Group Card Game

+ Oracle Deck

Sophia Wise One has taken the most elusive spiritual principles and practical relationship advice and turned them into an accessible, useful, and inviting multidimensional game.


“This book and deck have become a centerpiece of my practice. Sophia has perfectly balanced community interaction, personal healing, and a beautiful new approach to working with cards. I highly recommend this tool to anyone seeking to expand their personal growth practice. I love it ♥️.”

Natalie Jennings


nataliechampajennings.com | @jenningsphoto


“They are different from other oracle decks in that the way they feel is more personal in the way they communicate with you. The artwork is awesome and the tangible feel of the cards is sexy. I like the shape of the cards. They are feminine wisdom in your hands. They feel womanly and wise just touching them.”
Danica Arizola
Reiki Master Teacher & Oncology Massage Therapist, alovethinghealingarts.com | @alovething_healingarts



“Allowing yourself the time to play this game is a gift to yourself and those around you.”


VR Specialist



“This game is an easy to use magical, mystical, medicinal opportunity to connect with friends, yourself, and the Big Whatever You Call It — for healing, presence, intimacy, and fun.  

This deck and guidebook are must haves for seekers, gamers, families, and cosmic classrooms.

I’ll play the game with anyone, anywhere, any day of the week; and I have, to great results for my relationships with others and with myself.”

Leah Moonwithleahmoon.com | @withleahmoon


“The cards, teachings, and practices in the I Love My Life game have jump-started my personal growth. I am happier and more self-actualized since they have come into my life. I have also built stronger connections with and learned deep truths about the friends I have played it with. I can’t recommend it enough because I can’t possibly begin to fathom the value of the knowledge and years of experience that Sophia has woven into this book and deck. Buy the game. Practice with it yourself and play with it in a group. Or just put it under your pillow at night. Good things will start happening to you. It’s that magical”

Aerin Blue

Senior Backend Engineer

Play to feel and share your truest, most powerful, and conscious self.



This game, book, and deck offer you wise guidance and inspiration while growing your joyful life-living skills.


Use them as a daily contemplative practice, a soulful game night with friends, or to help shed light on an issue for yourself, clients, students, or a loved one.


Each card contains insights or skills needed to transform a life.


This is Sophia’s most repeated, effective, and digestible advice for connecting you to yourself, your wisdom, and your voice.


Claim your intuition, confidence, peace, and joy by playing and growing in a brilliantly fun way.

Game + Oracle Deck

The most repeated and useful teachings from those 20 years of healing turned into a seventy-two card oracle deck

Game Guide Book

    • A compendium explaining how to play the game and do card readings
    • 72 deeper meanings of the teachings from each card
    • 195 practices to do at home including guided meditations, medicine songs, writing prompts, group games, exercises, and rituals to apply, integrate, and embody the wisdom. (Don’t be overwhelmed, pull a card, roll the die, and you’ll have one practice directly related to what is going on for you to do.)

Digital Multimedia Library

    • 72 videos of channeled teachings for each of the cards
    • 20 audio recorded guided meditations and group practices
    • Additional curated resources
    • Totaling over 20 hours of facilitated and life-changing, healing practices narrated by Sophia Wise One.

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Deck of cards + 6-sided die

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Hardback guide book

Deck of cards + 6-sided die

Digital Library INCLUDED ($222 Value)