I know that this time feels brain breaking, not new. For some people now, the clanging news feels and is new. New information, new astonishing heartbreaking information. Can it be true? Can it be so so so unjustly rigged? For others, the heartache and break are rooted in how old it is. How redundant and shapeshifting obvious continuous. The most heartbreaking part about it all, all of it, is how not new it is.

And yet, I am an optimist in my fervor and commitment to continue until it is different. And I also believe it is different, in some ways the systemic white supremacy is different in it’s shifting costumes of delivery method. In other ways, the difference is the actual response and true solidarity I am witnessing and the true listening to black leadership and direction by real allyship. Funds being shifted by mayors, charges being made, meetings with citizens where silence and being ignored was the standard. Change, because of the movement. Thank you #BlackLivesMatter.