Drum Birthing

In Native American teachings, the shape of the frame drum is a circle which represents the hoop/medicine wheel, which in turn symbolizes the endless circle of life and Mother Earth. The beat of the drum represents the heartbeat of the Mother herself and calls the Spirits and Nations together. Hearing or facilitating this “heartbeat” by playing the drum, brings healing and a deeper understanding of your connection with all life. Drumming synchronizes the left and right brains, which brings about a deeper awareness of self and (re)connects us with Spirit and all that is.

f you have ever desired to become a drum-keeper or work with the energy of the sacred drum this is an opportunity to literally birth your own sacred medicine drum. In this ceremonial workshop, you will infuse your drum with your own personal energy, prayers, intentions, and love. You will leave this powerful, sacred workshop with a 16” drum and drumstick, created with your own hands.

During the teaching portion (30%) of the workshop, you will learn about drums and drumming throughout history and across nations; gain a deeper understanding of the sacredness of the drum and the symbolism/relationship with the drumstick; learn the meaning of the hide you chose (Deer, Elk, Horse, Buffalo, Moose); how to use the drum as a sacred tool for ceremony, personal healing; and how to care for the drum. The remainder of the workshop will be spent creating the drumstick and drum.

Jamie Allen, Sitting Hawk Woman, of Cherokee descent, has been traveling the Red Road for 10 years and has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to being of service to the People. An artist, teacher, and student, Jamie leads ceremonies throughout the US and South Africa, such as Inipi (sweat lodges), Fire Ceremonies, Baby Blessings, Weddings and more.

Jamie has often been asked if she calls herself a ‘Shaman’ or ‘Medicine Person’ and how she describes what she does… her answer: “I am an intuitive healer. I use these gifts to serve the People. I am guided by intuition and Great Spirit about which sacred medicine tools to use during healing sessions and ceremonies. I do not claim to be a Shaman, nor do I refer to myself as a Medicine Person; I am simply a woman that has been blessed with the ability to connect with Great Spirit and allow that wisdom and compassion to flow through me to bring about healing in myself and others.”

Thursday, April 26th 10am-4pm
Bring lunch for yourself or to share. We will be eating together as part of the ceremony.

Prices are as follows:
20” any hide: $327 +$10 if want dyed red
18” any hide: $317 +$10 if want dyed red
16” any hide: $287 +$10 if want dyed red

Deposits and size & hide choice due by end of the day on April 11th

Register by placing your Deposit of $150 https://www.paypal.me/earthenmoon and indicating your size and hide choice in the notes
Balance due before class starts.

Choosing a drum size and hide:
Larger the drum the deeper the sound. Also, thicker the hide the deeper the sound. Hides are as follows in thinnest to thickest order: Deer, Elk, Horse, Buffalo, Moose

Each animal carries many specific energies. A starting point for reference of each is below. It is best to take time to commune with Spirit and/Or your guides and/Or knowing Self and receive guidance on which hide (this can be as simple as a clear intuitive knowing, more of a feeling than thinking or ego decision). Jamie is also available, for a small additional fee, to do a journey to receive guidance on selecting an animal and hide by going into ceremony and journey to ask Spirit which animal wants to come forth to work with you. Once she gets the message from that animal she shares last with you what I received.

Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace
Being in touch with the inner child, innocence
Being sensitive and intuitive
Vigilance, ability to change directions quickly
Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with life’s mysteries

Stamina, Dignity, Integrity
Nobility, Regal
Vision of Fulfillment, Sooth Sayer

Presence, Elegance, Journey, Victory
Freedom, Nomadic Spirit, Endurance


Unpredictability, spontaneity
All things feminine
Walking gracefully

Note on how the hides are sourced:
The hides are sourced from a company that sources directly from hunters. The hunters obtain animals only for meat and then sell hides to this company. The company honors each animal and process in a good way. They do not keep a large amount of inventory as they only gain hides during hunting seasons.

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