You know what you need to do. I know what I need to do today. There is a list of things that have been brewing and there is something inside ready to be revealed. September was an incredible month of change. As we emerge into October with a Full Moon eclipse and who knows (someone — not me) what else, there is a strong call to courage today.

Yesterday morning I grieved the loss of my life as it was — I am now on the road and in my old stomping ground of Durham. It is amazing to be here, now, on this adventure, and when I went to pray and sing in my friends living room it became clear that my house, temple, and physical markers of sacred space are passed on and left behind or packed. The temple is me now. Let’s be clear — it’s always me in me, and you in you, and through everything, I am just referring to the distinct experience of this as it shows up now.

The feelings are sweet (even if uncomfortable at times) as they speak to the oceans of love I have for the people and places I will miss dearly while on this journey. be a beast.

The feelings are sweet (even if uncomfortable at times) as they speak to the oceans of love I have for the people and places I will miss dearly while on this journey.

I woke feeling almost dizzy with the number of things that have been un- or under-attended in this transition, and with a focus and dedication to make amends and get down to business. Such things as addressing emails that require making a decision can be quite anxiety producing for me. It’s not the decision and getting clarity part that is so hard, its the feeling of getting it wrong. This is where the THEME of THE DAY comes in.


You have a vision — it could be simple, even mundane, or it could be a radical and big project, likely both. Today I encourage you: Deep breaths and be willing to be wrong, off, upsetting, inspiring, stimulate other people’s feelings of jealously, hurt, disappointment and risk, activating feelings of hope, love, joy, perhaps even ecstasy. I am not saying set out to have anyone else feel anything. I am saying — Do What YOU KNOW Needs to be DONE.


I remembered learning how wolves restored dry lands — their presence and eating of animals actually brought MORE LIFE! short video that feels very important to me today:

I had this vision of needing the beasts, big animals, specifically the wolves. There are lots of beasts so pick one (or ten) that you can connect with, today I offer the wolves. Some other beasts that resonate with the essence of the message are the Big Cats, whales, and buffalo. The planet needs these bigger beasts, the beasts that have been hunted just like the our wisdom and we need the power, the wisdom, and to take up space like them. In the theme of the day we need them, to be them. (Watch this short video that feels very important to me today.)

We need THE PACK, not the herd.

I love herding animals. Dear are often recognized as the essence of Shamanism and essential teachers. I honor and treasure the medicine of the herd. This is not an end all be all here — it’s the message I got for today, or any day when you need to Be a Beast, be The Pack that drives the herd. There are people who need our aliveness, our awareness, our knowledge, and our Showing Up and sharing our vulnerability AKA our power.

I recorded the end of singing yesterday morning to share with you all.

Courage: Being afraid and doing it anyway.

Blessing and gratitude dear powerful and changing force that is your Beast.
Mad love from the Road.
sophia_signature be a beast.



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