Sophia Wise One (She/All Pronouns) 

Speaker, singer, and transformational storyteller. She is also a game creator and author, she is a relentless visionary and prolific creator. She is the host of three internationally top-ranking podcasts: “Vagina Talks”, “Medicine Caller”, and “Temple Erotica: Stories of Sacred Sexuality”.

An electric presence on stage, she fills a room with an authenticity that stirs the deepest roots of the audience. Awakening their questions and providing answers before they’ve put it all together. She is hysterical, wise, insightful, and truly transformational. She loves speaking on reading the energy of the room, being a master facilitator, the most complex or simple spiritual concepts, healing, and liberating sex and body shame. Audiences are left wowed and speechless regularly.

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“Sophia is the great translator.  She can convey complex concepts and ideas to any audience so that they are understandable, relevant and integratable.”


~Kim Fleisher, M.Ed. | Reiki & Mindfulness Educator






“She radiates the authenticity of a healer who has been on her own journey and who offers her service in gratitude.”


~Michal | Naturopath & Musician




On stages, podcasts, zoom, and various media platforms connecting, educating, and inspiring intimate audiences of 10’s to 1000’s.





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