Hi you!!!

So much has progressed since last I wrote. First I want to say thank you for your outpouring of love, and your tender reception of my vulnerable sharing. Thank you truly. I had a whole additional round of healing in the midst of all that love. Thank you for being my healers.

I have been with my muses everyday, taken the “later list” and moved it to the top, and am taking on 1-on-1 healing clients again (more at the bottom on that) while I listen deeply and allow myself to emerge in my own time.

Let’s get into your Soul Unification:

Are you aware of your awesomeness today? If not let me remind you, You are so incredible. You are are worthy of being alive today because you are here today! You don’t even have to DO anything! You are precious and loved and on a wild adventure on the Planet Earth. I am glad you’re here.

I have a video for you today that offers my low down on Soul Unification and an opportunity to do it with me all inside 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

So here’s the deal with Soul Unification. Unifying, uniting, remembering, awakening in this life is the process, everything I have to offer you is an invitation to bring more of your soul into body, into action, into sense and sensual expression and experience, and it is the destination as well. The deal on it is — it is the Deal. Check out the video to hear me break it down and invite some in this very moment.

So I am adapting to my current circumstance. In addition to offering Biz Birthing, I am taking on some private clients, distance and in person in here NM. If you are interested in moving through a stubborn part of your soul unifying journey with me, schedule a complimentary sorting hat call to see if what you need is what I can help you with.

Here’s Emily story about her 3 sessions with me:

“Before working with Sophia, I was struggling with various personal issues, including control, direction in life, insecurity, inhibition and many more. I believed that by working with Sophia I could blast through many of those issues and be more in a position to grow spiritually. After our three healing sessions together, I have gained clarity, direction, a sense of self, a drive for authenticity and a confidence that I never dreamed I could have. She helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and that I could overcome more than I ever thought. I’m grateful.

I would highly, highly recommend Sophia because without her healing, I would still be lost and feeling out of place in this world. Life is a constant struggle, but I know now that I can handle it and I have the tools to work through my issues and if anything comes up (and it does), I don’t panic, I embrace. Again, I am grateful for Sophia in my life and the healing she has given me.”

–Emilie Kress, Design Consultant & Reiki Student

Thank for sharing Emily, you got this.

You want to do that journey with me? Schedule a call, let’s see if it’s right.

Lots of love!

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