Mentoring with Sophia that includes a Reiki 1 Certification

Reiki is one of the most CORE and most beneficial aspects of my spiritual practice and lineage. I learned Reiki one in the fall of 2010, becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in summer 2012. It was my first Reiki initiation that cur through me and separated all that was actually healing from that which claimed to be healing but was actually bullying, shaming, and damaging. Being connected to an etheric network of teachers and beings who arre dedicated to the inherent and powerful synchronistic flow of the universal life force has been one of the most stabilizing and peace-making practices in my life. On the most basic level, I had a hard time sitting still in my meditations before I was initiated into this hands-on, kind, wise, patient and healing practice.


Having a powerful practice and lineage to guide me in my mornings and night, in the midst of my work, and in all travel has been a great richness of my life. I use this practice and it is integrated into all aspects of my daily life. When I lose my keys, travel, to physical pain, it is an efficient and joyful companion, support, and comfort.


I want others to have this richness. I refer people to other people’s Reiki classes at least a dozen times a year. Sending as many people as I can to trusted and powerful teachers.

I have heard the summoning call to offer Reiki 1 long-form and training again. What I have observed is that every few years I hear this clear clear sound. I have heard the bell ring again. It is this, here and now feeling. Sometimes I resist, “Why can’t you go to these other wonderful teachers!” And also, the practice is so sweet I am sure it is as much for me, as it is for my sacred bumpkins who are being called to sit and be initiated into my web of Reiki lineage. The last time this happened was standing in the Lobby of ONE Yoga Denver in 2016. Then Kim and I co-taught a wonderful group and profound healing was had by all.


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So what does Reiki do? What happens when I study and practice?

From my years of teaching my students commonly report an increase in intuition sensitivity, a lot more synchronicity in their life, better sleep, less anxiety, a shift in their experience or ease of their depression, the release of long-held grief, ancestral remembrances, and overall connection to “feeling like myself again” that comes along with an increase in inspiration and creativity.

For some more research on the benefits of Reiki, from the incomparable Kim Fleisher and colleagues in a real medical journal click here to read.

There is no turning off my 25+ years of energetic sensitivity, training, or knowledge. When something arises in the class, I will make the distinction between Reiki Lineage and teachings coming from elsewhere, and I will share them all with you as best I can discerning and educating you on their origin point. I am known for assigning practices to individuals to dive deeper into their own specific healing, and getting a stronger hold on their own sensitivities.


I encourage and guide each student to cultivate their unique experience of energy medicine through the supportive teaching of the Reiki lineage.

I have an obsession with the long-form style of teaching and learning of Reiki. I learned it that way, taking over 2 years to complete my master practitioner teacher training with over 200 hours of class and clinical time. I treasure the depth of learning that happened in this manner. I am of the opinion that doing the practice repeatedly on a daily basis is the most effective way of receiving its benefits. This may sound obvious but it can be challenging to do that without integration support, accountability, and mentorship. Long-form allows me to support you to fully actualize the potential of this practice into your everyday life. As well as offer an in-depth understanding of the practice. My face will be there, looking at you asking, “How was your practice?” And that is a meaningful component in learning.

The class is on the more expensive side of a Reiki 1 class. I deeply encourage you to find a teacher that aligns and work with them. This is priced this way because of the design of the class and it’s costs, as well as the truth that I am not just offering Reiki 1. It will be Soul Unification and Sophia mentoring with long-form Reiki 1 training and certification. You will not only be inside a Reiki container but a Sophia bubble of healing and Soul medicine.

If you are interested in the class and work in a company, I highly recommend checking with your HR or your small biz boss, to see if you have a Corporate Wellness Program. Many programs cover training or classes in full, in part, and/or give you work hour credit for the training.

I am in process of looking into becoming a CE Approved Provider, if CE credits would make the difference for me please let me know.

I have designed the curriculum to be Covid conscious. There are certain things that I really want and feel called to do in person and a number of facets that will translate well into a distance and virtual format. I require participants to take a covid test before coming to the in-person class.


The structure is as follows:

In-person Opening Class 9am-9pm

Durham, NC, Dec 11th, OR Philadelphia, On Dec 8th (or Dec 13th TBD)

6 Weekly Virtual Live Classes

On Zoom Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm ET/3:30-6:30PT

In-person Closing Class 9am-9pm

Durham, NC, January 29 and Philadelphia January 26th (or 31st TBD)

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