Hello loves,

I hope this finds you well. The potency of the times seems ever-present and I wish to you a deep and lasting peace that stabilizes you through it. Change is coming from and to every direction. As I walked this morning my prayers felt like whining, my insecurities at a high pitch begging for blessings, help, and permission. The chattering cottonwoods spoke to me about how I needed, how we all, including themselves, need to give up looking for permission to do what we are here to do. No sweet lullaby song rocking me into courage today. Today it was clear and to the point. “If this is what you are here to do, then do what you must. You don’t need permission, and truthfully no one here will give it to you in a way that will provide lasting satisfaction. This path, this clarity, is the permission you have already given yourself.”

So the process is what it is. I am bleeding, moonlodging -sort of- next to a river in Abiquiu, NM. And while a teething baby struggles to find her nap, I am inspired to write to you.

I’ve been wanting to share with you some practical things that I use while I bleed that make the time even more easy and enjoyable.

Below are things I do and things I use as part of my moon time.

1) I have a fluffy red or purple towel that is my bleeding towel, that I use when I just want to “free bleed” lay or sit and just release the cosmic force that is carried in my menstrual blood as the wild sacred body I am.

2) Red Sheets or designated bleeding sheets that mark my red tent temple space when I sleep, and that eases that voice of “ruining sheets” which I try to let go of entirely, and yet it’s nice to have some sheets that carry a different vibe than the creative and destructive flow of universe paints on them.

3) My Menstrual Cup The Fun Cup Or http://divacup.com

I currently use the Fun Cup after using the diva cup for years because the shape just makes more sense to my body.

Some people love, some people hate. I have been using a cup for over 14 years (I’ve owned 4) it took about 2 or 3 cycles to have it feel completely normal. It has been my primary care product for over a decade and it is an incredibly amazing way to catch and gather the blood for ceremonial offering or fertilizing of plants

Note: For fertilizing of plants, water it down, its very potent and can be too much nutrition at once for some plants

Note: For ceremony pour your blood on the earth outside, and just take three breaths. See what you experience. To do a full ceremony say prayers to whomever, I recommend the earth and moon, your ancestors and spirit guides and pray for whatever healing is on your heart and mind, and then make the offering of your own blood and life force in honor and thanksgiving of those prayers being heard and answered.

4) A key addition, is THINX
Finally underwear for when you have your moontime! Just awesome, comfortable, great, wonderful. DUH this is amazing underwear. When you use my link, you’ll get $10 towards your order. I got a few different styles, and one of them leaked because it didn’t fit my body right, but then I loved one pair so much I exchanged 2 and ordered more.
If you want the blood for ceremony or for your plants, just soak the underwear in cold water and then pour the infused water itself.
If you just want to check them out: SheThinx.com

5) Nettles (+other nourishing things) Infusion. Gather dried nettles in bulk from your local herb person, your own garden or from Red Moon Herbs and follow infusion instructions, which is a long steep that allows the minerals and vitamins and yes, the healthy fats of the plants to release into a tasty nourishing drink. Drink starting up to a week before you bleed and then all the way through. I make big batches at a time and then warm as needed. Eating fats in general, throughout your cycle, helps regulate hormones and keep the brain functioning smooth: Butter, Coconut oil, flax seeds. NUTS! A great place to order high quality dried fruits and nuts is Wholesale Nuts and Dried Fruit.

Today from moonlodge / book writing retreat I was called to share this. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you after this mystery process is complete.

All my love and many blessings,

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