So many things I want to share with you! Classes, #OracleDeck & my own music-ish video, video launch on pelvic bowl work! Oh My!

Video LAUNCH On Shamanic Pelvic Floor Work with videos about the pelvic bowl! It covers the energetic and emotional associations through video and a downloadable ebook on the quadrants. It also covers HOW to connect and discover your own pelvic bowl. Inside and out! I’m really excited about it. It’s basically a full introduction course.Check it out and share it with anyone who you think could use help finding out what’s in their root and how to work with it. YAY!

Make sure to comment at the bottom, it’s my favorite part about this model of sharing info. I love when it stays interactive!

For those of you whom have been with my since my tanked video launch last year, this is major for me, since I haven’t gone anywhere near this model since then. Now I am reclaiming it for myself and I am excited about IT! I don’t require an your email first, so there’s an email sign up at the top if you want to stay in touch (which I recommend) and its designed to stay up with no time limit. ENJOY! I did, there is a little surprise at the end of each video.

I am excited to be an expert online at the Spirituality Center. This is where I will be offering most of my online classes coming up, giving this forum a chance, it’s got all the magic available in online classrooms including “chalk board” you and I can use at the same time in a live session. I’m excited to try it out.

1) Tour of the Pelvic Bowl, Body Wisdom of your Pelvic Bowl

This is an basic introductory course where I will review the powers and challenges that lie within the bowl and how to access your creative and wise center. Come use your body as a map for self transformation and understanding. Kick those nasty stubborn habits and nourish those tender inspirational places at the root.

2) Embodying Your Divine: How to Use the Power of Your Root, Interactive Workshop

This class goes deeper into the path that working your root takes you on. Bringing all that awareness and consciousness into your life. How to apply what you discover in your root and find healing and use your creativity. Bring all that inspiration into lived action. For example, not just knowing compassion is important and a good idea, but actually applying that compassion to yourself and others on a daily basis. It’s going to be rich. I highly recommend either doing the series on my site or attending the first class so you’ll be prepared. It’ll be a healing extravaganza!

Art explosion over here!

If you’ve stayed in touch via Facebook you’ve heard of #oracledeck. I asked on Facebook: podcast? Oracle deck? Or Another 50 Things that Help Me heal vlog series? Oracle deck won by a landslide, and ever since the creative fire in me has been stirred.

I am hoping to be sending off for proofs by thanksgiving! What!? That’s next week eep! And maybe even printed by mid December! Unlikely but possible! It’s an adventure that I am enjoying. If you want to see my updates make sure you like my fbpage, that’s where I’ll be posting my in progress work photos and little updates.

AND FINALLY! I did it. I made my first music/spoken word//dance video and it is up and waiting for you to watch it. Hopefully you’ll be inspired, fed and/or nourished and share it with others. This is so exciting and I am so nervous that I crumbled into a sobbing yelling mess for a moment last night, the nerves just went kaboom. As per usual when I just l let all the nerves just flush the system it was over in less then 5 minutes and I have a new inspired idea by the end and a renewed calm. Oh feelings, you are so…. so kind when given space…. Thanks. So check it out with loving eyes and I truly hope it touches someone. Art must be made, when the muse comes, its the being with it that keeps us alive, and so even though I have been fed plenty, I do hope that it goes beyond a feast just for me.

Blessed Waxing Crescent to you.

Into the Moonlodge for me. Xoxo

Love you,


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