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About the Game and Deck

We feel the most lost in our lives when we lack the skills to manage a challenge before us. There is always more room to grow our spiritual, emotional, and relating skills. This book and game offers you comfort and inspiration while growing your joyful life living skills. The result of playing and working with this wisdom is trusting your intuition, accepting and enjoying yourself, and shifting the most stubborn of habits.

Use it as a daily contemplative tool, soulful game night with friends, or to help shed light on an issue for yourself, clients or students, or a loved one.

Each card contains a teaching or skill I learned on my own long journey from being a sensitive empath with codependent relationships, suffering with mental fragility and painful physical symptoms to an empathic, confident, kind, boundaried, embodied, and quite honestly, much to my surprise, happy person. I was looking for less suffering and what I found and am sharing with you is even sweeter. This deck contains some of the skills, insights and teachings that I use almost every day of my life.

You can use this deck as a divination tool–using card layouts and classic oracle deck fashion–or you can use the group game method. 

We use decks and self development to expand our perceptions, bring us joy, improve our relationships, identify purpose, and develop ourselves.

We turn to these tools seeking:

  • Insight into the potential outcome or lessons of a particular behavior, choice or path.
  • Validation We are looking to be recognized, experience empathy, or ease some sense of loneliness by being understood. 
  • Guidance on what might help or support me as I walk my path.

Each card carries a teaching and a list of practices which are activities to do when you pull a card. The cards do not carry the answer, they hope to carry you to your answer.

The purpose is to reflect back to you and acknowledge some part of you in a way that illuminates your own inner wisdom and grants you access to your own guidance.


What is it?

After twenty years of sitting with people while they healed and grew through all of life’s various gifts and challenges I consistently heard the same things. I found myself repeating core lessons and insights over and over even in varying circumstances. So when I asked my community if they wanted a deck, and they said yes, I turned the most persistent and useful teachings from all those years of healing into a seventy-two card oracle deck.

In the process of making the deck, my martial arts teacher said, “Sophia made a card game to improve your life.” I thought, “That’s brilliant, not just a deck, a game!” So I turned the teachings and matched practices into a group game. Then followed the Compendium Book. This book holds instructions for the game, deeper and in-depth meanings of the teachings, and over 150 practices to do at home including guided meditations, medicine songs, writing prompts, group games, exercises, and rituals to apply, integrate, and embody the wisdom.

When I launched the Kickstarter I knew I would make a video for each card with stories and even more insights from my life. Once I was deep in making the game and creating the guided practices (which are written like scripts in the book) I decided I would record them so in a group or at home you can lean back and be guided through an entire process by me. I also recorded teaching recordings of my medicine songs. And so was birthed over 20 hours of digital multimedia content to enhance and optimize your healing journey that has become the Digital Multimedia Library. Offering you everything I have from here.

Who is Sophia Wise One?

Speaker, singer, mentor, trainer, teacher, visionary, and prayer of prayers.  I am the host of the global holistic healing podcast: “Medicine Caller”. I make temples everywhere I go where people claim their sacredness, define it for themselves and remember who they truly are. I train professional medicine callers to trust and use their medicine through self mastery, soul unification, skills restoration, and ancestral reclamation. I was a child mystic and have been a professional Medicine Caller for over twenty years and is trained in over twenty different modalities. I am known for my candor and love, digging deep, laughing the whole way. I curse a lot and love well.

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They are different from other oracle decks in that the way they feel is more personal in the way they communicate with you. The artwork is awesome and the tangible feel of the cards is sexy. I like the shape of the cards. They are feminine wisdom in your hands. They feel womanly and wise just touching them.
Danica Arizola

Reiki Master Teacher & Oncology Massage Therapist, alovethinghealingarts.com | @alovething_healingarts

The cards, teachings, and practices in the I Love My Life game have jump-started my personal growth. I am happier and more self-actualized since they have come into my life. I have also built stronger connections with and learned deep truths about the friends I have played it with. I can’t recommend it enough because I can’t possibly begin to fathom the value of the knowledge and years of experience that Sophia has woven into this book and deck. Buy the game. Practice with it yourself and play with it in a group. Or just put it under your pillow at night. Good things will start happening to you. It’s that magical
Aerin Blue

Senior Backend Engineer

“This game is an easy to use magical, mystical, medicinal opportunity to connect with friends, yourself, and the Big Whatever You Call It — for healing, presence, intimacy, and fun. 

This deck and guidebook are must haves for seekers, gamers, families, and cosmic classrooms. 

I’ll play the game with anyone, anywhere, any day of the week; and I have, to great results for my relationships with others and with myself.”

Leah Moon

withleahmoon.com | @withleahmoon

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