Allowing my breath to guide the openings of my body while stretching. Using this method it is safer stretching, and deeper! Yay!!!

During yoga, working out, pre and post working out, or making out for that matter… when using your body – use your breath! Hey Oh!

I show you an example in the video. In writing here are the principals:

Get into the stretch, gentle just the beginning. Inhale, on the exhale enter a tiny bit deeper until you feel that point of tension. Stop.

Inhale into that point, AS YOU EXHALE allow your body to shift by relaxing deeper into the stretch – not forcing farther, literally relaxing.

Literally use the expansion of your body ON THE INHALE to change your body.

As it softens deepen the stretch and let the breath expand and soften it.

In and out. breath by breath let the muscles engage, relax and open.

Simultaneously, allow the rest of your body shift. Your entire alignment. If you’re stretching your neck let you hamstrings shift, your forearms, your hips. You are ONE body, so allow the breath and space being made to fill and expand and realign your entire form.



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