Before we get into the adventure of the posterior quadrant,  I just want to say one! more! time! that this information is not meant to tell you what your body is or isn’t telling you. It is offered to help inform you so you can open up and start a deep and sincere communication with your own self.

Okay! So now information from THE POSTERIOR (or back) QUADRANT!

Oh sweet back, sweet place of knowing and relaxation. Sweet place of trust, of the support that allows me to open.

The posterior quadrant shows its bodily intelligence by revealing whether or not we are leaning back. Are we experiencing trusting, receiving support, feeling safe while being supported, and thusly, more specifically, leaning into that support? Are we? Am I? Are you?

When we do not experience what we are longing for the body grips. It braces and holds tight.

The brilliance is that this means of coping works. Let’s pause and clarify what ‘works’ means. Coping cares about one thing, NOT DYING. If you are alive than your coping mechanisms are working 100% successfully. Congratulations! There is a big gap, however, between not being dead and thriving in aliveness. Tension, especially painful tension, is your body telling the story of your coping.

*Note* There is also a turning point when coping mechanisms can take a turn towards proactive self destruction, and the change can be either subtle or overt. This is an intense and big subject, that perhaps we’ll address in more detail in a future blog post.

Regardless, compassionately seeing ourselves and our coping mechanisms is an important step towards positive transformation. So let’s take a look:

Are you coping (just trying to get through)?

Are you self destructing (efforting towards death)?

Are you thriving alive-ing (living your life with fervor, not waiting to be perfect, pursuing your passions)?

If you can’t tell, learn to listen to your body. It knows the difference, and can guide you through to wholeness.

Take a deep, full breath. And another one. We all have places where this or these ways show up. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s debilitating. Often it reveals itself in the back of our pelvic bowl! So what’s the good news?

Healing happens.

Another breath. Let’s keep going :-)

The ease or gripping in the posterior of the pelvic bowl often tells the narrative of a either deep trust and relaxation that leads to incredible openness and whole-self generosity, or the exhaustion and overwhelming experience of being alone, unknown, unsupported and coping.


Looking around the rear of your pelvic bowl gives you great capacity to find that which you long to lean into. In literal, external concrete ways it helps you manifest support. For example, someone to pick up when you call,  a job that sustains you, or a partner who keeps their word. Or, it can represent the more subtle or esoteric support you might desire, like deep feelings of faith or a connection to something bigger than yourself. This is a space that knows what you want to push against for support, in what ways you want to be able to let go, relax, and soften in connection.

I tend to bump into feelings of worthlessness and worthiness here.

Who am I? Who am I to say or do that or this? Am I worthy to relax and have things be okay, or am I, at my core, bad and, hence, unworthy of support?


I am wonderfully made! Wholeness is my nature! I feel the conspiring of the universe on my behalf!

Here dwell the feelings of doubting and blaming others, resentment, self-doubt and the self control of “keeping it all together.” When I stay with these feelings and questions, commit and I kindly, and slowly move through them, they release.

And then, “YES!” is all there is to say.

I experience a silent, body-vibrating sensation of, “Yes. Existence is safe.”  This experience of deep knowing leaves me feeling touched, vulnerable, open, safe, and without words.

A few ways posterior pelvic tension can show up are: hemorrhoids, vaginal tearing during birth, sciatic pain, and uncomfortable sitting for extended periods of time (very subjective, its about the shortened length of your ability to sit comfortably.)

I encourage you to take another journey through Steps 1, 2, 3, highlighted in prior emails, with a new focus on the posterior pelvis. Use those steps to get connected, and then try out Bonus Step 4

Making connection and exploring is really wonderful. That is the groundwork of trust. The body, aka your Self, is always communicating as best it can with you. As you make more effort, time, and space to hear those messages the body will begin to communicate differently as well.

Bonus Step 4 takes this one step deeper. Once you’re connected, you can use the connection to get clear guidance for your life, from your bowl.

While breathing, listening and connecting, drop your question into your bowl like you’re dropping a penny into a wishing well.


Wait attentively to hear the penny land and the water ripple out.

I love this metaphor for asking the body questions because it can be a helpful image but also a sensory one; you can imagine your body being the well, and the pelvic bowl (or anywhere your asking) be the water. The question is the penny, feel it land and then let the ripples be the answers. Feel. Sense. Listen. Realize.

Tip #1: Be mindful of the way you ask your questions.

I invite you to watch my #30 of 50 Things That Help Me Heal to get more insight on asking direct questions; The video is framed in terms of asking others, but it all applies to you talking to you as well.

Tip #2: Be prepared to hear the very last thing you want to hear.

If you refuse to hear a certain something, it’s like asking and then plugging your ears when the answer comes. If this is the case, take the time to look at what you are afraid to find out before you ask the question. Then, come to terms with what you are afraid might happen if that was the answer.  Then,  ask your question. (I make it sound sooo easy – good luck!)


There is SO MUCH more to each area and so many more aspects of the pelvic bowl to explore. Each and every area is networked throughout the body and has immense innate knowings and sensitivities.

These areas include but are not limited to: the ovaries (testes in male-bodied folks), womb (womb energy around the body in male bodied folks), bladder, rectum, fascia, and musculature.

When you experience pain or unwanted body symptoms, it is an opportunity to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. It’s an internal phone ringing, with valuable information waiting on the other end. Are you willing to pick up? Do you know how? I can help you with this process.

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August is a big travel/work/play month for me, so I’ll likely be sending out some posts of insights from the road. I can’t wait to share more with you!

In Ever Expanding Love, Adventure, and Play,



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Foundational concepts inspired by certification and training in Holistic Pelvic Care™  by Tami Lynn Kent and her written work, specifically Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body.

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