Soul Unification Initiatory Session – 3 hours

If you’re new to this work, this is the place to start. For an in person session, we’ll meet to check in and get to know each other.

After connecting about your intentions and answering any questions, we’ll drop into a journeying meditative space. I’ll lead you through the Soul Unification process where you’ll meet your spirit guides, take stock of your inner landscape, and go on a uniquely personal journey with Spirit.

During in person sessions, hands on body work is included in the experience. Drawing on massage, Reiki, intuitive practices, and a trove of other modalities, I’ll listen to my own intuitive guidance to support you through the Soul Unification initiation.

For phone sessions, we’ll use a range of distance practices to enhance and navigate your healing experience, through the ethers. 

I do a limited number of these sessions each month.

Schedule now through via or (215) 501-7916.

Investment – $333

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