Join Sophia as she has a conversation with Heather Meglasson, an accomplished author, healer, and impact artist. They discuss the safety in setting clear boundaries, Heather’s Dear Shadow Letters, and her Human Phoenix Project. They weave together all this and so much more in a series of medicine stories, so take all that which nourishes you. 


“We only go into that sense of ‘what if’—that massive fear, when it’s something that really matters to us and being an artist…was important for me.” -Heather Meglasson


“I know who I want to be, I know who I am now. I am in flow when I show up…and, when you show up and you’re in flow, and you’re holding that space for healing, and for people to step into their power, and they’re starting to believe you when you’re influencing them on that better version of themselves, you know that you found your purpose. You know that you found your mission and that you are right now in this present moment where you are meant to be.” -Heather Meglasson


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