Hello darlings, it’s so good to be with you again! This week on Vagina Talks, Sophia is joined by the brilliant soul alchemist, kundalini practitioner and all-around sweetheart, Ali Fitzpatrick. This warm conversation has so many nuggets of wisdom, you might want to take notes.

Some major topics in this episode were:

  • The practice of kundalini yoga, or “energy” yoga, is a powerful tool of alchemy. It can help us process the explosion of energy many of us are experiencing as we awaken in this major time.
  • When we look for rigid separation in the gender binary, even in the divine gender archetypes, we can’t find it. The harder we push on those ideas, the more they just collapse, and we find a fluid spectrum of sameness.
  • As we each navigate our mother wounds, it can be a huge comfort to separate our idea of mother from the person who birthed us. Each of us can pray for and receive a divine, perfect mother when we look to the Great Mother, and into ourselves.

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