• “It’s the circle that made me realize, and largely Sophia’s teaching me, what the female aspect is and how it is SO lacking in my and most everyone’s daily routine. I now realize how being disconnected from this has affected me and others.
    I am now starting to grasp that the female is the dirty, Earthy goodness that is blood and raw and is our birthright, and it has been slowly and steadily taken away from us…perhaps this is what the 50’s did to women (and men), and how then in the 60’s women could not take the suffocation any more! This ‘cleaning up’ of what motherhood and goddesshood is supposed to be – earthy, dirty and deeply nourishing. I kind of see the 50’s (and actually earlier and other decades too) now as this time where motherhood and being a women was ‘cleaned up’, packaged, and sold, and made to look pretty and clean ~ taking all that is natural out of it.
    I see this energy now as a bastardized version of the ‘male’ or ‘masculine’ energy.”

    Barbara Zanelli | Artist | bzarte.com
  • “Awwww… just want you to know that I haven’t felt this alive in a long time!! I am becoming whole!! It is reflecting in every way in my life and my life work! Thank you for being my personal gardener! You gave me just enough sun light to LET me shine!! You just knew the right time to turn the lights on!! You gave me water when I was thirsty enough to drink!! Aho aho!! Mamma is home!! Tears fall in joy!! I know Sophia, I know!! F.Y.I… I am on day 5 of 49 day meditation!! Your ripples are now waves babe!!”

    Nerissa Alberts | Bar Keep, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Resonance Therapist (TM)
  • “So much ‘New Age’ work dwells in the conceptual and the abstract. It all sounds very pretty, but I’m just left feeling ‘what the f@#& am I supposed to DO with this when I get home? When I put the book the down?’ I think Sophia’s workshops address this question beautifully.  The content of this class consists of practical things that I can physically do at the end of the day, or at the end of the weekend.  And a year and half later, I still have so much to chew on and work with every day.”

    Katy Feniello | Nurse & Doula
  • “Before [Biz Birthing] I had an idea of the unique work I wanted to offer but did not know how to make it into a solid, real, deliverable program. After engaging in the fun, nourishing and healing process that Sophia offers I now have a real program with educational components, a structure, a price, and confidence in talking about it. I’m excited to offer it to the world and excited to do the work I love. The process of birthing my biz was fun, dynamic, and deeply healing and transformational. Sophia is a powerful and clear-seeing presence and a fountain of love and truth in this world.”

  • “Sophia is the great translator.  She can convey complex concepts and ideas to any audience so that they are understandable, relevant and integratable.”

    Kim Fliesher | FOUNDER OF THE REIKI SCHOOL + CLINIC | thereikischool.com
  • “Before working with Sophia, I was struggling with various personal issues, including control, direction in life, insecurity, inhibition and many more.  I believed that by working with Sophia I could blast through many of those issues and be more in a position to grow spiritually. After our three healing sessions together, I have gained clarity, direction, a sense of self, a drive for authenticity and a confidence that I never dreamed I could have. She helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and that I could overcome more than I ever thought. I’m grateful.

    I would highly, highly recommend Sophia because without her healing, I would still be lost and feeling out of place in this world. Life is a constant struggle, but I know now that I can handle it and I have the tools to work through my issues and if anything comes up (and it does), I don’t panic, I embrace. Again, I am grateful for Sophia in my life and the healing she has given me.”


  • “There are few on this planet whose words I so fully trust, whose light shines so bright, whose medicine has so powerfully guided me towards my deepest self.”

    Tigre Bailando | ARTIST | tigrebailando.com
  • “I took the Sacred Spaces and Spirit Guides course with Sophia at a point in my life where I was blocked and self-defeating and didn’t even know it. The support and coaching I received from her and the entire group was absolutely incredible, and instrumental in my feeling strong enough to speak openly about my goals and the path to achieving them. I found new ways to honor, support, and communicate with myself, and renewed my faith in meditation and prayer.”

  • “Sophia creates some of the safest space that I have ever experienced. I needed someone who would understand that healing is important on personal and political levels, and she understands the social impact of healing work. She knows that all healing is from within a context, and that the process of healing is the process of changing the world. She is great teacher – ready and open to explore and experiment, and encouraging of her students and clients to do the same. She is comfortable with herself, and in so doing, gives permission to me to be comfortable with myself as well.”

  • “I have learned that a body ailment is always connected to something else going on inside of myself. Sophia’s unique gift is her ability to intuitively help you understand what you are experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.”

  • “Through my work with Sophia I’ve been able to make large life changes and follow my dreams. I’ve moved to Oregon, gotten married, started my own organization and magazine, and will become an western herbalist. I’ve learned to create safe space for myself and my spiritual practice, which has really helped my overall well being. Her fantastic sense of humor and emphatic nature make her really easy to talk to. I’m truly grateful to Sophia for guiding me through dark times to create a really wonderful life!”

  • “In Sophia’s work you ‘come as you are’ and leave closer to who you really are. I feel safe to surrender to her compassionate guidance as she honors my intuition and body’s wisdom. She radiates the authenticity of a healer who has been on her own journey and who offers her service in gratitude. No matter how in tune I think I am with myself, Sophia’s sessions, classes, and gatherings continue to reveal where I’m stuck, where I can release, and where I can grow.”

  • “The impact of our sessions together is immeasurable. In the 1.5 years I’ve known her, my career is on track and I feel like I’ve found my life’s work. I am surrounded by a community that I love, and I feel empowered in my relationships with my family and beyond. I am so grateful to know her and benefit from her many gifts. If your life is in need of direction or transformation, Sophia can help you find sustainable inspiration from within. This is an investment that I highly, highly recommended.”

  • “Through taking part in her workshop, Sophia helped me realign myself to my spiritual compass.  Her passion in empowering people to heal is inspiring.”

  • “As a professional counselor, I recognize the benefits and limitations of more mainstream paths towards healing. Helpful as it can be, medical model-based therapy categorizes people to understand their behavior and problems. It can be a challenge to remember the person behind the diagnostic label.

    In Sophia’s workshop, my story was heard as a spiritual crisis, and as a page of women’s history—two lenses that stay pretty dusty in traditional therapy. Through experiential exercises, visualizations, stories and songs, I felt (rather than learned) how to reclaim disowned parts of myself.”

    Vetrans Trauma Counselor
  • “I thought I was really funny, but it turned out I just hated myself. I was the definition a self-deprecating pessimist. I have gone from taking refuge in sarcasm and cynicism to having faith in hope, healing, and myself. I’ve re-discovered who I really am, Sophia’s empowered me to take my life back.”

    Office manager for family owned construction company