Reiki 1 Certification


What is Reiki?

Reiki is the western term for a healing practice from Master Mikao Usui of Japan. It is a practice of gentle and light touch, or practice over distance, that helps the body, mind, and spirit relax and heal. Master Usui developed a practice that person practices for their own healing and well-being. Practitioners who practice and are initiated into the lineage can share the benefits of their practice with another in a. Reiki session. Master Usui called this, his Method of Natural Healing, it is a practice that optimizes healing and happiness. When the practice was brought to the United State by Master Takata the practice became called “Reiki” which is often broken up and translated to be “Rei” meaning “universal” and “ki” meaning energy.

So what does Reiki do? What happens when I study and practice?

Reiki has the benefits associated with Meditation. I like to say, getting a reiki session is getting meditated.

Students commonly report an increase in intuition, a lot more synchronicity in their life, increase in inspiration and creativity, better sleep, less anxiety, a shift in their experience or ease of their depression and mental health issues, the release of long-held grief, ancestral remembrances, and overall connection to “feeling like myself again.” 

This class will also include mentorship from all my various healing training to support you in the development of your own sensitivities, and support, guidance, and insight for your own present and specific healing.

I encourage and guide each student to cultivate their unique experience of energy medicine through the supportive teaching of the Reiki lineage.

I have an obsession with the long-form style of teaching and learning of Reiki. I learned it that way, taking over 2 years to complete my master practitioner teacher training with over 200 hours of class and clinical time. I treasure the depth of learning that happened in this manner. Doing the practice repeatedly on a daily basis is the most effective way of receiving its benefits. Integration support, accountability, and mentorship make this much more likely and profound for many. Long-form allows me to support you to fully actualize the potential of this practice into your everyday life. As well as offer an in-depth understanding of your practice.

If you are interested in the class and work in a corporate company, I recommend checking with your HR or your small biz boss, to see if you have a Corporate Wellness Program. Many programs cover training or classes in full, in part, and/or give you work hour credit for the training.

People who are right for this class are:

  • ready and want support to strengthen your intuition
  • can show up open to receive powerful and transformative guidance and apply the wisdom to your own healing
  • want a gentle and effective healing practice to share with your friends, children, parents, and family to help with anxiety, emotional and physical pain, and spiritual support
  • ready to evolve into the next version of yourself
  • a practitioner who has a healing practice that you want to add Reiki to your certifications and integrate a nourishing and powerful modality
  • if applicable, are currently being treated or supported by a therapist or professional for any mental and emotional health diagnosis


This class is not for you if you:

  • want someone else to heal you, this is a self-healing focused class
  • want to learn an energy medicine technique just for other people but don’t want to use it for yourself
  • won’t make time to practice, it only works if you work it
  • don’t want to grow or change your behavior, all prayer for healing is a prayer for change
  • have mental health diagnosis and are going untreated or without supervision

The structure:

Opening and Closing Classes are in-person one-day retreats in Durham, NC with 6 weekly virtual classes inbetween

This is a Covid conscious curriculum. There are certain things that I really want and feel called to do in person and a number of facets that translate well into a distance and virtual format. I will require participants to show a negative covid test before coming to the in-person class.


In-person Opening Class 9am-9pm

6 Weekly Virtual Live Classes

On Zoom Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm ET/3:30-6:30PT

In-person Closing Class 9am-9pm

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4 Monthly Payments of $200

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