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The power of archetypes is tangible, visible, and versatile. The common ones thrown around are Warrior (not be confused with soldier), Healer, Crone, and Fool. What makes an archetype is as complex as the simplicity that it embodies. We have an innate understanding of each of these characters — even if the debates over nuances last as long as they do. They are detailed and yet expansive and without limitation. They are the arching of a type.

One night, over a year ago, I wore the costume of a Unicorn to go out dancing. My mind and spirit wandered through the rhythm and movements to be with the unicorn I was embodying. I saw, felt, heard, and knew in a sequence of moments the magic and power of this mythical being: it is the purity that heals when touched by one who is also pure of heart. The purity that amplifies trueness and heals all there is.

Let me expand on this: one must not be perfect to touch a unicorn and be healed, but one must surrender to beauty, faith, and purity, and when faced with profound truth bow and open palms and heart, with a smile and maybe a blissful tear.

The true magnitude of the power of the Unicorn is the inverse and equal result to one who refuses, who is dark of heart, or who has eyes closed; when one of this disposition touches the peaceful beast they are obliterated. Demolished. Eviscerated. If one cannot surrender to the magnitude of truth, truth destroys that person.

Here is our first correlation between Unicorn and Jesus. They both offer this: unification and healing, or dissolving. But here is where it got really delicious — we have been taught that unicorns (and Christ), are “the only”, “of the last”, alone, separate, different, untouchable. But that is not what unicorns are — they are horses of a sort. As I danced, I felt this sweetness in my heart swell: “PACK pack, pack animal, herd, a herd. There ought to be herds of unicorns!”

Here is the second: This is the same as the mystification of Christ as being more than human — when the whole medicine of the story was that he was human! Unicorns, these powerful walkers — who were hunted and made few and far between, were made into secrets — are actually meant to be thriving in herds. These archetypes are us: we are truth-tellers, the radiant ones, the bliss- and earth-loving ones, who destroy lies when they touch us (at least when they touch us on our best days :D), and we are meant to be a herd — not spread out and lonely. We appear few and outnumbered, when in fact we have just been misled to believe we are not the Unicorn, we are not the Christ — yet the archetypes live in us. They are always available to us, and when we claim that and stand together, as a herd of unicorns, we are unstoppable healers!

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