container the dynamic, fluid self can melt and form and melt and form. Which means you can be your fully creative, expressive, and extraordinary self. This strong, loving container maintains that you are always (in all ways) respected, given the necessary space, listened to, supported, and able to successfully manifest yourself and your dreams. YOU ARE SAFE to be your ever-changeable self.

The Right Side loves a job well done. Clarity of role, and the mark of clear success. Boundaries, directness. It loves to make a safe container for the Creative.

In today’s video I offer Step 2 for getting acquainted with your bowl. The practice here is to listen, witness, and to love. These steps can be used for any BodyWisdom-ing, connecting and conversing with any part of your body, not just your bowl.

The 3 Steps For Getting Acquainted With Your Body:

Step 1: Arrival and Connection (in my last post)

Step 2: Witnessing and Loving

Step 3: Engagement

Bonus Step 4: Asking

Continue with me in my next expose’ as we journey to the anterior (front) of the pelvic bowl and  get into Step 3, the practice of engaging with your bowl.



Do the issues of the right side resonate with you? Have you or someone you love experienced sexual trauma and/or abuse that needs healing? I invite you to experience a 90-minute journey with me- The Soul’s Path to Healing Sexual Trauma & Abuse with the Wisdom of the Root. In this 90-minute class & healing we’re going to use the BodyWisdom from your pelvic bowl to connect, listen, bless, and shift at the root. We’ll make real space for your healing to come and find you, so you can relax, trust yourself, and remember your wholeness.

Learn about the Left Quadrant – Intuition & Nurturing – Step 1

Learn about the Anterior Quadrant – Fear and Flow – Step 3

Learn about the Posterior/Back Quadrant – Trust and Support – Step 4

Foundational concepts inspired by certification and training in Holistic Pelvic Care™  by Tami Lynn Kent and her written work, specifically Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body.

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