In times of hardship and pain, it can be challenging to see the value and potential for growth that may be hidden within the struggle. The Monster Carries a Gem illustrates the idea that even in our most difficult situations, there is a hidden treasure that we can discover and use to redefine ourselves. Embracing these difficult emotions can provide the impetus for change and lead to personal growth. Sophia Wise One talks about how embracing the pain can uncover the gems within us. She mentions that these gems come in the form of lessons and healing that can help us become stronger individuals. We can use these gems to propel us toward finding meaning and understanding, even when we might feel overwhelmed by our circumstances. This is no excuse for bad behavior from those who hurt you. It is simply a reminder that you can alchemize the lead of pain and disappointment into the gold of self-love and healing.

You must do the diligent sometimes thankless, sometimes brutal work and labor of finding and cultivating the healing out of the treachery. – Sophia Wise One

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the art of alchemy to turn even the hardest circumstances into personal victories.
  • Examine how to transform pain and trauma into sources of healing and personal advancement.
  • Enhance your skills in seeking accountability and guidance to face life’s challenges.
  • Grasp the essence of vulnerability and its role in addressing the struggles we encounter.
  • Discern the potential for personal development embedded within life’s painful moments.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:29 – Embracing Collective Composting, 

00:02:16 – The Monster Carries a Gem, 

00:05:02 – Because You Can, You Must, 

00:09:10 – Birthing a New Consciousness, 

00:15:16 – We Are Doing This Together, 


00:00:29 You. We are the composters. We don't do it alone. If you are still trying to do this alone, first of all, listening to me right now is a level and a layer of not doing it alone. So give up the story or the idea that you do it alone and embrace all the ways in which we do this together, in which you get lots of help and we take trash and make it treasure.

00:01:17 And it is our responsibility, because I'm going to switch here. I'm talking about me, but I'm talking about you, because you have the capability and capacity to do it, because you can right now. You must, because you can. You must do the diligent sometimes thankless, sometimes brutal work and labor of finding and cultivating the healing out of the treachery.

00:02:16 The card that I pulled for us today is the monster carries a gem, and it is our job to stick with it until the gem reveals.

00:02:34 Now, when this happens, in no way do I want to validate or give permission or say, it's okay, it's okay, to the things that are harmful or hurtful. That's not what this is about. That's literally just not what it's about. What it's about is that you have been handed a sensational, meaning lots of sensory input experience, and it is painful, and it touches deep into your being, and it questions the fabric of reality.

00:03:32 And you have the capacity to turn this into your initiation and your healing and your transformation took me a long time to understand because I was so good at this, right? I would, like, enter into these relationships, or I'd have these experiences, and I'd be like, but they're my teacher. Like, we did this together. And it was a really powerful, liberating moment when I was like, yes.

00:04:05 And this person doing their best and behaving in ways that are really hurtful is not the gift. The gift is my capacity, my training, my teachers, my willingness, my diligence to turn whatever is handed to me into gold. That's the gift. That's what we give thanks for. We don't have to now.

00:04:34 We can, and you're welcome to. And there are levels of consciousness where it makes sense to thank the teacher and to thank the monster and to thank the dysfunction. Like, there's a level of consciousness where that makes sense. I've seen it too many times to deny it. There's a level of consciousness that makes sense.

00:04:50 There's many other levels of consciousness where it's just not up for discussion. It's not what we're talking about. And what I really want to remind you today is because you can, you must.

00:05:02 That might not always be the case. Right? There are a lot of circumstances as caregivers and as healers and as love buns. That's what we are. We're just love buns.

00:05:11 Right? Just because you can do something doesn't mean you have to. Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. But in this particular circumstance, the message that we are getting right now is because you can, you must alchemize this situation for your own body, for your own consciousness, for your own reality, which will be manifested in a shared reality, because you matter, and you make an impact in the manifested reality. You are an origin point of existence.

00:05:48 And so you must, at this time, do the awful work of putting yourself into the muck. No mud, no lotus, as the Buddhists say, right? Turning the lead into gold, turning the compost into fertile soil and flowers and fruit and food, right? There's a reason why this cycle you are in an identity death cycle. You will be changed by this process, and when you are changed, you will be liberated by what you went through.

00:06:30 And I am sorry that the kind and brilliant soul path for you right now is so painful, and it is what you need to do, because that's love, because that's care, because that's what's happening. Because this piece will not leave you alone. You can't bury it. You can't leave it behind. It is carrying a gift for you.

00:07:06 The balm is in the wound. Say it with me. The balm is in the wound. The balm is in the wound. And you're going to be better than okay.

00:07:29 You're going to be better than okay. You're going to be transformed. You're going to be healed. You're going to know yourself and trust yourself. You're going to be that much wiser.

00:07:43 And I know I've had some healings in my life, and I literally said out loud literally said out loud. I know this just moved me forward 50 years, emotionally, spiritually, maybe the ticket to the enlightenment that I said I was willing to embody. And I still would have rather taken the slow boat than been given this express ticket. But I was given the express ticket. I was on the train.

00:08:31 What comes to mind is, like, it's wild, isn't it? Heartbreaking, devastating, curious, ridiculous. Kind of hysterical. Like, wrong, just wrong. Like, no, just wrong.

00:08:49 And this, this is the time where you get to hold yourself while you say, no, this is wrong, while you hold yourself in a deep embrace that says, yes, this is what's happening. This is the loss. This is the hurt. This is the circumstance. This is the level of the video game.

00:09:10 This is the experience in The Matrix right now. This is it. Yes. And then you hold yourself while you thrash or melt or dissolve, until that gem, until that treasure, until that gift of you renews stronger, truer.

00:09:39 I just want to say I am here for the Earth reality where our evolution isn't. So, like grading. This is one of those moments where it's like there are some dimensions and star, lifetime galaxies and cosmic entity existences that I'm familiar with, that I know where evolution is rad and happens without this kind of ripping and I welcome the Earth realm human star evolution for that. And right now, this is where we are. This is the gift.

00:10:21 This is the trip. This is the trip. And so if you feel that when I say that, if you feel that like star being ache for like, I want to go home. I want to go home. This is hard.

00:10:34 Just want you to say that's it. Embrace that. This is hard. You do want to go home. You do feel homesick.

00:10:42 Embrace yourself and then hold yourself so tight and say, I got you, and stay with it. Even that even the I want to go home, stay through it. If you keep going, it will take you somewhere to a quiet. If you listen to those pains and cries and screams and demands and righteous rage and disgust, if you listen to those spaces, you go into the muck, you go in there, you will find the quiet. And from the quiet truth.

00:11:29 And what is true for us right now is it's a new truth. We are in an age of creation. We are creating another age of consciousness right now. That's what we are doing. We are literally, actually, I'm going to say factually fractally.

00:11:51 We are birthing a new consciousness. And so we go into the muck of the consciousness that we have been given, the experience and the circumstance of this density. We go into it and we turn it until it has said what it has to say. We land in the quiet and then we let the new consciousness emerge. You are a master alchemist.

00:12:15 You do not need to do this alone. You're not doing it alone with me right now. Find the things that help you be with it and do them repeatedly. Find the people and resources that help you heal it and go to them repeatedly.

00:12:39 Let it happen in a moment. Let it happen in time space. Let it happen anywhere and everywhere. Take yourself to the temple, lay yourself on the altar and say, make peace of this, Alchemize the monster. Compress this carbon into a diamond.

00:13:02 Show me the gem. Bring me through.

00:13:08 Bring me through.

00:13:13 Oh, my loves. Oh, my sweet loves.

00:13:29 I was going to say we got this. And by that I mean, like, we collectively have it because none of us individually have it. That's a mess. But like, you got this. I got this.

00:13:39 We got this together. We've got this. The web has got this. Don't try to do it alone. It's not yours alone.

00:13:47 We are collectively birthing a collectively new consciousness. So although you have a personal responsibility because you have a capacity and that you have chosen that capacity, which is why you're listening to me right now, because if you hadn't, this would not be what was happening for you right now. You have chosen this. You have chosen this path of service in body incarnation on the planet in this way to birth this new consciousness together. We are doing that.

00:14:18 And we are doing that through our most potent tool, which is our personal body and psyche. Personal body and psyche through the collective wovenness. So use it without believing it in a little way. Believe it in this listening and present way, right? But don't believe it in this truth way.

00:14:48 Don't lose sight. The alchemist knows. The gold is there. The gem is there. And it will be magnificent.

00:15:06 There it is, my loves. There it is. There it is.

00:15:16 Sophia wise one, you can find me and live events online and in person courses and teaching at sophiawise one. You can order your own deck and book and become a lifetime member of the calling medicine academy. If you don't have your own yet. And if you do, maybe you want to gift it to somebody who could be nourished by the teachings and the practices. Thank you for being you.

00:15:42 Thank you for your beautiful, diligent work. We are weaving this together. We are bringing each other through. Until next time, stay with it. No.

00:15:57 We are doing this. You are doing it. I am doing it. And we are are doing it. Take care.

00:16:07 Peace.