What is a Medicine Caller?

First things first, a Medicine Caller is a term that came through a series of messages I received over the years. Meaning if you try to look this up anywhere else, I have no idea what you will find because a.k.a. I made it up. At first the term was a “Mother Caller” and it referred to calling women’s circles. When the women I had called circle for started calling circles, I became a “Grandmother Caller.” This was five years ago, I think. About two years ago I started to recognize that what was being called was healing or Medicine and that my ability to summon or create a space where healing and medicine occurred, birthed the term Medicine Caller.

Second thing. Medicine Caller is not something that you can give to someone else. I cannot train someone into a Medicine Caller. We can be untrained, partially trained, or trained Medicine Callers, and you can be initiated, uninitiated, or unintegrated initiated. Being an MC is a kind of inheritance as I have come to understand it. That being said, I believe everyone carries this inheritance within. The term Medicine Caller is merely a distinction of one’s experience or access to it.

Medicine Calling means creating an opportunity, support, space, and container for healing. It is the responsibility of the person calling to navigate that space with grace and efficiency. Healing is naturally occurring at all times, or at least it is trying to. The body is always looking for a moment to move into equilibrium, energy is always looking to find flow and balance. So we do not need to make healing happen, much less so, we get to allow the healing taking place to move into its fullest expression. This is optimizing a healing opportunity. The creative healing life force that flows through all things is way beyond this little weave of it that each individual person is. Calling Medicine is about opening time and space to let a massive amount of that creative life force come to and through, to touch, to move, to change those present and the planet.

One of the things I have learned is that just because you can call medicine doesn’t mean you know what to do with it when it arrives. I’ll get into that in my next email, as well as things you can do to take the opportunity to its fullest potential.

What I want to share with you today is some indications that you may be a Medicine Caller and give you some examples of what I am talking about and what that means.

These lists are meant to be clarifying, not defining. I invite you to read though and see what resonates with you. All things are changeable and changing, it is the nature of existence.

SIGNS and Experiences that mark Medicine Callers

Trainings and Initiations vary in form, style, means, etc. and these are some starting points. (Please email back with questions so I can hone and truly communicate what is coming through.) The lists below tend to build on one another and have a fair amount of overlap.

Un-initiated MC

•You find spiritual stuff curious and interesting and are hungry to know more

•You don’t know what is your intuition and what’s not but you want to

•You feel other people’s feelings

•You are surrounded by magic healing people and you feel best in their company, you may think they have a special gift but you don’t

Untrained or Semi-trained & Initiated MC

•You have an innate ability to know and anticipate other’s needs

•Spiritual teachings exposed to you put words to experiences you have already had or are having

•You struggle to distinguish between what you want and what another wants or needs

•You have a great natural ability to help people feel better

•You have been through a near death experience, chronic illness, life changing or threatening injury, abuse and/or trauma

•You menstruate

•You get feelings about things happening before they do and your are correct

•You have been asked (officially or unofficially) to facilitate or lead important moments in your community or people’s lives

•You have used plant medicine or drugs in a way that has permanently expanded your consciousness

•Healing experiences spontaneously occur from your presence while having sex, hanging with friends, or at events

•People call you magic

•You feel like a better human being after you help someone feel better

•People come to you in crisis and more often than not you help and are helpful

•You astrally travel without trying or by accident. Examples include but are not limited to: you have epic dreams in which you receive information you weren’t asking for; you have deep deep sleep that people can’t wake you from even though nothing is wrong; during a simple guided meditation or silent meditation you see yourself walking around other places and find out later that what you saw really happened

•You give great and useful advice to others yet struggle to give that care to yourself

•Unprovoked, people tell you their deepest fears and secrets

•You have instincts and impulses to do things that you feel and know would help yet you are uncertain about doing them because you have not seen those things done, or have not been taught how

•You have facilitated a plant medicine or drug experience for other people and know that it was better for them because you were there

•Your intuition goes on and off without your control or only off when you will / beg it or wish it away

•You know your emotions and sensitivity are important yet you struggle or have struggled to not let them overtake you at times

•You feel other people’s feelings and can sometimes tell whose is whose

Initiated & Partially Trained MC

•You can relate to many of the things above and have found some ways to better navigate the challenges

•You guided or have participated in ceremony or practices that have expanded your consciousness

•You look to see the immediate improvement of the work you do with people to indicate the value or effectiveness of your work

•You have received initiations from a teacher or lineage that is much greater than your knowledge of it is

•You have received in-depth training, certifications, degrees from some lineage either in person, school, virtually, or by Spirit

•You know the difference between trance and dissociation

•You can use dreamwork, meditation, ceremony, or practice of your own knowing to get solid and trust worthy information

Initiated and Trained MC

•You choose to stay in your body or not. Including but not limited to knowing the difference between trance and dissociation, and can interrupt pathways that will lead to dissociation in seconds and keep yourself in your body and presence of mind

•You DO use dreamwork, mediation, ceremony, or practice of your own knowing to get solid and trustworthy information

•You know that the effects of your work takes time to integrate and thus an immediate response is not an indicator of the potency, effectiveness, or benefit of the time

•You have received thorough training from a lineage either in person, school, virtually, or by Spirit so that you feel you are fed in lineage and have become a source of new linage practices, and are a trustworthy source to share, create and recreate tools and practices for self and others

•You know that the life you life is the prayer, the offering, the medicine

No matter the experience of your presence, a space for you to deepen a connection with yourself is always valuable.

The art of identifying persons with the gift of calling medicine has been lost for many of our cultures, so we are left to piecemeal, train, and catch up as we go along. We do this by learning what we can and knowing ourselves better and better. That is why I have created The Training Ground offered in 3 locations across the United States. Medicine callers are healers and warriors and we must train our sensibilities, bodies, and our minds to utilize our life as the impactful tool it is meant to be.

You can do anything and be a healing presence. The modality can be body, mind, finance, business, clinical medicine, education, art, and the list goes on and on. The question is, are you trained, training, and supported to be your fullest potency in whatever you are doing? Are you optimizing your presence? 

I believe there’s more of you to know and give. Make the choice to and the ways will reveal themselves.


I have come to realize that I can both teach people how to unify within themselves and also how to support others in doing the same. Therefore, those who complete The Training Ground program will be certified Soul Unification Practitioners with a skill set of group process and ceremony work. I am one of many limitless options to support and make space for you to train. I am one. I invite you to CLICK THIS LINK to get more information on The Training Ground.

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