Soul Unification:

Foundations of Calling Medicine


Act on your inner wisdom that is begging for your attention

Access your potent generative energy by deeply connecting to your root

Understand the messages in your body and use them to grow authenticity in your life

Stay present in your Life, your body, your power during intense joy, grief, shame, rage, and relaxation

Apply the medicine of your Soul and your Truest Self, take action and follow through on your intuitive hits and body wisdom knowing

Work with spirit guides, participate in ancestral healing and reweaving, lean into your relationship with Spirit

Heal the waters of our planet

Utilize the most creative and healing force within you

In Sophia’s work you ‘come as you are’ and leave closer to who you really are. I feel safe to surrender to her compassionate guidance as she honors my intuition and body’s wisdom. She radiates the authenticity of a healer who has been on her own journey and who offers her service in gratitude. No matter how in tune I think I am with myself, Sophia’s sessions, classes and gatherings continue to reveal where I’m stuck, where I can release and where I can grow.


Why You? Why Now?


We are in a time of great awakening. It’s time for our full embodiment; it’s time for us to lead with joy, trust ourselves, honor the planet and cultivate real change. Your own inner healing is an essential part of that change.


We are natural empaths, sensitives, caretakers, intuitives, psychics, healers, and medicine callers. Whatever you want to call us, as naturally gifted as we are, without proper and thorough training we lose our minds. I did. And then I got it back.

I lost my mind and my life broke at 19. It took 7 years for me to get it back and then make it something I wanted. It took 7 years for me to learn what I needed to become good company to myself. So that the experience of being with myself was no longer somewhere between merely tolerable and intolerably painful. Lest you have the wrong picture, I still danced, sang, created, worked, dreamed, and loved during those years. It was just really hard to live my life. Every day.

The process I developed and used to heal myself is called Soul Unification. Over the past 10 years this one guided meditation has become the staple and foundation for all my other work. This Soul Unification practice takes about an hour and includes 8 distinct steps. The result is the development of spiritual healing skills and access to our truest and most powerful and potent self. These are the foundations for calling medicine.

I recently returned from a 5 day meditation retreat and it really cemented for me the value of the soul unification meditation. The retreat was in the Vipasana tradition, so it was a lot of sitting and walking and I quickly realized it was not exactly what I needed. Midway through the second day I felt my soul had left my body so I decided to take a break from the group sits, did some yoga and ventured into the woods where I found a meditation gazebo and did the soul unification practice there, I asked my soul to return and apologized for not creating the conditions for it to stay and asked if we could work on creating the right conditions for it and I felt this light burst forth inside me. It was an amazing feeling to be reunited with it and I took some time to build intimacy with my own soul.

I have to say without this practice I would not even have had words for the feeling of my soul having left my body and I’m not sure if I would have been able to get through the retreat without it. And it really made me realize my own power of knowing what I need to heal and helped me navigate my own healing.

Many thanks, peace & love

Naima Merella

Yoga Instructor + Artist

The 8 Steps of Soul Unification

Foundations of Calling Medicine

Arriving and Deciding

Giving yourself permission to heal and change. Using your breath as your ally.

Relaxing and Clearing

Cleansing of the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual bodies for empaths and highly sensitive people.

Calling Spirit Guides and Ancestors

Creating an authentic and personal relationship with your sacred council. Healing with your ancestors and asking for help.

Locating and Trusting Your Truest Self

Contacting your Infinite Soul and deciding who has the authority over your life.

Power of Witnessing and Healing Shame

Why and how to acknowledge shame in healthy and safe ways. The power of sacred community and the releasing of secrets.

Shamanic or Soul Journey Work

How to be silent, listen, and surrender to your spirit guides. Learning how you naturally receive messages.

Offerings and Gifts of Gratitude

The practice of giving and receiving blessings.

Releasing, Integrating, and Grounding

Claiming your transformed and changed self.

Why Soul Unification?


I am an expert at connecting people to their own self, their own wisdom, their own voice. Soul Unification is about being your creative, feeling, thriving, intimate, and powerful self. Nothing short of it. The goal is not to learn how to be wild and free – it’s to become your wild and free self. You do that by remembering and healing the gaps between who you really are and who you’ve been.

True healing is about being fully here. It’s about courageously embodying our human experience, feeling what is happening, and then cultivating the life and world we want. It’s about growing up; becoming responsible for our lives and the environments we live in. How do we do that when everything we are taught is the exact opposite? We can learn how to hear ourselves and then speak, live, and act from our connected truth. This is radical, counter-cultural, and rebellious. Being healthy is the most radical thing you can do these days. Do you want to let me help you tap in and grow your Soul Unified health?

Sophia creates some of the safest space that I have ever experienced. I needed someone who would understand that healing is important on personal, and political levels; and she understands the social impact of healing work, knowing that all healing is from within a context and that the process of healing is the process of changing the world. She is a great teacher – ready and open to explore and experiment, and encouraging her students and clients to do the same. She is comfortable with herself, and in so doing, gives permission to me to be myself as well.


Do you…

Do you want space to be, feel, and have support to heal and become a more restored and authentic version of yourself?

Do you want to access your intuition and discern the difference between it and the ‘shoulds’ in your head?

Do you want a spiritual practice that feels authentic and true to you, that is not appropriated or commercialized?

Do you want to identify what you really want or need, gain confidence about asking for it, and take risks on your own behalf to get it?

Do you struggle with how to care for other people without it being at the expense of your own self?

10 Week Virtual Course Format

  • 10 In-Depth Modules
    • 90-Min Audio Teachings released once a week
    • Supplemental practices and resources released throughout
  • Supplemental Material for Integration
Foundations of Healing is a 10-Module course. You will receive immiagete access to all 10 of the 90-minute 1.5 hr recorded classes with supplemental matterial.

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Why Register Now?


You know you are a Medicine Caller and want to trust the impulses you feel inside.

Do it because you want to give yourself the skills you need to listen to your intuition, hear your inner guidance, receive messages from your guides, heal with your ancestors, and bridge and bring through your lineage and unique medicine practices.


Join this course because you are committed to optimizing your relationship to Spirit, your ancestors, your sacred self.

Do it because you are ready to heal the loneliness and missing of your own self.

You want deeper or more clarified relationship with your own healing superpowers? I will resource you with skills and support your healing so you can embody your capacities and access your own healing throughout your life.

You are invited. Now.

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Thank you. I feel like I have a second chance at life and I’m just brimming with excitement about what to do with it next.


I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Sophia. Having worked with her off and on for years beforehand, I’ve come to trust her with my healing and her capacity to hold space for myself and others.

I’ve learned how to listen and trust my intuition, to connect more deeply with my guides. I gained confidence in my own innate healing abilities.

I get so much out of working with Sophia, new insights, shamanic rituals, etc. One thing that I’ve especially appreciated about Sophia is that she takes the time to see you, hear you. She makes you feel special.

Wholeheartedly recommend!!

Danica Arizola

I am so grateful to know her and benefit from her many gifts. If your life is in need of direction or transformation, Sophia can help you find sustainable inspiration from within. This is an investment that I highly, highly recommended.


The support and coaching I received from Sophia and the entire group was absolutely incredible, and instrumental in me feeling strong enough to speak openly about my goals and the path to achieving them. I found new ways to honor, support, and communicate with myself, and renewed my faith in meditation and prayer.

Zeut Bedoll

Thank you again for such a beautiful, powerful, soul-nourishing session last night. I’ve always been “the listener” and it was so profoundly moving to experience the feeling of being deeply heard and processed. I just felt REAL and it was awesome and affirming. Thank you for creating a space where I felt safe to be honest with myself and free to express and share my truth.


Investment: $199 or 4 Payments of $50

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