Beloved listeners, the early days of summer are here in the northern hemisphere and while Sophia and her brilliant guest, Luna Dietrich, never explicitly talk about summer, you can feel the light bursting through every crack in this conversation. Summer brings us light and fresh food and warmth but in doing so, everything speeds up to a sometimes excruciating degree. Luna brings us a lot of helpful perspectives to consider when inside a huge seasonal shift like this one. They talk about shame, kink, polyamory, kind communication, and so much more!

Check out episode 16 of this podcast “016 My Initiation Into Womanhood” to hear Sophia’s whole story about her initiation and naming.

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Fire Woman Retreat is a unique four-day event designed to give us space to witness, explore and revel in our sexual natures, and to help women and non-binary folks break through the things that hold us back from being who we really are as sexual people.

The theme for this virtual event is Spiritual Transformation, Sexual Initiation & Power. The retreat is May 13-16 2021, so sign up now!

Fire Woman Retreat is unlike any other event: it is a combination of rich teachings, transformational healing, powerful rituals and group witnessing that allows for big personal & collective breakthroughs.

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