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“Remembering Your Ancestral Practices”

We don’t need to appropraite other lineages when we know how to recalim our own. Accessing and restoring your unique spiritual practies from your blood and spiritual ancestprs is possible and deeply satisfying. 

Value add for Audience: Learn how connecting with your ancestors and spirit guides helps reclaim the wisdom, rituals and healing traditions of your lineages.

“The Body Wisdom Approach”

The Body Wisdom Approach identifies and translates the misunderstood or elusive communications of your body into a map of your life story. You can then use this specific and effective map to guide your spiritual mconsciousness and personal healing path.

Value add for Audience: Learn how to idenitfy and then work with physical symptoms and behaviorable patterns to end painful patterns, honor our intuition, and restore you own health.


“Can you feel that? The Wisdom and Power of the Pelvic Floor”

Therapeutic pelvic floor and genital massage helps clear blame, shame, and pain from the pelvic floor so you feel the pleasure your body has to offer you. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to do it for yourself. You’ll feel confident holding a safe container for your own potent and lasting healing, equipped with physical techniques to increase your sensation and connection to your core.

Value add for Audience: Learn to heal pelvic trauma, including painful sex, menstrual & menopausal issues, relationships, boundaries, and owning power and pleasure.


“How to Faciliate Women’s and Healing Circles” or “Red Tent Circles” “Red Tent Temple”

You can lead a circle now, just as you are. And yet there are a few things that you can learn that will set you and your community up for satufying and safe healing totgether. COme learn a format that can be used with any lineage, use it as it is, and fill with your own unique gifts for timeless transformative and supprtoive gatherings.

Value add for Audience: Format and structure you can start to use immediately. Learn best practices for holding a safe space. Allow guidance from intuition, navigate inevitable complications, maximize opportunities for intimacy.


“Sophia is the great translator.  She can convey complex concepts and ideas to any audience so that they are understandable, relevant and integratable.”

~Kim Fleisher, M.Ed. | Reiki & Mindfulness Educator



“She radiates the authenticity of a healer who has been on her own journey and who offers her service in gratitude.”

~Michal | Naturopath & Musician


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