Hi Sweet Spirit,

Spring has shown its face to me today in Philly!

Here’s the question of the week, are you willing to change your habitual choices so you can you be who you want to be?

It’s something I have been asking myself, as I prepare for the next big round of changes in my life. Am I really willing to let go of my old habitual ways of being so I can have the life I want?


Spring is here, we plant all these intentions, ask for healing, look for insight, and then the time comes for change. Are you willing? I ask myself my clients this question out loud, and then answer out loud. Try it on. Are you willing? _______. Making the decision is the hardest part. Fear/excitement and grief just come with change, doesn’t mean the change is wrong or bad, its just part of the deal. To really change we have to let go of what we know, that’s the ultimate risk and is what creates ultimate possibility. Then we just see what happens!

Here’s a song for the tender part, it’s a rocking, resting, lullaby for healing. Enjoy!

The song came during a session using the phrase my mother has shared with me and her yoga students for years “imagine you are being rocked in the hem of the moon goddess’s skirt,” and a tune that came in rocking and rocking and rocking. It’s a sweet lullaby inviting deep rest.

Moon Goddess’s Skirt

You are being rocked in the hem of the moon goddesses skirt as she sings, as she sings

Rest, rest.

You are loved, you are love.


Sat Nam!

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