Soul Unification Virtual Healing & Skill Building Course


Healing can seem like such a mystery. Why do we doubt and question ourselves? Especially that voice that always knows? We are filled with wisdom to guide us through anything and evolve from it. It’s time for our full embodiment; it’s time for us to lead with joy, trust ourselves, honor the planet and cultivate real change. Your own inner healing is an essential part of that change.

Do you want 10 weeks of space to be, feel, and have support to heal and become a more restored and authentic version of yourself?

Do you want to access your intuition and discern the difference between it and the ‘shoulds’ in your head?

Do you want a spiritual practice that feels authentic and true to you, that is not appropriated or commercialized?

Do you want to identify what you really want or need, gain confidence about asking for it, and take risks on your own behalf to get it?

Do you struggle with how to care for other people without it being at the expense of your own self?

True healing is about being fully here; ascending fully onto the planet (instead of OFF the planet). It’s about courageously embodying our human experience, feeling what is happening, and then cultivating the life and world we want. It’s about growing up- becoming responsible for our lives and the environments we live in. How do we do that when everything we are taught is the opposite of that? We can learn how to hear ourselves, and then speak, live, and act from our connected truth. This is radical, counter-culture stuff, that makes you rebel. Being healthy is the most radical thing you can do these days. Do you want to let me help you tap in and grow your Soul Unified health?

There are basic skills around feeling our feelings, understanding what healthy relationships look and feel like, knowing our desires, and having a free and authentic relationship with the mystery of life. Spirit, God, Creator, magic – use WHATEVER name you feel called. The point is that no matter the name there is a way to move in this world that respects and knows how to exist in a life-giving way.

We are in a time of a great awakening.

As a natural empath, sensitive, caretaker, intuitive, psychic, healer, medicine person, intuitive, whatever you want to call us, as naturally gifted as we are, without proper thorough training we lose our minds. I did. And then I got it back.

I lost my mind and my life broke at 19. It took about 7 years for me to get it back and then make it something I wanted. It took 7 years for me to learn what I needed to so that I became good company to myself and being with myself was no longer ranging from being tolerable to intolerable painful requirement of being alive. Lest you have the wrong picture, I still danced, sang, created, worked, dreamed, loved during these years, it was just really hard to live a life every day.

Let’s be clear. The things I learned are skills that have been hunted, murdered, and silenced out of many of our lineages. Things that cultures know and knew to pass on and teach to most people and especially their more sensitive ones. These are the emotional and spiritual skills that allow for optimal health and power in one’s own being that allows for sanity within sensitivity.

What I did was Soul Unification. And what I learned is that is a process as well as a result. Over the past 6 years this one healing meditation has become the staple and foundation for all other work. This one guided healing and meditation takes a little over an hour and includes 8 distinct steps. The result is the development of spiritual skills that we lost and access to our truest and most powerful and potent self.

Over the course of 10 recorded classes I will teach you these fundamental steps:


Introduction and Step 1 – Arriving and Deciding Giving Yourself Permission to heal and change, using your breath as your ally

Step 2 – Relaxing and Clearing the physical and energetic bodies, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual cleansing for empaths and highly sensitive people

Step 3 – Calling Spirit Guides and Ancestors, creating an authentic and personal relationship with your sacred council, healing with your ancestors and asking for help

Step 4 – Locating and Trusting Your Truest Self, your SatNam, your infinite Soul, deciding who has the authority over your life

Step 5 – Power of Witnessing and Healing Shame, why and how in healthy and safe ways, power sacred community and the releasing of secrets

Step 6 – Shamanic or Soul Journey Work, silence and listening, surrendering to spirit guides guidance, how to, and learning how you naturally receive messages (everyone receives them differently)

Step 7 – Practice of Offerings and Gifts of Gratitude, giving and receiving blessings

Step 8 – Releasing, Integrating, and Grounding in your transformed and changed self

Soul Unification Healing Meditation – putting it all together

Closing Ceremony and Blessings

I am an expert at connecting people to their own self, their own wisdom, their own voice. Soul Unification is about being your creative, feeling, thriving, intimate, and powerful self. Nothing short of it. The goal is not to learn how to be wild and free – it’s to become wild and free. You do that by remembering and healing the gaps between who you really are and who you’ve been.

This course is based on Demystifying the healing process and is resourcing you with skill building. Our time will include:

Learning how to see how your wisdom is trying to get your attention, how to notice it, hear it, and apply it

Accessing the wisdom of the pelvic floor, the generative energy in our root

Understanding what the tension of your body is telling you about your life

Staying present for your Life, staying in your body and spiritual presence during intense joy, grief, shame, rage, relaxation and whatever else comes along

Applying the medicine of your Soul, your Truest Self – taking action and following through on your intuitive hits and body wisdom knowing

Working with spirit guides, ancestral healing/reweaving, and developing your relationship with Spirit

Gaining access to the most creative and healing force within you regardless of your gender, age or stage of life

10-week Virtual Healing Course
Open to All Genders

10 recordings each with:

One focused teaching
Distance healing session

You are invited to 10 weeks of healing and supported learning to feel and be whole who you know really are.