Settle in for an intimate, solo episode with Sophia as she talks about springtime and the clarity it brings. Let old agreements fall away as the old you who made them falls away too. This is the time for new seeds to burst into the sunlight and make a whole new planet full of all new people. 


Here is the link to the expanded telling of the rabbit medicine bag story.


“Let it all fall away. Let it all fall away. Let the growth come forward, and let all that other stuff fall away. Because the growth is there, and the miracle is that we can just see things differently, we can feel them differently, we can just be compelled to make a different choice.” -Sophia Wise One


This is my God’s Song


“Know me as I am Known

Through all ways

all prayers

all plants

all tears.

In form I made and linger

and formless is my starting point.


Forget me and I will not budge

curse me and I will write a melody to your heart’s sad song.

And in return send you all 

you ask for.”


This is my God’s song.

This is my God’s song.


“It came before the midnight hours.

before the tipping point.

before the waking hours.

before the breaking point.


It came when all started – but truly, 

the moment before – when nothing birthed something

to smile for.

When nothing birthed something to smile for.


And still the nothing births all that is new-

the empty.

the freedom.

the darkness too

that light that formed form

and waves that danced around.

Out beyond waves + sound

that is where I am found

Mother of Something

mother of all

Mother of Mothers

and fathers

the lift and the fall.

Then nothing birthed something from something

came all.”


This is my Goddess’s Song.


-Sophia Wise One



I am Sophia Wise One: Daughter of the Wind. I am calling you to Rise Up, Rise Up, Rise Up. Rise up and take your place.


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