Vagina Talks is a weekly podcast where Sophia Wise One and embodied world changing powerhouses turn poison into medicine through the alchemical journey of dismantling the lies we’ve been told about who we are, what we are, and what we’ve been doing so that we can remember the truth, share the truth, and eventually become the truth.


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ASK SOPHIA WISE ONE! Come on the show and share what’s happening in your life! Get insights and grow your own wisdom in service of us all! If you are willing to share your story and questions with the community it could be amazing to have you on the show.


Connect To Your Root Course

This course covers principles of listening to the body as a source of wisdom and your own personal guide. It reviews the associations of the tension or relaxation in your pelvic bowl by quadrant, has a section on connecting to your own root though both external and internally on yourself. It includes 3 part video series, ebook as well, and additional 4-part video training.


I LOVE MY LIFE: Card Game and Oracle Deck Emotional intelligence development, intuitive skill building, and helps you heal and love your life

  • Includes Deck, Companion book, audio recordings, supplementary videos and more
  • Use as a group game or an oracle deck
  • 72 Teachings
  • Over 200 practices to do at home including guided meditations, medicine songs, writing prompts, group games, exercises, and rituals
  • Bonus online resources recorded guided meditations and videos with additional stories and teachings


The Collectors Set: Deck, Hardback book & online resources  $60.00


Ebook Edition: Deck, ebook & online resources $35.00

Sacred Bleeding Kit

This downloadable eBook includes an overview of sacred menstruation principals, the basic shamanic link between womb and spirit, and instructions on how to build, create, and soulfully practice during this holy time. This ebook includes links to videos, talks, and guided meditations.


Moontime Movement Practice

This 30-Minute video and narrative is shared sacred space. This practice an invitation to trust your body, discover your softness and sink into your power. Relax and awaken to the wisdom of your menstruation in this guided and free jounrey.



49 Day Money Paradigm Shift

With 20 minutes a day for 49 days you will be guided initiated and supported as you change and transform the way you relate to and understand wealth and money. You are provided with 7 different daily mediations taking you from your blocks and wounds around money into your trust and appreciation for wealth, money, and your own wisdom.

Includes: 7 guided mediations and 1 Video


ALL IS WELL: 7 Master Teaching Secrets for Mentors, Coaches, Healers, & Facilitators

This FREE ebook doesn’t really have secrets, it has tried and true lessons that many master teachers have learned after years of creating community authentically. It is a great resource for educators, artists, practitioners, and just about any type of transformational professional or educator who is into embodied teaching and healing. The eBook is full of real life stories, examples, and take away tips for applying these suggestions to your work.


Biz Birthing: Create Your Unique, Lucrative & Soul-Satisfying Program

This is a FREE 3-Part Video Series share how business can be a spiritual and sustainable possibility for visionaries, how to create curriculum, and how to market in a soul nourishing kind of way. So you can make a living doing what your soul loves.

50 Things That Help Me Heal

This vlog series is a collection of 50 bite-sized, short vlogs to help you find healing in, and from, anything. Learn skills that can help ease the pains of depression nad anxiety, get you back on track to heal a broken heart, apathy, loneliness, body aches and pains, lack of purpose, or whatever you’ve got going on. Here’s a hint: NO FIXING — There’s nothing to fix.


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Watch this potent and powerful one day online virtual gathering where you’ll be inspired by the sharing of loads of wisdom and experience healing. Let’s inspire, strengthen, help each other remember, and connect with one another. It’s virtual. It’s experiential. It’s FREE. It’s time for a rEvolution.