We’re correcting a lapse in counting this week and getting back into alignment so our 50th episode will actually be the 50th episode. So join Sophia and Aerin from their stay in Bali as they discuss many things, including personal autonomy, codependency, Reports from the Spider Queen, and so much more. This episode is a really rich treat, so listen to it again and again (or just once if that’s all you want, it’s your life). 

“God and Spirit don’t want to take away my autonomy and don’t want to own me and have no interest in slave mentality. They want me to be myself. They made me this way.” Aerin of Many Names


The Deserve Mantras written by Sophia and Aerin start at the root chakra and move upwards.

I deserve to exist on this planet because I woke up this morning.

I deserve to create and participate in my desires. I deserve to create in pleasure. I deserve to receive pleasure.

I deserve to stand boldly in who I am and be respected.

I deserve to love and be loved unreasonably.

I deserve to express my deepest truest self fully without restriction.

I deserve to trust and know my clarity.

I deserve to be constantly consciously connected to the Divine.


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