Beloved listener, thank you so much for continuing on this journey with us! We are celebrating our 50th episode of Vagina Talks by weaving together all the different viewpoints of the healed world that Sophia Wise One has collected over the last year and a half. Relax your body and breathe into the future we know is coming. 


Here are all the weavings in order of appearance with the number of their episodes. You can follow the link to each episode for more information. 


49.5 Aerin of Many Names

“It will be completely completely regular to just walk out your door and trust every human that you come across”

049 Naia Leigh

“We are the ones that are shedding that paradigm as to no longer carry those torches. We are burning new ones and handing them down.”

048 Nadine Artemis

“The air is sweet and the water quenches your thirst and the sounds in the air are filled with birds and crickets and all the creatures.”

047 Brittany Policastro

“Equitable pleasure.”

044 Jonita D’souza

“We are weaving the courage to hold onto our truth as well as allowing others to have theirs”

043 Alicia Patterson

“What I’m seeing is more and more people waking up to the true connection of their body with the great source of all of our life”

042 Stasha the Period Coach

“We’re falling forward into ourselves rather than running away”

039 Sophia Wise one

“I see a world where sanity is equated with things like function and health and sustainability.”

038 Sierra Sullivan

“We have evolved into a place where everyone gets to express themselves fully because they desire to, not because they need to make a living at it.”

037 Sama Morningstar

“Just imagine what it was like being a baby in our mother’s womb”

036 Portia Richardson

“What we experience as the feeling of love, is the natural vibe of the earth.035 Sophia Wise One

“This paradigm is one in which the base culture is a peace and a health culture.”

034 Amy Jo Goddard

“I truly believe that our sexuality is the core of who we are. It is the life force, it is the juice, it is the ecstasy, it is the beauty and the joy of being in a human body.”

032 Sophia

“As we awake and we inhale and breathe in, the air that we breathe in is so pure and so clean and so full of life.”

030 Lisa Love

“A healthy, whole society. All of us together in one unified vision of understanding that we need each other, we need the health of the planet, and we need cooperation.”

029 Sophia Wise One

“Breathe with me as I say the world that I’m going to, where peace––physical safety and emotional wellbeing are the standard.”

028 Adrienne Ero-Philips

“Our world is honoring breastfeeding, our world is honoring people who gives the life force to their children.”

024 Rosie Aiello

“People are smiling a lot more and they’re being able to share their feelings and express themselves fully without feeling afraid to do so.”

023 Maryella Marie from The Positive Force Team

“There will be a constant balance or a search for balance in technology and nature.”

023 Javier Coy from The Positive Force Team

“We’re going to figure out other ways to communicate and it’s going to help us to understand each other.”

021 Sophia Wise One

“We live in a world in which the needs of others are equal to the needs of ourself.”

019 Hilary Booker

“As a scientist I do still believe in the laws of physics and that in order for new things to come about, something has to die.”

015 Moneeka Sawyer

“I see a world of choice: of people taking responsibility in a way that elevates them spiritually and elevates their personal vibration.”

014 Jacqui Letran

“If you are walking around and everybody is being authentic to who they are, and they are happy with who they are, they are at peace with who they are, I can’t imagine the outer world looking any different.”

013 Leigh Montavon

“I think we need to have a lot more empathy for ourselves, and for the people that we interact with, and for other people’s stories.”

012 Anastasia Netri

“They call it a resource-based economy, and it’s pretty much a world that utilizes resources in a way that makes sense.”

011 Sarah Lefkowich

“That future has a better understanding of ourselves and pain and having less of it and suffering less.”

010 Caitlin Grace

“That is going to be when we have a full understanding of what makes us tick and it starts right back when we teach our children the correct names for their genitals.”

009 Caroline Grace Ashurst

“Let’s create new structures of support and access to support. And let’s do that by continuing to share our celebrations with each other.”

008 Sophia Wise One

“I’m an elder, the wise blood lives inside me. I’m walking with children along a beach and as I walk with them we are telling stories.”

007 Julie Cusmariu

“Diversity, inclusion, celebrating our differences, but knowing we’re all really the same.”

006 Amanda Laird

“I see all people on this planet having body sovereignty”


005 Robin LaCross

“For me it’s a world where we’re raising empowered daughters and conscious sons. It’s a world where kids grow up knowing and understanding their bodies.”

004 Emerald Peaceful Greenforest

“The first thing that I saw in my mind’s eye as you were talking about that was the big red gash in the United States that was on the map during the November 2016 election.”

003 Alexandra Love

“The most common phase that people are in is that they are starting to realize that their feelings and emotions matter and play a part in the experience of their individual lives.”

002 Stacey Herrera

“Even in the shadow work, if we can do that from a place of wholeness then that will be our peace, because peace doesn’t have to look like the absence of adversity.”


Thank you thank you thank you to all of our guests and listeners!


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