Come with a need, question, or curiosity to get precise and soulful guidance, transformative support, powerful transmissions, and at-home integration practices directly from Sophia Wise One.

These one-on-one life-changing sessions allow you to receive healing, insight, and sacred soul companionship. People in transition, internally and externally, benefit and return over decades to receive this valuable and life-giving support.

Sophia offers guidance for Relationships, Sacred Sexuality and Intimacy, Body Wisdom Approach, Spirit Guide Connection, Ancestral Healing, Soul Unification, and Personal Medicine Mastery through private virtual sessions.

One-Hour Session: $333

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Thank you so much! For everything! 😊 😊 😊 You’re so amazing and I have been looking for confirmation and I got it! Thank you so so much!”


Before working with Sophia, I was struggling with various personal issues, including control, direction in life, insecurity, inhibition and many more. I believed that by working with Sophia I could blast through many of those issues and be more in a position to grow spiritually. After our three healing sessions together, I have gained clarity, direction, a sense of self, a drive for authenticity and a confidence that I never dreamed I could have. She helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and that I could overcome more than I ever thought. I’m grateful.

I would highly, highly recommend Sophia because without her healing, I would still be lost and feeling out of place in this world. Life is a constant struggle, but I know now that I can handle it and I have the tools to work through my issues and if anything comes up (and it does), I don’t panic, I embrace. Again, I am grateful for Sophia in my life and the healing she has given me.


I have learned that a body ailment is always connected to something else going on inside of myself. Sophia’s unique gift is her ability to intuitively help you understand what you are experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.



Sophia is deeply committed to restoring a world of balance and joy. Her laughter and overflowing love have helped me turn my life around from the inside out. I’ve worked with her for four years now, during which time my life has been revolutionized from the inside out. She’s helped me turn from a place of loneliness, fear and stuckness into a life that is joyful, radiant and abundant. She has helped me learn to listen to myself. Having support in my life has made literally all the difference to me – it’s hard to put this into words.

And I have personally witnessed her own transformation and deep commitment to walking her path of listening to the divine within. She inspires me through her generosity and through her sense of play. She also gives great hugs!

Since starting to work with her, I’ve graduated massage school, become certified in several other healing modalities, gotten in touch with my creativity, moved across the country and am starting my own healing practice.

So much gratitude to you Sophia for walking your light!


“Awwww… just want you to know that I haven’t felt this alive in a long time!! I am becoming whole!! It is reflecting in every way in my life and my life work! Thank you for being my personal gardener! You gave me just enough sun light to LET me shine!! You just knew the right time to turn the lights on!! You gave me water when I was thirsty enough to drink!! Aho aho!! Mamma is home!! Tears fall in joy!! I know Sophia, I know!!”

Nereus Alberts | Medicine Caller, Crystal Resonance Therapist (TM)