HELLO AND BLESS YOU! I know you are here because you are curious and looking to see if we could be a fit. Below I give a brief review of my current and upcoming offerings with links to get more info and take next steps.

It is a wild world, and healing personally and collectively is as complex as it is sacred. I invite you to read, feel, be curious and sense into what here could lift you into your next state of being. All the work I do is deeply rooted in the present moment, so the words and descriptions are referencing as bestI can an experience in which you receive what you need, light up from the inside out and live the life you dream, wish, pray, and perhaps at times ache for. a brief overview of the 5 current offerings and those coming in the next few months

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Offers currently available:

  • Personal Quantum Pelvic Floor Work Inside The Temple aka Luxury Soul Birthing (Starts at $24,000)
  • The Training Ground ($8,888 early bird, then $10,000)
  • Small-Group Quantum Pelvic Floor Work Inside The Temple ($5000 Per Person)
  • Mentoring with Reiki 1 Certification ($800)
  • Soul Unification Foundations of Healing Virtual Course ($199 or Included in Patreon Membership)


Personal Quantum Pelvic Floor Intensives Inside the Temple aka Luxury Soul Birthing

This is for High Impact, High Visibility Visionaries who are vibrationally prepared to be to amplify, clarify your own body, pleasure, root, soul, and the threads that link to your ancestors, your ancestors to come, and the collective. This is a deep dive into the resurrected Temple. The dreams of rose petals and oil, magic, and time travel. The 3 Day private personalized retreat, which is really a 3-1 work, as I work with 2-3 Apprentices, Priestesses, or Temple Tenders on hand to support your transformation. A minimum of 3 months of integration support is required as part of the work.  Learn More and Schedule a Time to Talk Here.


Small Group Quantum Pelvic Floor Intensives Inside the Temple

You, who are ready to enter your darkest most precious, and powerful centers and liberate, expand, heal, and thrive in your pleasure are invited here. You love the potency and power of small groups working together for healing. This 4-Day Intensive (also has Temple Tenders), with 3 months of integration support. Is designed for 5 People each round. Learn More and Schedule a Time to Talk Here.



The Training Ground

This Medicine Caller’s professional self-mastery 3-month program utilizes group, collective, and quantum healing. The next cohort begins in spring 2022. It is a 108+ hours of training in 5 modules: Three in-person weekend retreats, and 2 -6 week virtual components. It is a high-level investment for optimizing professionals ready to time travel and break the rules of reality. If you would like to learn more and schedule an admissions interview you can do that here.



Mentoring with Reiki 1 Certification

Be guided to cultivate your unique experience of energy medicine through the supportive teaching of the Reiki lineage. From my years of teaching my students commonly report an increase in intuition sensitivity, a lot more synchronicity in their life, better sleep, less anxiety, a shift in their experience or ease of their depression, the release of long-held grief, ancestral remembrances, and overall connection to “feeling like myself again” that comes along with an increase in inspiration and creativity. Learn More and Register Here.


Soul Unification Foundations of Healing Virtual Course

The process I developed and used to heal myself is called Soul Unification. Over the past 10 years, this one guided meditation has become the core and foundation for all my work. The result is the development of spiritual healing skills and access to our truest and most powerful and potent self. Soul Unifications Foundations of Healing is a 10-week virtual course. Once a week you will receive 90-minute audio class with guided practices, reviewing and deeply training the use of each step and combining them in the process of Soul Unification. There will be 3 Live Mentoring and Healing Sessions: Week 1, Week 5, Week 10. Learn More and Register Here