Take a peek behind the curtain into a private class with Sophia Wise One. This episode is from the last weekend of the training ground where Sophia outlined four vitally helpful tools for enhancing a healing experience. Take notes, listen a few times, show your friends, reach out to Sophia on instagram with any questions. These are tools to help you become a better, healer, friend, parent, child, partner, coworker, and person. Enjoy!


Major Tools for Healing:


All these things INCREASE sensation not lessen, allow for more feeling, as feelings complete they move on

Not better or worse – more.


  1. Blessings
    1. Calling vibrations, images, guides, concepts, needs, “blessings,” etc.  
      1. Feeling for the arrival
      2. Focus on feeling from the inside
      3. Feel for the contact and touch of blessing
      4. Witness and notice how the landscape is changed, it will change so don’t force it. Don’t make it need to be “nicer,” just watch it change
      5. Sense for settle or completion
      6. Bless again
      7. Repeat whole process


  1. Presence
    1. Open body posture
      1. Hearing, seeing, feeling & emotion – emotions are body feelings, smelling, tasting, knowing, sensory experiences 
    2. Witnessing with all the senses of the person, the space around the person, and the continuum of the person


  1. Grounding Cord
    1. Open and soften the pelvic floor
    2. Drop a heartbeat to the heart of the earth, feel for the pulse back
    3. “Imagine peeing outside” -Tami Kent  wide 6-12 inches of energetic opening and channel
    4. Three diaphragms (into breath) circuitry of up flow and down flow, double fountain flow


  1. Breath
    1. Three diaphragms: roof of mouth, abdominal diaphragm, and pelvic floor – soften, rise. and fall
    2. Space in joints 
    3. Relax the jaw, back of the throat, behind the eyes
    4. Through the nose for calming (slowing-ish), through the mouth for increased movement and flow (speeding – ish)


Bonus Anger Teaching:


  1. Context to trusting listening to anger
    1. Compass towards justice
    2. Develop a healthy relationship, to properly tend anger we must know it – wary of repression
    3. Rage is caused by starvation of a need. Emotional starvation same brain activity as food starvations


“Rage is the voice of an unmet need” -Tami Kent


“Anger points us towards injustice.” -Grace Perkins


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I am Sophia Wise One: Daughter of the Wind. I am calling you to Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up. Rise up and take your place.


This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.