“A few weeks ago, a friend brought me your absolutely live-morphing deck and it has been a life changer for me and my practice.

I have been wanting to get my hands on it for years, and now that I have it, I am treasuring it.

I have been drawing cards each day, listening to your videos, singing your medicine songs, journaling and just falling in love with life.

This deck is seriously a gift, an investment in self.

Your deck is truly the medicine that spiritual beings need right now.

I talk about it all the time with my own students and clients.”


I was a child mystic singing and speaking with ancestors, my teen years were beautiful and tough. In my late teens, my sensitive self, really painfully lost my mind.

I fell into a deep and complicated hormonal-based depression-mania cycle.

It took 7 years to learn the skills to hear what my inner wisdom was screaming to me in those times, and build habits that created ease in my body-mind-spirit self, incredible faith, accurate and trustworthy intuition, and a profoundly healing powerful presence.

I was blessed with teachers, healers, mentors, and guides – I still am! Thank Goodness!

I received training in over 20 different healing modalities, and have been a practicing professional Medicine Caller for over 20 years.

I’m Sophia Wise One and I am the host of three international top-ranking podcasts Vagina Talks, Medicine Caller, and Temple Erotica: Stories of Sacred Sexuality.

I have turned the important and sometimes intimidating process of personal healing and facilitating group healing circles into an easy-to-use, potent, and loving Manual and Guide for Calling Medicine.

I found the tools I needed to heal and thrive, and here they are as 72 teachings and 195 practices modeled in a fun choose-your-own-adventure format.


I LOVE MY LIFE Manual & Guide for Medicine Calling

Box Set offers you:

⭐  Complete content and process for facilitating transformative healing medicine circles

⭐  A daily contemplative practice

⭐  Ancestral and personal healing

⭐  A soulful game night with a friend or a few

⭐  Offering wisdom for yourself, clients, students, or a loved one

⭐  Restoring confidence and come home to yourself

⭐  Developing your intuition

⭐  Connecting and listening to the wisdom of your body

⭐  Reclaiming your medicine practices, connect with spirit guides, remember your truth

⭐  Learning communication and relationship skills that create and maintain an authentic, satisfying, deep short or long-term connection

⭐  Awakening pleasure, connecting to your true desires and inspiring an aligned life

⭐  All this, and quite honestly more

The Box Set For Medicine Calling Includes:

Guide For Calling Medicine

Oracle Deck + 6-Sided Die

  • 72 Card Wisdom Oracle Deck with the most repeated and useful teachings from 20 years and 20+ different modalities on empowerment and healing
  • 6 Sided Die
    • It is a magic tool that allows the fates or ancestors or the universal wisdom to direct you which of card specific practices is recommended to do at that particular moment.

Manual for Calling Medicine

    • A compendium explaining how to play The Medicine Circle Game and do oracle card readings
    • 72 deeper meanings of the teachings from each card
    • 195 practices to do at home including guided meditations, medicine songs, writing prompts, group games, exercises, and rituals to apply, integrate, and embody the wisdom. (Don’t be overwhelmed, pull a card, roll the die, and you’ll have one practice directly related to what is going on for you to do.)

Academy For Calling Medicine

    • 72 videos of channeled teachings for each of the cards
    • Downloadable ebook of the Manual for Medicine Calling
    • 20 audio recorded guided meditations and group practices
    • 10 Call and Response Sing-Along Medicine song recordings
    • Additional curated resources
    • Totaling over 20 hours of facilitated and life-changing, healing practices narrated by Sophia Wise One.


“They are different from other oracle decks in that the way they feel is more personal in the way they communicate with you. The artwork is awesome and the tangible feel of the cards is sexy. I like the shape of the cards. They are feminine wisdom in your hands. They feel womanly and wise just touching them.”

Danica Arizola

Reiki Master Teacher & Oncology Massage Therapist | alovethinghealingarts.com | @alovething_healingarts

“Allowing yourself the time to play this game is a gift to yourself and those around you.”


James VR Specialist

“Some days life is so confusing that I have trouble finding my inner truth. I pull out my deck and always get an answer that is wise and compassionate. The book is full of fun big minded suggestions of how to address the issue and get unstuck. I’m grateful.”



“This game is life altering I cannot recommend it enough!!! 💖💖💖”

Cait Davis

Ceramicist | caitlindavisceramics.com | @caitlin_davis_ceramics


“This game is an easy to use magical, mystical, medicinal opportunity to connect with friends, yourself, and the Big Whatever You Call It — for healing, presence, intimacy, and fun.

This deck and guidebook are must haves for seekers, gamers, families, and cosmic classrooms.

I’ll play the game with anyone, anywhere, any day of the week; and I have, to great results for my relationships with others and with myself.”

Leah Moon

withleahmoon.com | @withleahmoon

“This book and deck have become a centerpiece of my practice. Sophia has perfectly balanced community interaction, personal healing, and a beautiful new approach to working with cards. I highly recommend this tool to anyone seeking to expand their personal growth practice. I love it ♥️.”

Natalie Jennings

Photographer + Taro Card Reader | nataliechampajennings.com | @jenningsphoto

“Sophia’s Cards are Magic!”

Caroline Ashurst

Acupuncturist + Fertility Coach | restorativeharmony.com | @restorativeharmony.com

Your life is constructed by how you spend your time, how you feel in your body, the thoughts you think, and the feelings you have.

Medicine Calling is how we allow the wisdom, love, fun, peace, and healing that await and call from within to move out into our body, mind, lives, and relationships.

The Manual, Guide, Academy, and Medicine Circle Game format share the skill-sets to turn challenges in your life into the mystical doorway of coming home to yourself.

Equip yourself to be a lover of life by being your cosmic, powerful, potent medicine being, your tender, vulnerable, sensitive, wonderful, innocent, fun, vivacious, succulent, and sensuous being!

picture of tablet with tthe ebook cover "I Love My Life Academy for Calling Medicine by Sophia Wise One"
  • Digital Online 72 Card Deck and Die (Value $19)
  • HARDCOPY! 72 cards with clear messages you will be able to interpret and feel into their message easily. (Value $29)
  • 33 group games and sharing prompts to process and build intimacy and community (Value $29)
  • 10 medicine songs with call and response recordings and sing-along recordings so you can learn and sing the healing tunes yourself (Value $19)
  • 29 writing prompts to help clarify and connect you to your own wisdom (Value $19)
  • 4 styles of meditation to help you calm, get centered, and be the loving presence in your life you are capable of being (Value $19)
  • 23 Guided Practices scripts and downloadable audio recordings so you can  do the practice how you like, read it yourself, have someone you trust read it, or have everyone participate and be guided through the practice so you can fully surrender to your healing and relaxation (Value $199)
  • 6 breathing techniques to reset your system so you can be clear-headed (Value $19)
  • 15 Rituals and offerings practices so that you can heal and transform deep spiritual wounds and claim your spiritual gifts and use them in your life (Value $169)
  • Instructions on healing hands on self and others so you can feel confident offering of the oldest healing practices in the world to yourself and others (Value $99)
  • Guide to 6 kinds of hugging so you can hear “you give the best hugs” almost every time (Value $19)
  • 4 creative healing crafting to creatively relieve your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain (Value $29)
  • 6 chants to shift the vibe of any moment (Value $19)
  • 50 solo and group practices that redefine how you see the world and yourself so that you can be your truest and most authentic and loving being. (Value $149)
  • 72 Transmission teachings channeled teachings for remembering and connecting to your deepest truth (Value $299)

VALUE $1,135.00

YOU can get it all today for $111.00




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  • Manual For Calling Medicine Paperback
  • Guide for Calling Medicine: Oracle Deck + 6-sided die
  • Academy for Calling Medicine Membership Card
    • Membership INCLUDED ($555 Value)





  • First Edition Original Hardback Compendium Guide Book
  • Guide for Calling Medicine: Oracle Deck + 6-sided die
  • Academy for Calling Medicine Membership Card
    • Membership INCLUDED ($222 Value)