sophia wise one speaks.people are transformed


Add Sophia Wise One to your lineup to give your audience a truly awakening and altering experience!


An electric presence on stage, she fills a room with an authenticity that stirs the deepest roots of the audience. Awakening their questions and providing answers before they’ve put it all together.

Funny, wise, insightful, and truly life-changing.

Top-Requested subjects to speak and guest teach on:

    • Leading instead of reading the energy of the room
    • Being a master Medicine Caller and group facilitator
    • Inner child healing, intuition, shame, and various spiritual concepts
    • Trust and authenticity in relationships and communication
    • Healing sexual and ancestral trauma
    • Sacred Sexuality
    • Soul Unification

Audiences are left wowed and speechless regularly.

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Invite authentic, relaxing, and fun Sacred Space into your event by bringing The RED TENT Experience to it.

It starts with building a beautiful spiritual and red theme lounge.

Then we can run the Temple, energetically holding space for the event as hosts and temple tenders. We offer soul-nourishing events like 15 minutes meditations, drop-in spiritual game night, group healings,  private card readings, and so much more. We will co-create the most aligned way the Sacred wants to support your participants in the journey they come to you for.

Sample agenda and images from different installations:


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Sophia Wise One (She/All Pronouns) 

Speaker, singer, author, and transformational storyteller. She is a relentless visionary and prolific creator. She is the host of three internationally top-ranking podcasts: “Vagina Talks”, “Medicine Caller”, and “Temple Erotica: Stories of Sacred Sexuality”. Sophia makes temples everywhere she goes, helping people claim their sacredness and define it for themselves so they can remember who they truly are and have the life and relationships they have always wanted. She was a child mystic who has been a professional Medicine Caller since 2000, she is trained in over twenty different modalities for calling medicine. She is a master facilitator and trainer of facilitators of world-changing healing circles.


“Your energy and authenticity are contagious!!”


“Aside from Sophia’s knowledge, skill and love; she is totally down to earth.”















“She radiates the authenticity of a healer who has been on her own journey and who offers her service in gratitude.”




“Thank you, Sophia, for walking me through the spiral path, teaching me to embrace my full beingness!”



“An astute and compassionate guide, Sophia helped me “come home” to myself—a scary, but exciting process that’s still unfolding.”

~ JR







“Sophia is the great translator.

She can convey complex concept

s and ideas to any audience so that they are understandable, relevant and integratable.”




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