Hello beloveds! Sophia is back to Vagina Talks and is joined this week by the brilliant body worker, teacher, and parenting coach Katie Sutherland. These two have a relaxing and effervescent conversation about wombs, teaching consent to children, relaxing into our bodies, and so much more. Sophia gives us a big lesson on helping someone of any age come back home into their bodies when crying has turned hysterical or big feelings have led to total shutdown. Katie starts the episode off by setting us all at great ease and the two share a lot of excellent tips and tricks for settling into the parasympathetic nervous system. This episode is absolutely bursting with tools so get ready to take the ones that sound good to you and leave behind the ones that don’t. Maybe you already do all of these things, maybe your whole world is about to change, or perhaps you land somewhere in the middle. These two brilliant women each bring a unique perspective to some classic grounding tools that make this episode a worthwhile listen for everyone, no matter how resourced.

You can book in person treatments with Katie in Portland, OR at KatieSutherland.com and you can follow her on instagram @InnerWisdomMotherhood or go to her website InnerWisdomMotherhood.com for more parenting resources

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