For Transformational Professionals who would like to discuss language that resonates, new program development, or integrating sacred sexuality practices into your holistic healing model. I would be thrilled to consult and share with you my perspectives, lived experience, and costly lessons! Consulting is $250/hr.

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When I engage to walk with someone through their own conception and birthing of their own soul onto this planet I do it from a deeply committed and long-term perspective. Most people find the Manual & Guide or. my Trainings to be the best fit due to the intensity and pacing of the work as well as the financial investment. When you are called to go into the Temple with me it is because you are ready to make way to all that is being called to and from you with extreme courage. It is an honor to watch people become who they came here to be, and watch their work unfold and blossom as a reflection of the inner light and magnificence they have allowed to emanate. It is a high investment to walk into the center of a healing circle and stay there, and that is what you do when you walk as a Soul Birthing Client or as an Apprentice. All in-person work is done with me and 1-3 apprentices, and the work is as much quantum, collective work as it is personal. Your intuition, soul, power, sexual pleasure, voice, dreams, and desires are our map. I will walk you into your own being and assist in deciphering that map.

This space is held for high-impact visionaries who know the moves they make will affect millions or billions when its power is unleashed. I help that happen in a way that tends the soul and brings joy to your body and life.

Our guidance call is one hour and $333.00 and if we choose to work together, and you sign up within 3 weeks of our call the Guidance Call, that investment will be credited to your financial investment.

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