Hi darlings! This episode was recorded a few months ago, and yet feels right on time as we release it today. So much of what Sophia and her brilliant guest, Jen McFarland talk about rings ever more true in this time. The tides are turning in America and they are turning in the world. Direct change is coming from our diligence, practice, and care. As we look to the future and the immense amount of work ahead of us, Jen is here to teach us ways of working smarter instead of harder so we can truly get to where we are going.

Some things discussed in this episode:

  • The corporate, capitalist, world is not designed for intuitive empathetic people which can feel very isolating. Being intuitive and empathetic is absolutely a benefit and not a problem even in those spaces. We promise.
  • When making a work schedule for yourself, it really goes best when you just do whatever activities are in alignment for that day. Maybe you spend the day on email, maybe you flit from task to task every 10 minutes, maybe it’s a rest day. No matter what it looks like from the outside, doing aligned work each day will prove to be more productive than any other practice.
  • It is so important to get help when you need it and we are all trained to not even think we need help let alone ask for it. It truly serves everyone when you get help with anything and everything that is hard for you. People you consider competition are often the best collaborators, so reach out!

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