How Women’s Circles are Changing Lives, Communities, and The World

By Leigh Seeleman, Reiki Master, LMT, Shamanic Practitioner

Long ago, the people who bled – that’s right, menstrual blood – held a significant position of power in culture and were valued for the visionary power that the moon blood, or menstruation time brings.  The women bled together, at the same time, often with the dark or full moon.  They gathered together to rest, sing, dream, vision, heal, and divine.  As young women they learned to go deep within themselves to access the visionary wisdom of their wombs for their own lives, and as they grew older they learned to access this wisdom on behalf of the whole village, tribe, people and humanity.  The women’s visions from the moon lodge or red tent (place where women gathered to bleed) were valued and played an important role in shaping village life, evolution and decisions.

Wherever a woman is in her journey, the sisterhood, shared wisdom and witness present in a women’s circle offers incredible support for what her soul is remembering right now and for the gentle and self-loving steps she is taking on her path.  The most basic component of a women’s circle, which is simply the practice of coming together to listen deeply, speak from the heart, and be, naturally helps women to feel more vibrant, empowered and comfortable in their bodies.  Many of todays women grow up hearing lying stories of the cultural dream – stories that say things like “menstruation is dirty”, “put other’s needs before your own” and “there is one standard of beauty”.  The shared wisdom of a women’s circle, and the deep listening and valuing of each woman’s wisdom helps women to hear clearly and value their own needs and inner wisdom.  As a woman deepens her access to her inner wisdom for her own life she then builds her capacity to access that wisdom on behalf of her community and the world.  This strengthens her capacity to confidently let her visions free in the world, be all of who she is and stand in her soft power speaking her wisdom bravely.  This changes the world.  Woman by woman, circle by circle, this changes the fabric of our culture, the stories we tell and the dream we are dreaming.

Women all over the country and world are listening together to what many call the Big Dream.  In the Big Dream we all remember how to live in peace and harmony with the land, one another and all beings.  In the Big Dream we come together to celebrate Life, and remember, again and again, the divine mystery that we are.  In the Big Dream we are together dreaming a gentle and beautiful pathway of cosmic evolution, singing to the rhythm of all-of Life as consciousness births itself and the mystery inhales, exhales, expands,  contracts, merges and gives birth, again and again.

Through singing, crying, dancing, healing, laughing, dreaming, remembering and creating together we women are remembering our magic, our wildness, and our soft power.  We are remembering our ability to conjure the powers that be, to stir the cauldron of existence and dream the world into being.  We are remembering that we are magic, and that our magic is essential soul-food for ourselves, the world, and the invisible.  You are invited to join the thousands of women gathering and remembering and to receive the deep and profound support and connection that flows in a women’s circle.

Learn How to Lead Healing Circles in The Training Ground

I started 13 Circles 2 years and this is the 3rd year as a year-long monthly women’s circle for support and growth and sanity in an insane world. Leigh will be holding the physical space for 13 Circles in Philadelphia this year. We will be co-leading it! I will be contributing through virtual additions and facilitating the Retreat. Locally in in Taos, NM, I will be hosting monthly drop in circles as well. Another year of women healing the planet! Yippeee!


leigh seelemanLeigh is a Wild Soul and Sacred Woman who resides in Philadelphia PA.  In addition to organizing Women’s Spiritual Community she offers Vision Quest & Rites of Passage, Ritual Facilitation for all Life Occasions, Soul-Level Healing Sessions and Programs in person and via phone/skype, and Reiki/Integrative Massage.  To sign up for her blog and receive regular wisdom and practical tips to nourish the stirrings of your Wild Soul contact Leigh  ( ).

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