I am excited to get going!

Let’s take a walk around the pelvic bowl.

In this upcoming series of posts I will be exploring the pelvic bowl by quadrant. Tami Lynn Kent first taught me the process of mapping the pelvic bowl into quadrants (you can learn more about her teachings in her Book Wild Feminine, or check out any of her wisdom filled books)

What follows is the integrated knowledge from my studies as well as personal experience of both healing my own bowl and working with others.

Think of the pelvic bowl like a medicinal herb garden. Each section growing its own medicine. Each plant having it’s own specific strengths, needs for tending, and sensitivities. And each garden in perfect balance with it’s own unique variations.

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Our first point of inquiry is The Left Side. What is here? What is this about?

Before we get into it, I just want to say that this information is not meant to tell you what your own body is telling you. It is intended to help inform you so you can open up and start a deep and sincere conversation with your own self.

Okay. So now onto information from….. The Left Quadrant!

Oooooo. Ahhhhhhh. Yeaaaaaah. Oh to melt into divine love and be rocked endlessly.

I see walls of roses.

The left side is often associated with the Feminine, or as Tami Kent often says to clients when hitting a point of tension on the left side, “How was your mothering?”

The left side is where we often hit a cluster f%$#@ of tissue. Mothering is not about your mother necessarily, mothering is about the tending of your creative, intuitive, feeling, appropriately needing and evolving self.

If there is a person connected to the left side of your bowl it’s the person (or persons) that emotionally tracked you when you were little. The one(s) who saw and tended your emotional, physical and deep soulful needs and nurtured them. Or, as most humans in our imperfection, the one(s) who missed and disregarded those needs.

Likely a combo of the two.

In this part of the pelvic bowl we often find the areas of neglect, the stories about how we are not worthy, uncared for, forgotten. We find the places where our subtle and potent selves needed attention and nurturing and didn’t get it properly. If you were hungry, lacking enough fat in your diet, or had poor nutrition, the left side of your bowl is a place that this wound can show up.

Here is where I have felt and found my need for deep care, for having my emotional needs anticipated (also where I get my super powers for anticipating others emotional needs), for connecting to the Great Cosmic Mama (the mama of even the Sun and our earth mama, and our spinning clusters of galaxies). Here is where I find my need for sisterhood. To have others feel not just for me when I am upset or unhappy, joyful or blissed in, but with me.

COM = with.

PASSION = feeling and sensuous experience.

Here is where I find compassion.

Here is where I have held many of the memories from past lives or lineages of being hunted or sacrificed because of the wisdom I carried.

Here is the land of Wisdom. Of experience and trusted KNOWING (not to be confused with thinking – not the thinking side). Of embodied and sensual felt experience. As my left side has balanced it has shown me deep imagination and dreams, the magic of rhythm and cycles, the beauty of growth and connection. The productivity of non-linear, orb-like and shape-shifting growth. I know as I dive deeper in this space, ecstasy will find me here too (my growing edge right now is making peace with pleasure and desire).

Here is the place that can be so open and so full it radiates wholeness.

In this short little video I share how to just start the connection with your root, your pelvic bowl. From a body and breath place. From outside. Step one :-)

If you’re practicing the exercise in the video and it gets too intense to hold contact with the body you can do two things:

  1. A)  Hover
  2. B) Hold ‘around’ the space with one hand on the front, and one of the back, or one hand on your thigh and one up on your belly while you send your breath between the two.

Come explore what the Right Side has revealed to me and get Step 2.

And then the Anterior Quadrant and Step 3 and Posterior/Back Quadrant – Trust and Support – Step 4

Lots of love,


Foundational concepts inspired by certification and training in Holistic Pelvic Care™  by Tami Lynn Kent and her written work, specifically Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body.


Top:commons.wikimedia.org; Bottom Left: hermionesgarden.blogspot.com; Bottom Right: http://100curiosidadesdelmundo.blogspot.com/2013/04/los-extranos-jardines-perdidos-de.html

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