Spider Queen Report

You Unlocked A Dragon

There comes a time when the things you thought were important are revealed as important to step on, to leave behind. A thing to give thanks to, praise to, acknowledge, and celebrate and then say – that is me no longer. That is not how I am, what I do, what I think, how I feel, nor is it how I make my decisions. From there you must step fully into your new knowing with fervor and abandon as often and as completely as possible. For you are not tied to “once was” if it was ever it will always be and so connection or attachment in and of itself is rooted elsewhere. You are not here to perpetuate what was. This moment is for this breath of being and doing and then the next, for another. So on and so on.

You were afraid.

You were, knew, sadness and anger, regret, remorse, shame, perhaps most of all apology for who you are at your essence. You have known the feeling of true sight and hated yourself for it. True love and questioned and scorned your heart and soul song’s connection. You have taken your sweetest and most potent moments and then asked for permission to have what had already occurred, in splendor and wonder, to be allowed. You have felt the call of the mother heart beat stir you to movement and held your breath and chained yourself to the chair, the pew, the desk, the at pace footstep. You have quieted you ecstatic screams, your life creating, cosmic force birthing, planet and body healing voice. You have done all of this and more to squelch the beauty coursing through you.

You have and you may still

And yet

You will no longer.

You have unlocked a dragon from you spine. After thousands of years of rest, they have been slow to wake, and now in your spine, your wings, your voice – you can feel your treasure guardian breathing. Breathing your lungs. Breathing your breath. This ancient wise beast apologizes for nothing. Hears the songs and cries and remembers because their days are long, their years are short, because time and life move differently. They went into the mountain and slept for centuries, exhausted by being relentlessly hunted. Now this knower of infinite knowing can speak and weave and dream in your flesh. You have grown 17 feet taller, you house a cosmos or 50, you are limitless and today you are granted the blessings. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO REMEMBER THAT. Speak from there. Walk from there. Know from there. Love from there. Fuck from there. Dance from there. Sing from there. Design, code, create, paint, write, imagine, teach, lead, follow, learn from there. You hold space for a dragon in flight. Awoke from its slumber and ready for full life occurrence, you are allowed to be all that you are and, still, become more.

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