Quantum Pelvic Floor Intensive Inside The Temple


A small group retreat, limited to 5 participants. 4 days of ceremony. An opportunity to receive and witness internal pelvic care. Healing in community. Initiation into your own body and true self. 3 months of aftercare and integration with bi-weekly group phone calls, online resources, and ongoing altar support. 

The 4 days of ceremony will include education, ritual, hands-on work, and each participant will have the opportunity to receive internal work from me. It is important that you understand you will be receiving energetically and in very real terms pelvic floor work without receiving physical touch inside. We will hold space for each body to open in the time and way its wisdom guides us. This means, that although there will be space to receive internal work there is NO expectation or obligation by anyone present for that to occur.

There will be 3 full months of follow-up support. Integration is as important as the journey and ceremony itself. This includes bi-weekly facilitated group phone calls to check in, receive ongoing care, and weave new skills through the continuation of initiation. I’ll share online resources throughout this period as the unique needs of each group arise. As well, the group’s healing will be held in my altar practice.

Internal Pelvic Care


One thing I’ve learned so transparently over years of practice is that when you witness a pelvic floor session, you receive a pelvic floor session. The energetic construction of our roots connects us to one another. Our roots are always syncing and relating to each other in space. We’re designed to drop into this place in our bodies. So, when one person’s pelvic floor releases and softens, the other pelvic floors in a room release and soften as well. 


The Other Participants

The sessions are done within the group space. This, of course, amplifies the experience of the session you receive because of the power of witness. So much of our wounding around and within our pelvic floor has been isolation. A certain amount of this healing work has to be done within the context of community. 

The sight of your vulva will not be on display. You will have complete control over the visual exposure of your body in this process. For some being seen in such a healing way is transformative, for others having their body held in a protective space is restorative and pleasurable. We go slow and with care to tend the parts you need to be tended.

In this way, we all share the load and can be held in many different ways through the healing. While receiving your internal session, everyone else is there to offer support in other kinds of ways, which is huge. You may have an opportunity to offer support by being asked to light a candle or hold a hand. I guide and facilitate this collective participation. I have trained Temple Tenders on staff to provide care that is needed. And, as you. participate in alignment with your own self in your own way you deep the heating for you and the group.  The alchemy of each small group retreat is different, depending on the participants, and each infinite variation is medicinal. 

There’s no expectation that other people in the group are going to touch you. And also, inside the session space, there is an option for body touch to occur from the group if and as you want that care. I’m the only person who will offer pelvic touch.


When I do pelvic floor work, I hear people share that: 

“It’s so brain breaking / brain healing to be touched and have it not be clinical and cold. For it not to be sex. To be allowed to be touched, loved, and cared for. To be allowed to feel the depth of grief, rage, disconnect, pain, shame, embarrassment, and regret — all of the things we come into contact with when we connect with our roots with unadulterated clarity.”

This small group ceremony work is the perfect antidote to the resistance people have around connecting with their root. So many of us hold shame and wounding there. To be met in this sacred root space, where we’ve been hiding out from everyone else, is profound. To welcome more people into that space amplifies healing by carefully (full of care) uncovering everything that’s hiding you from yourself and from other people. 

The structure of this retreat transmutes and clears out so much of this cultural wounding around the root. The very base of it. The reclamation.


Birthing A New World


We’re remembering and building a world where it’s normal and sane to have your body cared for in this way. It’s appropriate, healthy, and real that a person gets to come into Red Tent Temple space with her peers and be shown how her body is connected, on her own terms and when she’s ready. 

We get to ask to be initiated into our own body. 

We get to touch our own self and be witnessed. 

We get to be touched by someone else and be witnessed. 

All of this is about owning our own body, not about somebody else having it. 

This is not space where people come to learn how to be facilitators of this work and then go out to hold space for other people’s initiations. And, the long-term vision is that we don’t need other people’s permission and certificates to know how to lovingly respect ourselves and each other. 

When I first received my Holistic Pelvic Care Provider™ training, I was so afraid to admit out loud or in print that I practiced this kind of work. Even then, I had this vision, though not as clarified as now, and it’s been years of preparation for this time. I’ve changed and now it’s now. I’ve found my voice and confidence in the communal transformative healing power of this work. 


What Happens

Group specific activities to address their particular themes and requests of needs to be addressed. Tailored exercises to address what they are coming in to work and heal. What comes alive to be healed, we get to work in a more specific way. Sometimes different activities happen at the same time. This is a deeply customized real time space, with guidance, support, and spaciousness for the individual. I look to what can be done to bring each person into the deepest connection with their own self. I trust myself to walk as a Medicine Caller and to know what to do and offer to each group.

  • Soul Unification
  • External contact of the vulva, hips, body, and contact
  • Practice touching yourself on the outside.
  • Workshop stuff like movement, mother wound, sexuality reflection, vagina timelines, whatever medicine is brewing for that time, based on the unique needs of the group assembled. Some material.
  • Internal pelvic floor sessions on Self
  • Internal Pelvic floor sessions from me
  • Processing
  • Transformational Storytelling
  • Spiritual Transmissions
  • Reclamation Rituals


Part of the program is the 3 months of integration — bi-weekly small group calls. Check-in and support calls to integrate and bridge the medicine into their lives. 

 Small GroupvQuantum Pelvic Floor Intensives Include:

4 Consecutive Days of Ceremony

Do this work inside Red Tent Temple with me and my apprentices and Temple Tenders on hand.

3 Months of Integration and Implementation Support:

Two 90-minute each calls each month

Integration practices

To see if this small group intensive is the medicine you’ve been preparing for





Below are more in-depth stories generously shared from those who has journeyed through Pelvic Floor Intensives with Sophia


Leah Moon of http://withleahmoon.com shares:

What hesitations did you have about doing QPFI?

I’ve been working with Sophia for nearly three years and I’ve said “Yes!” with an exclamation point to all of her offerings including Reiki classes, bodywork sessions, her Biz Birthing intensive, and various group workshops.

Early on, I learned that Sophia offered QPFI sessions and at first I really hesitated on working with her in this capacity. I trust Sophia implicitly but I knew the experience would be deeply intimate and life-altering. I wanted to make sure that I could trust myself to stay present and engaged through the inevitable transformations ahead of me. As my self care journey continued, guided by other work with Sophia, my intuition eventually said that I was ready to experience QPFI.

To date, I’ve enrolled in two full rounds of QPFI. At some point in every session, I find myself near weeping with gratitude and grief saying, “I wish every person could experience this kind of healing. I’m so grateful I get to do this now. Thank you for doing what you do, Sophia. How does anyone truly heal without doing this work?”

What changes did you notice in your life after QPFI?

So much has changed in my life as I’ve journeyed through the SPFI process in the realms of creativity, business, relationship, sexuality, and presence. My confidence has increased. My connection to my own intuition has deepened.

My sense of self worth, self respect, and self love has skyrocketed since experiencing SPFI. I didn’t have a clear idea about how languishing those qualities / awarenesses / abilities were before, but as I feel them increasing in my life now, I’m humbled by how jaded I was to my lacking boundaries prior to SPFI.

What specific feature of the experience did you like best?

I love that Sophia works intuitively and that she has a range of bodywork, spiritual, play, and communication practices. I get to laugh, cry, time travel, grow, and rest during our time together. Each session is unique, powerful, and helps me to move forward with aligned action in all aspects of my life.

I am so grateful that follow up support is included in the QPFI process. For me, so much is unearthed during the in person sessions and I need help integrating the shifts in perception over the following months. I always forget that a call with Sophia isn’t a regular phone call. Sophia’s shamanic practice transcends time and space. A follow up session on the phone with Sophia greets me like potent medicine, brewed just for me in those present moments.

Would you recommend this experience? Why or why not?

I recommend the QPFI experience to anyone who is ready to rocket into a miraculous dimension of life. If you want things to stay the same, don’t do QPFI. If you want to live more presently in your body, engage more deeply in your relationships, and learn how to discover sanctuary with your own being, I can’t recommend QPFI highly enough.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Sophia, I love you, thank you for being here on planet Earth doing what you do! Working with you I feel supported, inspired, accepted, loved, witnessed, and hopeful. I’m looking forward to what’s next in our learning together and I’m so grateful for your service, guidance, and contribution to my life every day. When I met you I was ready to change and I feel so thankful that you are the friend and teacher who showed up to walk with me on this most sacred, intimate, and transformative path. I appreciate you, I thank you, I love you.


Jackson offers you thier story:

“Sophia explains her intentions in working with you and lays out different options or ways to approach the Quantum Pelvic Floor work. She will only go as far, or do as much as you are comfortable with. Throughout the sessions she is mindful to check in with you about how you’re doing/feeling and what your needs are. At all times I felt that I was being taken care of. Sophia herself is a delightful balance of down to earth, forthright and slap stick silly. She holds space for you to do everything from laughing to crying to even farting… yes, you may need to fart, but I never once felt embarrassed in Sophia’s company! The work itself is a journey of the self -mind, body, spirit and days after my sessions I felt a literal sensation of melting as long held feelings of doubt and fear dissipated and I felt a renewed since of self-confidence, love and appreciation for my life and my being.”


Before working with Sophia, I was struggling with various personal issues, including control, direction in life, insecurity, inhibition and many more. I believed that by working with Sophia I could blast through many of those issues and be more in a position to grow spiritually. After our three healing sessions together, I have gained clarity, direction, a sense of self, a drive for authenticity and a confidence that I never dreamed I could have. She helped me to see that I wasn’t alone and that I could overcome more than I ever thought. I’m grateful.

I would highly, highly recommend Sophia because without her healing, I would still be lost and feeling out of place in this world. Life is a constant struggle, but I know now that I can handle it and I have the tools to work through my issues and if anything comes up (and it does), I don’t panic, I embrace. Again, I am grateful for Sophia in my life and the healing she has given me.


To see if this intensive is the medicine you’ve been preparing for

I have learned that a body ailment is always connected to something else going on inside of myself. Sophia’s unique gift is her ability to intuitively help you understand what you are experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.



Sophia is deeply committed to restoring a world of balance and joy. Her laughter and overflowing love have helped me turn my life around from the inside out. I’ve worked with her for four years now, during which time my life has been revolutionized from the inside out. She’s helped me turn from a place of loneliness, fear and stuckness into a life that is joyful, radiant and abundant. She has helped me learn to listen to myself. Having support in my life has made literally all the difference to me – it’s hard to put this into words.

And I have personally witnessed her own transformation and deep commitment to walking her path of listening to the divine within. She inspires me through her generosity and through her sense of play. She also gives great hugs!

Since starting to work with her, I’ve graduated massage school, become certified in several other healing modalities, gotten in touch with my creativity, moved across the country and am starting my own healing practice.

So much gratitude to you Sophia for walking your light!


“Awwww… just want you to know that I haven’t felt this alive in a long time!! I am becoming whole!! It is reflecting in every way in my life and my life work! Thank you for being my personal gardener! You gave me just enough sun light to LET me shine!! You just knew the right time to turn the lights on!! You gave me water when I was thirsty enough to drink!! Aho aho!! Mamma is home!! Tears fall in joy!! I know Sophia, I know!!”
Nerissa Alberts | Bar Keep, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Resonance Therapist (TM)

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