Join Sophia as she talks with the brilliant Nadine Artemis about how to use plants to support and protect the many microbiomes in and on your body. If you hear anything from this episode, let it be this: there is nothing you need to change about your body to make it good enough. The smells and liquids your body makes are all just information about how well you’re doing and don’t need masking, removing, or stopping—only honoring and listening.  


“[Plants] are the cosmic chemists. They’re taking all of the molecules from the cosmos: from the sunshine, the rays of light, the water, the air, all the elements and then making this in their little plant factories into these beautiful substances to share with humanity and I’m just so glad that we lined up for this lifetime and I get to create with them as my palette” -Nadine Artemis


You can find the beautiful botanicals discussed in this episode and more in Nadine’s online shop, you can follow Nadine on instagram @livinglibations and on facebook. Nadine’s newest book, Renegade Beauty, contains full chapters on yoni and breast health along with over 100 DIY recipes!


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The Clairs

Natalie Eve Marquis made this guide explaining 8 clair senses. They include:

Clairvoyance – “clear sight” includes the ability to see auras, the future, clarity about the present, ghosts, angels, etc.

Claircognizance – “clear knowing” includes the ability to know true things without evidence, receive “downloads” of information, and can be easily confused with clairsentience and clairempathy. 

Clairaudience – “clear hearing” includes hearing voices, receiving advice or instruction from seemingly outside yourself, or hearing other sounds that give you intuitive information.

Clairempathy – “clear emotional feeling” includes the ability to know and experience other people’s emotions without necessarily feeling them in your own body.

Clairsentience – “clear physical feeling” includes bodily feelings when receiving intuitive information: think literal “gut feelings.”

Clairtangency – “clear touching” includes the ability to know things about the objects you touch including the history or the object or information about the people who interacted with it. 

Clairsalience – “clear smelling” includes the ability to smell things that are not physically present as a way to know when spirits are visiting or loved ones need support.

Clairgustance – “clear tasting” includes tasting foods and beverages that are not present in your mouth as a way to receive psychic and intuitive information about yourself and others. 


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