Hello my friend,

Today’s video is one that is so deeply close to my heart because it has been and continues to be so essential to my Soul Unification, my healing, and critical in the healing of all those who I work with.

This practice is so important because shame does not let you get the healing you need. It is the blanket — the insulator — between a wound that needs healing and the healing that is available.

Step 1: Lift the blanket (shame)
Step 2: Show the thing (wound that needs healing)

Check out this video where I talk more about navigating shame.

You are lovable. Precious.

I get the honor of hearing a lot of people’s deep dark secrets, and if anything it just shows me that most of us have them. You are not alone, and you do not have to be determined by a past experience or even an on-going one.

The way to shift and exist in a new way . . . exposure. I’ve seen it. I live it.

I love you.

P.S. Here’s a song to help hold you — it came to me while healing some deep old wounds.

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