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And so she became courageous enough to hear her fear and hold her sadness and need nothing changed.

And so everything changed.

The gates opened and the tears, wails, and acknowledging waves touched the parts that hurt.

Breath moved in. Took care of it all. Bringing all that was needed. Lifting and carrying away debris of self no longer in service.

She – FREED.

Aspects of divine wonder and essence trued and revealed. Known and treasured.

“Come home.” She whispered to the distanced, sacred self.

“Come home.

All I want is to walk with you just as you are. Just as precious and complete. Wholing in any moment.

I want to be with you.

Come home.”

And so I did.

Tender, scared, and controlling.

Returned, dropping the holds and grip.

Remembering the love at play.

Seeing how the landscape of my life is different.

You want different results, make different choices.

And surrounded by waves of light, water, and prayers different choices have been made –

and I,

unified or splintered for a moment,


in a land of changed land.

A changed and holy land.

Love you,



P.S. This morning’s meditation was about letting what is being released go and trusting the process of purging. Allowing that which is on it way out which has the potential to fill my mind with stories and memories of what I used to do, don’t want to do, can not control, who I am supposed to be by now… to trust that all that is on its way out. Lean into the belief and faith that was is rising inside and coming into being are fuller and truer expressions of the sacred self, and to trust that the ways of falsehoods are on their way out. Let it happen. Bleed. Rest. Work. Trust. Breathe.

I want to share my most recently released episode with a brilliant plant master Nadine Artemis. A lot of magic happened in this conversation, one of the things I walked away with was an even deeper understanding of how many things we do that we think of as care then require more care or actual recovery. From concept to the material including toilet paper, glycerin, various lubricants, and other such things. It was a powerful time, she knows her stuff and drops details on a bunch of things including using essential oils for scar recovery.

In the show notes, there is also Natalie Eve Marquis’ guide explaining 8 Clair Senses. It’s a rich time.

Nadine shares, “[Plants] are the cosmic chemists. They’re taking all of the molecules from the cosmos: from the sunshine, the rays of light, the water, the air, all the elements and then making this in their little plant factories into these beautiful substances to share with humanity and I’m just so glad that we lined up for this lifetime and I get to create with them as my palette.”

Come listen in #48 Letting the Plants help with Nadine Artemis.

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