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I made this video for an old high school friend who asked for tips on starting to meditate because she was tired of being a stress bug (my words not hers). Here’s a video for anyone (including you) who says “I really would love to meditate but don’t know where to start,” or “I’m stressed out of my mind, does that meditating thing help?” Say yes, tell them how it helped you (if it has) and then give them this super basic intro and review of meditation. It’s super intro. But it’s a great place to start.

For those of us who already enlist practices to settle ourselves in the face of incarnation, madness and wonderment I have another offering in this post I am calling the Bone Breathing Meditation. It’s really useful for resetting, clearing your stress or an empath’s favorite, clearing everyone else’s stress.

I totally get that meditation can seem scary or difficult. I think that’s because when we meditate we go within ourselves, and most of us aren’t used to poking around in there, and sometimes we’re surprised by some of the stuff we find.

In the dark is where we stash the scary stuff. Pain, repressed grief and anger, fears aka unacknowledged desires (because if we acknowledge them we think we might lose something or everything that’s important to us), nothingness, emptiness, and our power.

Go dark, go deep, isolate (in the best healthy kind of way) and then reveal it all in a prayer of love. It will be worth it.

And if you are one of those people who already has a meditation practice, I offer you this, the Bone Breathing Meditation!

Bone Breathing Meditation (No Music)

Bone Breathing Meditation (with Peace Now Mantra)

The Bone Breathing Meditation is another one for your basket of tools. It’s 12 minutes because my dad taught me that research shows it only takes 12 minutes a day to get the stress reduction benefits of mindfulness-based meditation (bonus knowledge: it doesn’t even need to be all at one time. So you could just do 3 minutes 4 times a day).

I love you dearly,

The journey of giving up the stress-machine habit is better with company. The spiritual awakening, the making the world we want to be in, it’s just SO much better together. So thanks for being a part of the team!

Love and sacred prayers and light to you.

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