Why do we doubt our beauty?
Why do we fear the wild?
Why do reach and then retract right at the moment we start to touch thing we’re reaching for?
Why do we question our wisdom?
Why do we blame love for pain when our refusal to love, mostly our selves, is the cause?
Why deny our body’s what they need?
and, why do we enslave ourselves and say it’s others?

Why? When it’s possible instead,
We could just admit what’s really happening and stop subjugating, ignoring, denying what we really are.

I could choose right now.
I trust my knowing.
I listen to my body.
I remember the songs of our ancestors.
I accept my short comings and yours and love anyway.
When I reach out, I hold, I feel with all the i am.
I am free
I choose to admit I am wild and free and I am love from my bone marrow.
From there, in my marrow, I love out and out. and I love in and in.
I am free
out and out
In and in
We can.
We can trust our knowing.
We can listen to our bodies.
We can remember the songs of our ancestors.
We can accept our short comings and love anyway.
When we can reach out, and hold, with an open hand and feel all the we are.
When we can be free
When we can be wild and free and love from our very bone marrow, we can love out and out and out.
In and in and in.
Out and out. In and In.
We can.
We totally can.

Why Do we Doubt Our Beauty? from Sophia Wise One on Vimeo.

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