You are a Medicine Caller.

The is The Training Ground for Calling Medicine



You need space and peers to push your edges and embody the most expansive, grounded, and potent version of you and your transformational work.

This is for those who know that there is a capacity that need only the space, time, and support to unleash. Somewhere that is not a class learning someone else’s modality, a time with clients, or alone. A place and time with peers, with a guide, with support to grow that which wants and needs to grow.
The Training Ground is a training program to cultivate your intuitive gifts and integrate them into your personal modalities of service. The experience is facilitated by me, Sophia Wise One, with a select group of master teachers who visit throughout the process. We create a space to optimize skills and practice the lost arts of being an empath, intuitive, seer, and walker of mystery, faith, and medicine. This program invites and supports reclaiming of lost ancestral (blood and spiritual lineage) practices. 

The Training Ground is an opportunity to weave and collectively heal. The Training Ground offers a container designed to let your massive, expansive, and powerful self have space to exercise and solidify your ability to stay present and be of service in all states of being. This process deepens your knowledge of self and your relationship with spirit/source/god/universe/higher self/mystery/nature. 

This is a masterclass for facilitators to optimize healing opportunities when they arise throughout life with deep presence so you’re prepared to walk people, circles, groups, through profound transformation. The curriculum is focused on skill building for transmuting and alchemizing whatever arises including rage, grief, shame, fear, sexual fantasy, desire, and dissociation through spiritual and body based perspectives.

This is a space is uses quantum healing transcending time and space throughout the course, both in person and in the virtual modules. The work of calling deep medicine and becoming a master and letting the true potential of a healing opportunity unfold is timeless and mind blowing. The design is rooted in letting the potent and powerful healing rise and guide for the most efficient and world changing outcomes.

What happens at The Training Ground?


The Training Ground is 5 modules taught through 9-Weekend Workshops over 1 Year that focus and practice trusting your intuition, conditioning you body, mind, ad spirit for Medicine presence, and building your skill set.

Each weekend is all day Saturday and closes Sunday afternoon, the weekend workshops are high intensity, deeply healing, rigorous, fun, and transformational.

What do we actually do at The Training Ground? Each in-person gathering includes body-based and spiritually centered skill-building, soul-cultivating, and medicine presence optimizing.

Through this process, new modalities are shared, intuition is honed, and many teaching opportunities arise as edges are met, cared for, and the personal landscape expands.

Is there support in between intensive weekends? During the 6-weeks in between in-person retreats, there is a a group call for integration and support. The classes are recorded so you have lifetime access to the wisdom, healing, and support offered during these times.

There’s a moderated email thread for the group so writing, art, and requests for support are accessible to the group. Additionally, you’ll be kept on my altar for daily practice, prayers, and integration.

The peace-making, camaraderie, and deepening of personal mastery through expanded presence is palpable as each models turns through the course of The Training Ground. 

Lodging and Meals are not included.

There’s an early bird registration offer, and payment plans are available. 

Resonating? Enrollment is currently OPEN. CLICK HERE TO apply and schedule an admissions call.

Who leads The Training Ground?

I’m Sophia Wise One Daughter of the Wind and also known as Spider Queen, and you can read more of my story here.

I lost my mind and my life broke apart at the age of 19. It took about 7 years for me to get it back and then make my life into something I wanted to have.

Over that time, I learned what I needed to became good company to myself. Lest you have the wrong picture, I still danced, sang, created, worked, dreamed, loved during these years, it was just really hard to live a life every day.

Let’s be clear. The things I learned during that time are skills that have been hunted, murdered, and silenced out of many of our lineages. Things that cultures know and knew to pass on and teach to most people and especially their more sensitive ones. These are the emotional and spiritual skills that support optimal health and power in one’s own being, allowing for sanity within sensitivity.

These are the essential elements of training that I had to master in myself to heal and become a sane and, honestly, happy person:

– Knowing how to feel and process feeling (stop disassociating) including anger, rage, shame, guilt, and pleasure

– Knowing what I am thinking and deciding which thoughts I am going to listen to and how to create new patterns of thought

– Having a visceral, real, not theoretical experience of presence in my own body and being

– Understanding there is a language of the body and being able to listen to and communicate with my body (and then others)

– Working with my spirit guides and trusting my intuition

– Being in and facilitating Ceremony

– Knowing my needs and desires

– Setting and keeping peacemaking boundaries

– Ability to relax, clearing stress and discerning whose feelings and thoughts are whose from my emotions, mind, body, & spirit

These are BASIC and required skills for a sensitive empathic person to know. These skills, when mastered, result in sanity, power, well being, and enjoyment of one’s life, even when it feels shitty. These skills make people harder to control, dominate, indoctrinate, and oppress.

Without these skills I WAS INSANE. Dysfunctional. Lonely. Bitter. Exhausted. Angry. And overwhelmed by other people’s feeling.

Untrained medicine people go insane.

All the sensitivity and none of the skill is a recipe for addiction, abuse, masochism, controlling behaviors, and list goes on and on.

Everything I learned and mastered (and continue to master) is what I teach in The Training Ground.

I am on a mission to equip people with the skills of sanity.

Through this lifetime body of work, I’m trained in over 20 different modalities including being a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Pelvic Care Provider™. I’ve lead thousands of people through healing ceremony, group programs, and personalized intensives.

Participants of The Training Ground can upgrade support. You can enroll in an additional personalized, individual mentoring with Sophia.

Topics & Skills Covered in Past Rounds of The Training Ground

We follow the guidance of the most present and potent medicine. It is embodied practice of faithful, bold, and powerful attunement with what IS happening. While there is a core curriculum for The Training Ground, careful attention is paid to each student and cohort. As a result, teachings and skills building can vary from program to program based on the needs of each participant and the medicine called each round. Here’s a round up of some content from times past:
– mask work

– storytelling as medicine

– seasons and cycles of transformation

– how conception, gestation, birth, and new life of a baby mirrors the transformational journey in healing realms and creative pursuits

– rage

– dark sexual fantasy

– prayer practices

– medicine songs

– altar building and tending

– traction

– Systema

– path of the warrior

– path of the healer

– working with plant allies (flowers, sage, frankincense and other non-addictive medicinal elements)

– connecting with your own spirit guides

– group healing work

– meditation practices

– shamanic journeying

– candle and fire work

– animal guides

– tea ceremony

– dosing

– facing the personal saboteur

– under the care of professional facilitation, when students come with practice in particular modalities, we all end up depening our understanding of those tools including reiki, massage, cupping, crystal resonance therapy, music, food, gua sha, art making, yoga, mindfulness, and non violent communication (NVC)

Who is The Training Ground for?

At your core you know have powerful medicine, you use it everyday, it is woven into you. You have a potency that want to strengthen, brew, and share in its clearest and most efficient way. This is a group program for people who like to do it their own way and also want space and community to share, grow, and be supported in their unique gifts, voice, and medicine.
– Titans

– Transformational & Thought Leaders

– Bodyworkers, Massage and Reiki practitioners

– Therapists

– Teachers & Social Workers

– Coaches

– Mentors

– Artists

– Musicians

– Liberating Educators

– Creatives

– Luminaries

– Facilitators

– Healers

– Medicine People

– Visionaries

– Highly sensitive people

– Intuitives

– Empaths

– Leaders

As a graduate of The Training Ground, you’ll receive certification as a Circle Caller.


You will gain an in-depth understanding of how you, in your most exquisite form call forth Soul Unification.

Soul Unification is the process of identifying and locating disconnection in a being, be it on the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level of a person, and bringing soul connection, inhabitance, and presence to those spaces, unifying the Truest Self with the living self. Through guided meditation, group exercises, and facilitated personal work, students will become equipped and certified in this modality.

I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Sophia. Having worked with her off and on for years beforehand, I’ve come to trust her with my healing and her capacity to hold space for myself and others.

I’ve learned how to listen and trust my intuition, to connect more deeply with my guides. I gained confidence in my own innate healing abilities.

I get so much out of working with Sophia, new insights, shamanic rituals, etc. One thing that I’ve especially appreciated about Sophia is that she takes the time to see you, hear you. She makes you feel special.

Wholeheartedly recommend!!

— Danica Arizola |

So much has changed! I think the biggest thing is self love and self care. Really making that a priority in my life. I’m moving in the direction of entrepreneurship instead of doing what I do now.

Sophia’s ability to bring community together, tribe, is something that touches me deeply. Her ability to bring people together who are willing to show up and do the work. 

The Training Ground is for a specific kind of person. Specific in the way, looking back at myself, there has to be a readiness to shift big things in your life. 

No matter what comes up in The Training Ground, the results are amazing. And the experiences you get to share with people who are willing to take risks in their life, is amazing. 

— Nereus Love Sun Shaman Seed of Ruby Light | Tender | IG: @gemstonestories

We live in very troubling times with no good answers available to us. I truly believe that the only way we find those answers is to go within ourselves and to live our lives in our truest authenticity.

Being in The Training Ground has shown me there are new ways of going inside myself, new ways of finding that authentic voice within myself and being able to connect to it.

— Linda Marshall 

I’ve worked with Sophia for over five years now. The only hesitations I have in working with her are around money. I get nervous spending my resources and I pause before making financial decisions. On the other side of things, the return on my investment working with Sophia is always eons beyond my hopes and expectations.  

One of the most important and noticeable changes I’ve noticed in my life after going through The Training Ground is my stamina and capacity to stay present — in my body, in my mind, with other people, with my practices, and with my work. When I do leave (dissociate, space out, forget), I’m able to notice much sooner and bring myself through and forward into the present again. Answered prayers. 

I’ve done an enormous amount of one on one work with Sophia, which I’ve enjoyed and continue to do. Getting to do The Training Ground was an accelerated learning classroom. I loved having classmates, group healing, and the space to deepen my own modalities as a practitioner and as a person, in general. 

I’d completely recommend The Training Ground to anyone who is ready to have a completely different life a year from now. If you’d like to remember who you are, what you came here to do, and how to go about the business of being more conscious and alive, The Training Ground is for you. 

— Leah Moon | Business Care & Healing for Spiritual Entrepreneurs |

I trust Sophia. 

After The Training Ground, I noticed a deeper connection to myself, intuition and personal healing practices. Things started to move where I once was stuck. Specifically, with patterns that were playing out for years and years. I started to notice the teachings in The Training Ground went hand in hand with what I needed in order to create some new pathways energetically and literally in my everyday life. I started to make small but noticeable changes to my daily life that cumulatively added up. I also trusted myself and trusted the process! One teaching that stuck with me wholeheartedly, is to pay attention to what is happening versus what I think should be happening. This was a game changer! I applied it in my everyday life and to my healing work. It opened up a whole world of presence and synchronicity for me. Moreover, I also started facilitating more workshops, group healing circles, and experiencing creativity and clarity in future projects I am co creating with others. 

What I liked working with Sophia is the large container of support you receive in The Training Ground. We spent consecutive days together each time we met in person throughout the program. It allowed me to truly reserve the time for myself and fully immerse into the experience. In between the in person meetings we had scheduled phone meetings which served as great extended support right when I needed it. I loved that Sophia also gave us access to the recordings of these times together so we could reflect.

I would highly recommend The Training Ground experience, as the design of the program truly allows you to cultivate a deep relationship to what you are learning through experiential practice. I developed a deeper relationship with myself and beloved classmates. Through the witnessing of each other’s journeys under the guidance and support of Sophia, it amplified the experience of vulnerability and allowed me to experience greater personal healing. It also equipped me with new tools as a healing facilitator. Our potent medicine circles were an invaluable source of information from the perspective of being the participant, co-creator, witness and facilitator. It was amazing to be conscious of the multi-dimensional layers that are present in powerful healing groups. Sophia is brilliant at weaving together our experiential work with her teachings, which makes a dynamic flow of insight, understanding, and mastery.

— Christel Alberez, Crystal Resonance Therapist & Workshop Facilitator

The Training Ground Begins March 2023

Investment $2,222.00