Dear listeners, this episode is no joke. This week, Sophia Wise One and Brittany Policastro share wisdom from their journeys into authenticity. They share intimate stories that illustrate the daily practice of laying down old behaviors that no longer serve, in pursuit of living your own, true life. 

“I feel so exhilarated, so fulfilled––filled with self. And, they’re coming and they’re shifting, the waves. But, oh the terror! This terror of ‘who will I be if I’m not burdened? Who will I be if I’m not repressed? Who will I be if I am not pleasing?’ I always like to say, ‘I don’t aim to please, but I do aim to pleasure.’” -Sophia Wise One

“It wasn’t just that I was mourning a breakup, but I was mourning what that symbolized. And what that symbolized was that it was time for me to let go of a very very big piece of myself that had shown up in relationships the same way for 20 years. And, the breakup was the start, it was the launching pad for me to go so deeply into myself.” -Brittany Policastro

“My confidence…needs to be from a deep knowing of who I am and what I am worthy and capable of.” -Brittany Policastro



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