I’m Sophia Wise One Daughter of the Wind.


We have come together through the magic of the internet!

Let’s live a life that is boldly authentic, spiritually dedicated, and wildly passionate.

I’m committed to making an optimal impact of bringing liberated, just, kind, wise and loving world into being while playing full out and having fun. We have a brief time here on Earth and I know we best serve our missions by using ALL of OURSELVES to BE all we can.

I am a Medicine Caller.

I am a singer, speaker, transformational storyteller, teacher, author, entrepreneur, live-action role player, nomad, Spider Queen, and so much more and none of this at all. We are each an entire cosmos, with no definitions accurate and many words that resonate.

I have helped usher thousands of people to know and love their authentic selves.

Through Soul Unification we become who we are, which is all we ever need to be or do. Walk with me and we will do it together. 

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