Reiki 1 Certification for anyone who knows they carry the magic medicine within.


Medicine Caller, trained or untrained, are invited to study and expand your healing presence to deepen your self-healing, personal transformation, and care for others.

When people want to learn how to call powerful medicine healing, they must gather and practice the foundations of healing.

Light touch on and off the body is one of those essential foundations.

Secondly, you must know how to walk your own being through change and transformation with kindness and ease. Reiki is a wonderful and helpful tool in that process, and this class focuses on practicing just that.

Share your healing presence with confidence and watch your life and the ones you touch transform.

Reiki is a healing practice with a lineage that comes from Japan in the early 1900s. This practice has become a staple for thousands of people’s everyday existence and a powerful amplifying and grounding component to their healing practice.

This course will offer a powerful lineage activation connecting you to teachers and healers that came before. This allows for their teachings and wisdom to be brought to you as you develop your own style and connection with healing through the deep presence and light touch on and off the body.

This long-form, in-depth training allows for you to practice, experience, and cultivate your healing touch style.

In these 2 months, you will be guided through your own transformational healing with a skill you will deepen for life. Level 1 focuses on self-practice, to ground your healing in your own being and knowing. You will be trained to give others a formal one-hour Reiki treatment session where deep healing naturally occurs. You will also after the first class be able to assist with a quick Reiki treatment you can use for all sorts of things like bellyaches or headache relief or help you or your loved one fall asleep on a restless night.

Trusting the power of our healing hands is essential to the awakened state. It’s natural and yet there is so much to be learned and strengthened through practice, study, lineage, and community.

The intimate class size is limited to 12 people.

The training structure: 2-weekend workshops where we will do initiations, training, and practice clinics. Between the opening and closing weekend, we will meet once a week to check in, practice together, review at-home clinics and additional assignments

Next Class:


Hybrid: In-Person Weekends & Virtual Weekly classes


In-person Opening Weekend

January 21-22: Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm 

Virtual 4 Weekly 2-hour Classes Saturdays Jan 28 + Feb 4, 11, 18 10am-12pm

In-person Closing Weekend

February 25-26: Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm

Please join us for your healing, so your cup may overflow and from your bounty nourish and support the planet and others.

Reserve your spot. No refunds only exchanges or partial credit.

4 Monthly Payments of $250

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 6 Monthly Payments of $166

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So what does Reiki do? What happens when I study and practice?

Reiki has the benefits associated with Meditation. I like to say, getting a reiki session is getting meditated.

Students commonly report an increase in intuition, a lot more synchronicity in their life, increase in inspiration and creativity, better sleep, less anxiety, a shift in their experience or ease of their depression and mental health issues, the release of long-held grief, ancestral remembrances, and overall connection to “feeling like myself again.” 

People who are right for this class are:

  • ready and want support to strengthen your intuition
  • can show up open to receive powerful and transformative guidance and apply the wisdom to your own healing
  • want a gentle and effective healing practice to share with friends, children, parents, and family to help with anxiety, emotional and physical pain, and spiritual support
  • ready to evolve into the next version of yourself
  • a practitioner who has a healing practice that you want to add Reiki to your certifications and integrate a nourishing and powerful modality for your clients and students
  • if applicable, are currently being treated or supported by a therapist or professional for any mental and emotional health diagnosis


This class is not for you if you:

  • want someone else to heal you, this is a self-healing focused class
  • want to learn an energy medicine technique just for other people but don’t want to use it for yourself
  • won’t make time to practice, it only works if you work it
  • don’t want to grow or change your behavior, all prayer for healing is a prayer for change
  • have mental health diagnosis and are going untreated or without supervision

The structure:

Opening and Closing Classes are in-person 2-day workshops in with 7 weekly integration and practice virtual classes inbetween

4 Monthly Payments of $250

REGISTER with Monthly Payments NOW


 6 Monthly Payments of $166

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