In this episode, Sophia talks with Alicia Patterson and asks the question, “what is ripe to be shared?” What unfolds is a beautiful co-weaving of stories and wisdom from their pelvic bowls. It’s a rich and very caring conversation that lends itself well to getting cozy, laying hands somewhere on your body and relaxing into the web with these powerful healers. 


“The time is now, and there is no rush.” -Sophia


Alicia Patterson is the mentor and creator of “The Way of Inner Power”, a modality that blends emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical healing with pelvic bowl awareness, practices, and bodywork. Alicia lives and works in Boulder CO with private clients, and is currently working on a book and online program to make these teachings and resources available to all no matter where someone is located.

“I’m just not willing to stifle or silence myself in any way and it is radical, it’s really radical.” -Alicia


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