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Here on the mountain top you are listening to something deeper.

Listening to the thing you have been trying to hear.

You see, you were trying to hear the voice that believes.

The voice that knows.

The voice that is clear and willing.

You were afraid, controlled, trying, exhausted, dramatized, aching and unwilling to know what you know.

You were afraid of the things that are already occurring.

You were afraid of the things that are already here.

You were afraid that the desires and dreams you were asking for had arrived.

A package unopened, and you scribbling on the box questions, demands, fears, accusations of how the package would never come.


Because you believed you did not deserve it.

Your forgiveness has set you free yet again.

Your touching and feeling these fields of being, that were so wrapped and tangled in being left, being alone, being unloved, being unwanted, being unmanageable, being unworthy, being undeserving, these tangles were tangled. Simple as that.

Forgiveness has yet again, filled your being with the gentle unraveling touch. And in that space is your our own precious spirit, creative song, dreams that are not scary and brought with anguish and aloneness, instead your dreams are filled with love and affection.

To be loved and loving is

At the core of all you weave.

To be as yourself, your soul came here to be,

To be with others as others came here to be and to enjoy this adventurous time together.

Listen still and I’ll tell you a tale.

The sun rose over the mountain early and stretching it arms wide across the valley the birds and bears did stir, rolled over, bumping into their nested beloved, and began to hum, chrip, sing, and sigh. They were there together just as they treasured and dreamt it was.

They knew in their dreams that fish would taste good, that the wind would lift their body with littlest effort and that the breath of life would kiss them. When they awoke and found their body breathing, their beloved’s warmth near by, the dream became sweeter as the waking time was even more precious than the dream scape. Smiling from dream land and waking to dream land the comfort of not only a sweet and precious world but of a kindred to share it with. This is where the dreams sweetness increased and became equally as savory. The potential inspiration became lived nourishment. And here in the morning light, the dew kisses, the stretching of hips and shaking off of sleep, the life of wonder and delight did wake, and here in the smiling eyes, and faces of beings, did live.

So breathe tender, and appreciate the beings to share your dreams with, for they are sacred in the etheriums and they are delicious in the waking life.

For you are as you.

And this magic landscape is for living.

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