This week we hit the ground running with a small excerpt from Sophia and Candice’s pre-show conversation that was just too rich not to include. They ride a river of conversation that encompasses the idea of ‘ego death’ from all sides. So join us in this lively conversation between two identity-shedding, brilliant, powerhouse humans. 


“I’ve let go of this notion that I know anything about myself. I know my perception of self and what I call ‘lower-case truth’ or ‘personal truth’…but that has nothing to do with Truth with a capital T or ‘the Universal Truth’ and for me that’s about experience.” -Candice Yarde

“I’ve only felt lonely twice in my life, and both times a significant other was sitting by my side.” -Candice Yarde

“Love is the ultimate identity obliterator. That’s why people don’t fall in love, they get addicted to relationship patterns because those are way safer in terms of maintaining who you are, than to love.” -Sophia Wise One

“The healing and growth plane…doesn’t exist. That is all made up shit, because in order to say that I am healing or am going to heal or help somebody heal, implies that they are broken or somehow injured or less than perfect and not already evolved and exactly as they should be and as I should be.” -Candice Yarde


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