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Hey darling,

Below we’ve got a boss declaration from the Spider Queen. This came to me as I flew across the planet, traveling first backward through time zones and then crossing the dateline and arriving a day in the future. From this epic 14 hour flight she shared with me this:


Spider Queen Writes from the Sky


Weave with me sister, weave with me kin, I know something that you are only at the entrance of.


Let’s begin.


I know something you’ve been longing to accept.

That you were born perfect and in spite of all the aches, pains, and forgotten missteps you have done and witnessed, the truth is you are still perfect this day. What does it mean to be perfect this way? It means you can’t fuck it up, not any which way.

You are made of stardust, spinning molecules of light. You are song, pure sound, vibrating into shape and constant ever-changing song.


You know something that you’ve been longing to accept.

That your missteps are right on track. That there isn’t a thing you could do to make you unlovable, that is just the core of you. That you’re aching for someone to love you like that. That is your own soul’s begging to been seen, to look back. To know what you love, is to know what is free. To remember your infinite is to know how to be. You can’t control it. ONE MORE TIME, you can’t control it, loved one, it’s not yours or mine. The weave we are weaving it yours and mine, and also no ones, not a single person’s crime, to have woven such inequities and pain, to have made such bliss and such bane. You didn’t, I didn’t, it all us the same. It can feel immense it can feel inane. That you are a single thread and yet the thread is one and the same. How can it be so contrary and still remain?


You know something that you’re begging yourself to accept.

That you are here for a reason, on purpose, you meant it. You chose to travel of the infinite void, to make limitless potential into a confined, limited mode. You are not some mistake that some people made, nor are you the fulfillment of some dreamers prayers prayed… well, the later you are for certain. But note this: that prayer’s prayer was you, not a kindred body and raisers of your flesh. A contract, agreement, a “sign-up” I say. You said, “Yes. There. I’ll go that way.” Travel to a womb, be grown, be made. And enter into the adventure of earth walking days. You came here for your divine call on yourself, not no one, not a single other else. Are you here, part of something that is wide, infinite and true, or certainly for sure that is still simply you? So listen to that knowing, it’s begging you to free the limited shitshow into a limitless glee. You came here for healing, for growth, and for play, you came here for what you know all the way. Your bones can tell you more than I could ever say. Listen closely, your bones: they always know the way.


You know something you are determined to accept.

That you are forever wanton, that you cannot escape your longing for more. That the vision of what’s possible is the galvanizing force you bear. You can see with every sacred sound comes into being that there is more to create, to be found. As your perceptive expands, you see farther and more, that everything is perfect and still, you see new ground. So that pang of love, and that pang of more, are a concert of creative force alive in your blood. Don’t shake it, or fight it, or make it about being wrong, for it is the awakening vibrant throng of creation that you came for all along. To grow that perfection into another different perfect song. There’s nothing to fix, or change or make better, there’s just everything you can see which is forever revealing, fractals birthings fractals, evolving as the go, it’s a dance, it’s a song, it something you know.


So accept it my love, all this that you know.

Accept this and accept all that your bones tell you so.


We need it, what you carry it’s yours and yours alone, so bring full force, it’s our freedom song.

So bring it full force, it’s our freedom song.

So bring full force it’s where we all belong.



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