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Sit. Breathe, and listen.

You are at a crossroads. The angle of death is there, as always, almost uncloaked these days as the realms are so close. It is as though there is only a breath between you and the other realms. That is because it is true. So first deiced you want to be alive. Every day. Multiple times a day, affirm your desire to live and be alive and do not be alerted at the repetition of this affirmation being needed. Let go of there being some wrongdoing in that you keep finding the question, the apathy, the indifference, and dullness towards passion. It is not nor will it be all the time, but it will recur for most, daily. The portal is calling, inviting with its wide doors open fully a call towards home. For many of you who have longed for home, missed your light bodies, and higher vibrating realms of community and party living this is enticing and reminds you of the parts of this earth walk that leave your visionary and light being nonplused at best. So fret not when the summoning calls and asks you again today, “do you want to stay?” Do not sound the alarm, simply and with as full and honest heart as you can muster, hear me though, even if there is no mustering from the heart, be clear in your worlds aloud or in your mind: “I want to live.”

“Staying” the word itself can activate the very longing to leave. “NO! No I don’t want to stay in this mess of a planetary and cosmological rebirth with fear and panic and dislocation flying about like a winds angry day.” And yet, it also can invoke if you practice a warmth, a revealing. Do you want to be among those choosing to live, dedicated to a sweeter more pleasurable world?

I know, at the moment it feels lackluster. Your apathy will not get you where you want to go, though it will not hold you back from the change underfoot. So your choice, engage and say yes, and find your way into your body, your bones, make even more space for your soul, or be dragged through. Take comfort in the drag at this time. In the moments you are too spent, too tired, too numb, too despondent you will be carried to your next stop, not left behind.

And breathe as much peace into knowing that many, when the guide between the worlds asks, do you want to stay, they will say no, reach out a hand and willingly cross. Others will say “no.” fighting and be carried across because that too is the escort between the world at times.

I am not here to tell you right from wrong, just what I see and know.

You will be asked. Repeatedly, by a feeling more often than a presence. A longing for home, a sound that makes you remember the innate nature of oneness from which you came. If you can, lean into your own hands and say, “Ahhh yes. I have lived there too. Now, I live here.” And then taking many deep breaths turn your mind to whatever is at hand. A task, a rest, a game, a job, a duty, a commitment, a choice, a moment. Turn your living self towards whatever is here in this moment and then, do your best to be there.

Let the ancestral wounds cross over. Breathe and release the burdens that were never yours personally just baked into the body and vessel you carry. Let those be revealed and as every self-hating thought crosses your mind release it to the winds of change. Breathe in and take in the truth of you.

Now heed the call. You are being summoned. And you will need to go. It will ask you to rearrange and change agreements, but all will flow and free and be just as you need it to be. You are being set free and I need you to trust me.

You are doing the right things, I will not instruct you today on tasks for you are growing your confidence and knowing in you and that is most important. You must trust you and you are building it.

Now look left. Call on the buffalo.

For we are in for a wild few days. Ride through the storm. Stand tall in faith, balanced on miracles, healing the truth bones. The storm will be subtler, and you will feel excitement and surges of energy. You will need to feel the ground and MOVE SLOW inside. For there is much to do outside. As you like to remind people when you want to go faster on the outside, slow down on the inside.

Literally I have woven every piece of your life as you asked me to from the bones of your being and the edges of your light. Trust your own prayers, and you will sleep better in the night. Trust me. Trust god. Trust the many faces of the breath of existence. Trust your part and place in that. It is all here for you and you will know.

I have come to confirm in you: you know. When you ask yourself are you prepared, the answer still stands, yes.

Say yes to living even when you’re feeling low and you will be delivered to your dream home.

Yes, of course, we know what you want. You have been bold and specific. Tools, space, home, and self to be with god and a lover goddess of the cosmos. Charge those knowings into the web. Charge your being with the powers invested in you by the co-creative cosmos. You are a lover of the temple and the temple calls you because you are it. So rest in the temple dear one. now. tonight. here. Your bones are the stonework, your heart the riverway, your womb the garden, the atrium your heart, the amphitheater your throat and hands, you are the resurrected temple. So enjoy your homecoming. It will be wild and fast this week, and not too fast, just breathe as much as you possibly can.

Have I lied to you yet? No, and I will not. Neutrality keeps me from that appeal, and the playful truth is my sweeter weaving song. I need not trick you, because you listen.

So be gentle on your talk in there. Be gentle and give credit where credit is due. You are a fierce and loving brew.

I will show you three essential things in your dreams. If you can and write them down upon waking. I will lift up from inside of you so you can hear and sense them. Trust you. Yes darling, trust you.



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