Last week it seemed that around every corner was a debate in “either/or” land. Either I am relaxed and trusting the universe, listening and intuiting OR I am taking action, following through, and making moves.

It’s a painful split either way. All I want to do is take ACTION that’s inspired and intuitive. I want to relax and trust while I follow through. The whole week presented opportunity after opportunity for me to look at this split and call on the powers of the cosmos to heal it. Surrender what I previously knew, and make space to see and feel differently. I was given so many opportunities to really find the path in which I am all of me, not one part or another.

It’s amazing how easy it is to see aspects of ourselves and then to split ourselves up by those noticings. Am I this or that? Even in this painful place I can feel my Soul telling me I am both.
I am all.
I am the segments and the whole.
I am, in my fullest expression, an integration of what I am in segmentation.

Deep breath.

How do I work with this? Same old same old; Soul Unification. Today, I am offering you a soul unifying meditation that brings healing, wholeness and unification through connecting with your body, with your Root. Your body is the perfect reflection of the truth of segmentation and wholeness, and it is through your body that you can find the wisdom to heal the split. Your pelvic bowl is one place holding that wisdom. It’s non-gendered because we all have womb energy that’s either inside you or around you.

The meditation will guide you through honoring both the pieces of you and the integrated you. It will help you listen and get guidance on what your integrated self would like you to know and do next. (This is largely inspired by the work of, and my training with, Tami Lynn Kent).

All of the sections of me are real, they are no more illusory than the idea of a whole Self is. They are created by my focus. I am a wife. I am an artist. I am a Spirit. When I change perspective and see myself as the convergence of these elements, than I can can see what action that form of me wants to take. This meditation helps you do that.

I watched the Oscars last night, and I was so inspired by some people’s willingness to use the time they had on stage to voice real life and epidemic issues for this country. These artists have followed their passions and united them with serving a mission. For many of us it is by pursuing our passions that we find (or our led to) our next mission. Unification, baby.

For some of us knowing the next step to take is easy. Clear and impatient, our inner knowing commands our attentions. For others, and for many who have clarity sometimes, we find ourselves wondering, doubting, questioning. “What’s my next step? What’s my aligned next step? What do I want? How do I get where I want to go? How do I KNOW what to do?”

Ahhh the “Plan” trap. What about following a plan? It’s an option that is sometimes necessary for learning. Yet, I will remind you what my mom always told me, “if you want to make god laugh make a plan.” Reflecting on this the other day, I added, “if you want to make god sing, follow the call.”

The Call, inspiration, intuitive hits, inner whisperings, often become a vision. Once I get a vision, the HOW can become overwhelming. This is when I remember I don’t have to know HOW, I just have to do have to do MY PART. So what’s my part? That’s my job to distill. I love to use my body as a compass for this, and this meditation will help you do this.

In the next few weeks I will be sharing lots of info on body wisdom, finding your root voice, connecting to your inner wisdom through the Divine Feminine, and healing of course. I’m also opening registration for my first ever virtual 12-week class on accessing the Wild Femme and listening to the wisdom of your body. Whether or not you’re able to go deep and join me for the 3 month class, don’t worry- there will be plenty of free helpful trainings, meditations, bonuses and info offered through this blog.  I can’t wait. It’s time for this info to be shared. And I’m so glad I’m called to be a part of helping…

With this meditation I send my love and trust of your deep wells, your deep knowing, and your deep joy.

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