Darlings! In this solo episode, Sophia discusses the themes that most of us encounter when doing personal healing that becomes consciously collective healing. Step inside the Training Ground with intimate teachings on how we invite a generative world into being. Come take a look at the importance of empowering ourselves through decision making. She shares a story of when she was communicating with the grandmothers and asking their permission. Sophia explains how what they said to her transformed her mindset. “You do realize the only beings you trust to grant you that permission are never gonna take that responsibility. Yes, you have the permission to live your own life. Always… Let us grant you permission to have access to you being the only person who has the right or the responsibility to grant herself that permission.”

In this episode, Sophia Wise One also expresses the value of basking in both needs and the needs being met. She mentions that, “A desire is the creative force, creating something, bringing something into being. A need is something that already exists that’s on its way to you. And desire is something that you are literally bringing into being… summoning, taking this need wave and that need wave, this vibe and that course of energy, and bringing them into a new frequency… the creative desire is the sensation of calling in a new vibrational experience.”

Here’s a little glimpse:

  • How to give ourselves permission to live our own lives
  • How to experience self-care in a community
  • How to become available to receive what we desire
  • How to release the limitations people may attempt to put upon us

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

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About Sophia Wise One 

Sophia is on a mission to equip people with the skills of sanity. Through this lifetime body of work, she trained in over 20 different modalities including being a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Pelvic Care Provider™. Sophia has led thousands of people through healing ceremonies, group programs, and personalized intensives.


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Intimate, wise and healing conversations with the people who are carrying us through this time of true transformation and complete rebirth. Welcome to Medicine Caller. We’re visionaries share the real, the raw, the good and the holy. I am your host, Sophia Wise One. Let’s journey.

Sophia Wise One  01:35

We call it. We are it. I hear the call. I know the call. I call the call. I am the call.

Sophia Wise One  01:53

We hear the call. We know the call. We call the call. We are the call.

Sophia Wise One  02:12

Hello and welcome to another episode of Medicine Caller. I’m your host, they call me Sophia Wise One and I am thrilled and honored to have you with me. I invite you to take a deep breath in and out as we get oriented for today’s show. So what you were about to listen to is a segment of a training weekend that I did. It’s the opening teachings for the weekend. The tone is soft and intimate. I am sharing and speaking with professionals that I had been working with for months already. 

Sophia Wise One  02:53

So we’re kind of climbing into a nest. I’m inviting you to kind of climb into a nest as I share some teachings and reflections on themes and collective healing, talking about self care, and what it is to do self care in community, I’m talking about the intersection between calling medicine and holding space for others and feeling into our own selves. 

Sophia Wise One  03:19

I offer teachings on needs and desires and the intersection and our spiritual path. And I discuss the mother wound. And I don’t say it here in the recording because we’re already very clear on it inside the training ground program. That’s where this segment is from that the mother is not a gendered term, though there are associations that come with being socialized female, or high feminine associations, the mother itself is an archetype. 

Sophia Wise One  03:50

So just to name that specifically, before you listen to it. I’m not talking about a small version of mother I’m talking about the big, which can come in many bodies in a lifetime, and many forms in a lifetime. So we don’t only have what most of us don’t only have one mother. So that’s one point of clarity. 

Sophia Wise One  04:12

So I invite you to take a few breaths give yourself permission to receive what you need in this time and to open to the transmission level of this conversation. It is sharing deep reflections from my own preparation of what it is to step into a ceremony or healing space for your own honing your own cultivation of your medicine. So already my tone is a little bit stronger and a little bit different as I’m introducing this show to you. 

Sophia Wise One  04:45

So I’m just going to invite you to take three deep breaths. Give yourself permission to unravel some way of knowing that reveals a deeper, truer and always more kind of being. Welcome to the opening segment of the training ground.

Sophia Wise One  05:14

So this weekend, steam has shown many faces to itself, right. So if there’s this like energy or vibration or sense of knowing sense of medicine calling. This medicine that’s been coming in that I’ve been feeling, it’s, it’s kind of been showing different faces to itself, of itself to me. And the first one that comes to mind is the theme of everything always that we’re doing, which is self care. 

Sophia Wise One  06:11

It’s just knowing how to care for ourselves. And so, so it’s an exercise of deep listening and discernment. Because there’s an invitation and an opportunity to be deeply cared for yourself being cared for and held in the space. And if you need something different from what this is, the ability to say yes, and give that to yourself, whether that means stepping out and taking some time, or going for a walk or taking a nap, eating some food, like that’s, this is the recurring theme of the way in which I’m interested in not only calling medicine but living my life, every day, is a sense of authority and autonomy over my one precious life. 

Sophia Wise One  07:11

Like permission slip granted to be the authority over your own life, right? And the invitation over and over again, is to write that permission slip for yourself as many times as you need it. Just be like, Oh, that’s right, I get to say, Is this okay? 

Sophia Wise One  07:34

Reminds me by communing with the grandmothers this fall and asking them for permission? Is it okay if I do this? Is it okay if I do that? And the way they just sat with me and they were like, You do realize the only beings you trust to grant you that permission are never gonna take that responsibility. Yes, you have the permission to live your own life. Always. Like that’s what that is, like, let us grant you permission to have access to your being the only person who has the right or the responsibility to grant herself that permission. 

Sophia Wise One  08:14

And and there’s also this piece another face as we kind of move around this theme, called many things, is this healing of one of the ways in which we’ve been colonized and indoctrinated and hurt and made really sick by undermining our ability to care for ourselves in a community. 

Sophia Wise One  08:59

There’s really this kind of prolific assumption that when we need things we have to isolate. That needing something means you have to go away. So this is a deep place for us to practice a different thing as our queen right now lays her body down. 

Sophia Wise One  09:25

Right, blessings, Linda, thank you like this place of because it’s like, she’s not just laying down. There’s a she’s a permission, I can feel it. There’s this like, the most important thing for me right down is to lay it down. Right? 

Sophia Wise One  09:42

And so, so the gift that we get when, when she does that here, when she doesn’t have to go away, to let down the responsibility and this comes to ruin, shows its face in many ways. And one of the dominant kind of languaging, that’s been really useful and lineage patterns is what is often referred to as the mother wound. And so there’s this element of the mother wound that is a deeply you or me highly competitive, highly owed. And this notion of everyone else has to get taken care of first before I’m even allowed to know what I want or what I need or who I am.

Sophia Wise One  10:48

And so it is literally the flip, right? Like we are doing the radical 180 degree flip of that when we say my responsibility is to know myself. And then that’s how I can be in like in integritas, care of those that I’m in relationship with. And so, it’s helpful to remember that we’re flipping these things to such a degree. Because we get it conceptually. And yet, we’ll find sometimes we’ll find ourselves in the middle of doing it. Because it’s so habituated, it’s so passed down.

Sophia Wise One  11:44

I received a text from my mother this week that said, Please don’t worry about me, in response to a voicemail that I had left her offering help. And the first feeling that I had was a very clear, discerning feeling of, you’re telling me how I feel, is that I’m worried about you, and that I offered you this help, because I’m worried about you. And I got to say to myself, and like be clear of just being like, that’s not what was happening. That’s not where I came from. 

Sophia Wise One  12:16

I don’t need to buy into your story about how me being in relationship with you the way that I like cultivate my relationships is somehow this like, worry burden, that’s your reality, like deep clarity, and was like, Oh, great, I don’t have to take on the guilt of making her feel bad worrying about her, whatever, all the layers of that right. So it’s like even just like this one little example, we can like start to see down these like trickle pads of where our energy like leaks into these subtle patterns, we lose our energy, lose our power, lose ourselves, like we could use these words interchangeable in this space. 

Sophia Wise One  12:53

And then I had this moment over the next couple hours where I had done a session the day before with a client and lab medicine sister of the training ground she like weaves into this space, frequently and in many ways. The woman who gifted the dress for the green Emerald dress, her name is Emerald. And she and has continued to gift us in many ways. Yeah, she’s just she’s woven into this time in this way. And she had done such profound mother healing. As a mother. 

Sophia Wise One  13:30

I held in this pelvic bowl space, this profound shifting of these patterns to her son and feeling the depth of her prayers and the trueness of releasing obligation in relationship as a grown woman grown adults to this other grown adult, like coming into this other way of being an energetic relationship. 

Sophia Wise One  14:00

And so I had this moment, the next day, after I got this text where I realized that I had an opportunity, which was I could also hear in my mother’s statement, please don’t worry about me. Oh, there’s another piece that’s really important to this. I went and I saw my bestie with her new baby. And she was talking about this experience of love, love of this baby. And more even than what she was talking about. I watched her touch and move and the clean diaper and Are you hungry and do you want to be bounced and you know this like what do you like? 

Sophia Wise One  14:48

And there’s deep profound, deriving desire in this adult human friend of mine, where the most important thing in the whole world was like finding that need and meeting for this being. And I felt this mother’s prayer of like, You’re perfect. You’re perfect this baby perfect. And in this moment what I heard when I heard the phrase, please don’t worry about me was all the mother’s prayers of I know I’m gonna f**k you up. And I don’t want to I would do anything in the world not to if there was any other way to love you. 

Sophia Wise One  15:45

If there was any other way to love you like that prayer that like, please don’t worry about me, please don’t fill in the blank, please don’t carry my burdens. Please don’t take my burdens as your burdens. This like depth of prayer that is miraculous, because it’s like, the prayer of like, if that’s even possible, right, like, like, no, it’s not possible. But the the beauty of prayer is that we don’t need to decide whether it’s possible or not. Right?

Sophia Wise One  16:21

And so that this, like mother’s love prayer, and I had this moment as it came clear, not just my mother’s, but the mother’s prayer, where I made this decision. And I like said to spirit, I said to myself, I said, I’m willing to be the answered prayers of my mother. Like, I’m like, take away my worry. Like I said out loud, it was in the shower. I was like, okay, mom. And won’t worry. I’ll lay it down. 

Sophia Wise One  16:57

As much as that’s scary. As much as that’s not how I was raised. As much as that’s not how we’re programmed or told or as contrary as that is to so many parts in me. It’s a prayer, and I’m willing to be the miracle. Like my willingness to be that miracle, to be that healed landscape of my mother’s prayer, which is so different from the obligation or the conditioning of like, let me take care of my mother, let me take care of my mother emotionally. Let me take care of her mental illness. Let me take care of her sickness, let me take care of her loneliness. Let me take care of the grandmother lines that go on forever and ever. 

Sophia Wise One  17:37

And when did we lose our wisdom and our medicine practices? And if I can just make you feel better? And the why and the longing and the heart ache of if I can just like let me be enough. Because that’s the other side to have like that, that that fold of like, if only I can be enough and make my mother happy. Only I can make my mother happy. Like what? And then that pang of like, why am I not enough? Like you love me so much. And I give you everything or I try to be everything or I express myself, I don’t express myself, but none of it works. 

Sophia Wise One  18:17

Because, right, which means like, we all know, like in the conversation because like that’s not how it works. We’re that person that’s just a person thing, right? Like people do all the right things. And we decided that day, whether or not we’re going to be fed by what’s being provided to us. You know, people say all the things we wanted them to say. And then we’re like, it’s not good enough. Right? 

Sophia Wise One  18:45

And so it’s like, the freedom of coming into that reality of just being like yeah, and yet that longing. And I think that there’s an element of our longing to heal the water and our longing to heal mama earth that can have an a similar pang to it. And it’s the same prayer, I feel the same prayer from the planet of like, Don’t worry about me. I am a fucking glowing star. That’s millennials and then we’ll go into Stardust, like, I have a heartbeat and like you will come and go as a species on this planet. 

Sophia Wise One  19:31

Don’t worry about me. And I would love to have a relationship with you that I do have a – I do ever like the mother song of like I do have a relationship with you, even if you don’t call me right like I do. And the wisdom and the intactness of of the earth and the part where we have this wiring of only I can be good enough or worthy enough so that the earth loves us. Loves me, so that I’m worthy of the food that I’m eating if I’m allowed to be nourished, or I’m allowed to be provided for, there’s this similar wiring pang of a right to be. So this touches on some of the elements of the mother wound. It’s like intersections of these pieces.

Sophia Wise One  20:25

And there’s this other really big medicine piece that is really coming up in the healing of all of this, which is what we are up for what we’re like down for, like what we’re doing here is this weaving of another reality. Those of you who know Samantha Rice, we play her music, sometimes she’s a really beloved dear friend of mine. And we were talking about it the other day, I was talking about spider woman and weaving, medicine and spider medicine, and weaving reality Queen of the cosmos. 

Sophia Wise One  21:05

And Samantha said, we’re walking, and so much she was talking, she works with youth. And she was like, and so many of the youth just get this, they just get it, which is that there’s this world that our parents were like, told where the, you know, any of us like from like, 25 to like 65, like this chunk of time that we’re told this is how the world is going to work. And we’re gonna get these results. And it’s just not true. It’s just like, not true and collapsing everywhere. 

Sophia Wise One  21:36

And yet, that’s there’s still a landscape that we’re playing this game inside of this, like slavery, colonized white supremacy, money, ownership, contracts to hang out with people we love, like, you know, like all of these, like this exchange pathway, you know, which is so different than this earth landscape of just being like, abundant, prosperous, pouring over, you eat me, I eat you. And then we birth things like, and then this thing is the thing that I birth and that thing like eats the part of me that dies. 

Sophia Wise One  22:15

And like, this is how it all happens as opposed to like, so there’s this thing happening here. And underneath there is this weaving of this other reality. That is this, becoming more and more to me, right with this, like the great theme of it’s not a metaphor, this light lattice, like structure, role, energetic flow, systematic way of being, and that a web, Sam spoke so beautifully about this, which is that a web is highly communicative with itself. 

Sophia Wise One  22:50

That when you put the web up, and something taps the edge of a web here, the whole web receives the message, no matter how big the web is, right. And so there’s, it’s this dynamic living thing. And the web has all this space in between. It’s connected, it has connections, but has all this space. And so this image of the solid world that’s falling apart, brick by brick, and the bricks falling through the space is in the web. And what we’re left with is this intact, vibrant, responsive web, this reality that we’re building. 

Sophia Wise One  23:31

And that this is something as far as I can tell in my healing that’s coming up is like, you know, we talk a lot about being like the last 2000 years or the last 6000 years, the last 10,000 years. And as far as I can tell, we’re looking at like, millennia plus, of conscious, intergalactic interdimensional beings working to create a landscape that is generative and dreaming into existence. What is it to step out of this dualistic like war, rape or peace and well being into this, like mutual constructive space, that there is this thing?

Sophia Wise One  24:22

And so, it’s been for a long time. And that what a lot of us are doing, and that the mother wound this notion of undermining the feminine in all of its forms, and the medicine practices the earth and the medicine practices that are generative and responses responsive, and responses is attacking and hunting the medicine out. Like erasure. Lyla June is a really beautiful artist and musician and speaker and she has this really beautiful article, she’s Denae. And she talks about how she was told to ignore her.

Sophia Wise One  25:11

Her like white man’s blood that it was, you know, just ignore it. That’s like the colonizer’s blood ignore it. This is the real medicine practices, and we just ignore all of that, and that she was in ceremony. When the ancestors from Northern Europe, the indigenous ancestors, and we’ve talked about this, right, like going back to where it is, came to her and say, we’re Singing the Songs. And she has this experience of like, your songs are not so different from our songs, those songs were like hunted and the arranger just happened 1000s of years previous, but they’re still there.

Sophia Wise One  26:01

And so that’s all over the globe in these ways. And that one of the tactics of control is sexuality control. Controlling of our sexuality is a major route, because our sexuality is our creativity is our generative self. And our and that is the landscape in which we weave, not constructs which are useful, but vibrational actual bring into being space. And that it’s the combination and the use of all of our faculties as these like wildly generous and intelligent beings that we are, that we create profound change very quickly, in like a timespace way that’s very different than what we’ve been told about, like how things happen. 

Sophia Wise One  26:57

So this is begins as soon as you can, I feel like you can kind of see the way that I’m like, looking, there’s this heart of this energy that’s moving right now. And it touches all of these facets of who has the authority over my medicine, my sexuality, my relationship with my family, my relationship with myself, my relationship with my children, my relationship with my parents, and the story of obligation, which comes from isolation, this notion of having needs as a problem, you know, perpetuating isolation in these ways. And so what we’re up to, is a hint, it’s just like, letting all the lies and all the miseducation around these things just like wash over like a wave. And let what we have always known to be true, to be true.

Sophia Wise One  28:14

To let be true. And to lean into that truth, to lean into that truth, to lean into that truth to like, feel that. And that the way that we do that. Or the experience of doing that, as far as I can tell, so far is exhilarating. And it’s a nervous experience, because we can feel our nerves, we can feel our nervous system, you can feel this electrical energetic pathway, lighting up and getting active. And we can feel the pathways that were forged and us changing their pathways. 

Sophia Wise One  29:01

And then there’s this deep healing that we’re inviting in right now that that it’s across the globe. This like demand of self and other to stop perpetuating it to just stop, just stop. Just stop like just stop. 

Sophia Wise One  29:23

And so. The things that we’re coming in, for us to be with is elements of touching our own body, feeling our own self, caring for our own self, so that we can feel well in ourselves because It’s not confusing. Like, we’re also we’re taught that it’s confusing, like what we want, like, it’s confusing to know what you want. Like, it’s like, it’s so hard. Like, we hear that story all the time. Like, it’s so hard to know. And it is really hard to know what you want when you’re disembodied and not in your body, like not connected. That’s, that is real. That makes sense. 

Sophia Wise One  30:20

When we’re in our bodies, it’s not confusing. We don’t want something our bodies like. And we want something literally our legs fall open, or like, chest moves forward, we like reach, we shake and flap. We’re like, Yeah, uh huh. Like, I was just thinking that the other day, we’re just like, even if somebody is just like, Hey, I just found this $100 bill, do you want it most of us would be like, yeah, like, boom, like, what’s confusing about this, like, it’s not confusing, you know. 

Sophia Wise One  30:50

And yet, in our sexual relationships, in our romantic relationships, in our intimate relationships, in our business relationships, and our school relationships, we’re told that, like, it’s confusing, and we should really have to go think about whether or not we want something or whether or not something feels good. And so it’s deeply radical to come into this notion of like, it’s not complicated. I know what I want. I know how I want it. And I’m allowed to change my mind. Like, all of those things. 

Sophia Wise One  31:18

And so the, this is where the like, radical part of like to behave, and to walk into heal, to be willing to do that is to be the landscape of, of the revolution is to be the place of evolution. That what’s happening. And it touches all of our stuff. And so, learning how to hold ourselves so that we’re steady enough that we can let that stuff go. becomes this primary place, like knowing how to hold our heart enough so that we’re calm, so that when what happens happens, and it feels good, we know it feels good. Like, it’s so simple. 

Sophia Wise One  32:09

Like I’m using all of these, where am I talking about, and it’s like, really, I’m just saying, like, we’re just gonna practice like being really good to ourselves. And then notice how that makes us want more of ourselves, and more of the things that we want. And there’s this, you know, this theme that you know, that I just keep hearing outside and inside of just this, you know, permission to be exactly how we are. 

Sophia Wise One  32:40

And as medicine people, that means we’re like sensitive, like, quick to laugh, quick to tear, right like that, like highly sensational beings that like, a lot of us find lots of things physically, like turn us off, we get into things we’re like, into it, you know, and it’s like one of the things it’s like, very, I think it’s a good example, because it’s like it can really be pushy, which is like, lots of people will get turned on in some degree, like the body aspect will get turned on when like being with children or babies, because it feels good, because it’s sensual, and it feels good. And it’s like yummy, and that those activations of our body are signs that something feels good.

Sophia Wise One  33:22

And the association of being embodied pleasure equaling having sex with something is a major disconnect. And I think, a major tool to perpetuate disconnect or just being like, Oh, well, if like, your p***y gets wet, then you’re trying to f**k that thing. It’s like my p***y gets wet when I like smell a flower walking down the street. Like, I’m like, not necessarily trying to have sex with that flower right now.

Sophia Wise One  33:51

But that’s the thing, or it’s, you know, and the ability to have that discernment. So again, it’s like the edginess, the nervousness, and like the list of things like, what relax you what opens the body, what softens the body, right? And that we do all of those things. And we come into ourselves. And then from that place, we can decide who and what and where we want to share or co create that generative energy with, and in what way, because there’s so many ways to do that creatively. 

Sophia Wise One  34:24

And all of those things are very powerful, and very disruptive to a system that wants to tell you only to produce those things. And that to have like compassion and awareness and where with all of when I visited the grandmothers this fall, one of the first messages they said to me was you have to be really, you have to give your little deep care, because every step you’re taking these days is in direct opposition of everything she was told she was ever supposed to do to maintain safety on in this world and culture. 

Sophia Wise One  35:00

Everything, you’re just go, it’s like, you’re just going down the list of just like, I’m going to, like, spend money on the things that I want. And I’m going to have sex with the people that I want. And I’m going to do the work that I want. And I’m going to spend time and my give my time space to the people or the relationships that I want and if they don’t feel good, and not gonna do it, right, like these are radical things. And my little is like, is she actually just yesterday was that yesterday, Leah was up today. 

Sophia Wise One  35:33

That my that was this morning, that when I checked in with my little about because Facebook has just announced that they’re putting that they’re like all sexual explicit sexual content, even just sex education, they’re putting the kibosh on it. They’re just doing a major, like censorship thing. And which is like an upgrade opportunity, right? It means that the temptation is to quiet us, but the calling is actually to get louder and clearer. To get clear of being like you think my sex education is porn? No, let’s be clear. That’s porn, also not a problem. This is sex education. This is self embodiment. Let’s talk about all of these things. Because they are all really happening. 

Sophia Wise One  36:18

Like that’s actually the call is to bring it forward to get louder to get clearer to get more connected in community with one another. And yet, there’s this way that starts to come up that’s like, oh, like I even had it for just a flash. I had a moment of like, Oh, well, maybe I feel like my work is, you know, I’m just not hiding my sexuality. So that element of just being like, Oh, well, I should probably maybe feel a temper down, like with the pelvic floor work and this and that, and like that, you know, it was like, that wave came in and being like, how do I stay on Facebook? 

Sophia Wise One  36:51

You know, and then I was like, not my priority. Like, not my priority. And the gorgeous thing was that today when that happened, my little said to me, for the first time, maybe in my whole life was like, I like this better. I feel safer with you. The way you’ve been moving now than I ever have to keep I like this better, is what she said to me. I went out to dinner with my mom and my aunt, and like I got shushed at the table. And I was like, I’m not gonna be quiet. Like I was just like, you can shush me. I’m not getting quieter. 

Sophia Wise One  37:30

And there was like, a side comment of being like, oh, the waiters like falling in love with you turn down your light. And I was like, Oh, I’m not. Nope. Not gonna do that work hard for this. No. And in that moment, I was like, This is my mom. This is my aunt. And it was just like I showed up and my little was like, really? Even here at the Doubletree. And they’re picking up the check. Cool! Cool! This is fun! Woooah!

Sophia Wise One  38:03

Oh, it’s like, yeah, we’re gonna eat our quesadillas and then give everybody a ride home. Like, yep. Yeah. And so today when this news came in, and I was like, I don’t know. She was like, I like it the way you’re doing it. This, this feels good. This feels real good. And so what’s that, it’s like building that trust, like getting that nervy energy and then building those new pathways. 

Sophia Wise One  38:26

And having that trust in that space. Sara Lefkowitz from West Philly acupuncture. When we were talking about brewing some work together, a urine change ago, talked about this. We talked, the term that she came up with was home body medicine, the home body medicine. And so that’s what I think about this weekend, I think about cultivating this home body medicine, which let’s not be confused, when we come home to ourselves. There’s our sexuality, everywhere. 

Sophia Wise One  39:01

Turns out, we’re wired that way with this cool little vessel spaceship that we’re in where these like wild, expansive, energetic beings that have come into these like generative manifested sexual creative beings. So when we’re in it, that’s it. There’s no way to come into yourself and into your body without coming into your sexuality because they are not separate. And because that is nervy and by principle, radical, right. And the way to do it is to come into your home body medicine, to come into your heart to come into your body, and then the body will show you what needs to heal what needs what it needs to create. 

Sophia Wise One  39:46

One of my favorite kind of energy principle teachings that came in in the past year was that a need and need is the sensation I think it’s in the soul unification course. I don’t think we’ve got To his heart yet, but a need is the sensation of an energy that’s already in existence, that we get the opportunity to become available to, like, I need affection. And that’s real, like we need that. But like affection is like hanging out everywhere, every which where. 

Sophia Wise One  40:17

So like you choose to allow yourself to be affectionately held by the cosmos and like, you got it and like point three seconds, it’s there, you have that full experience of that, okay? A desire is the creative force, creating something, bringing something into being so in need is something that already exists that’s on its way to you. And desire is something that you are like, literally bringing into being summoning, taking this need wave and that need wave, this vibe and that course of energy, and bringing them into a new frequency that a desire is for and it’s the creative desire is the sensation of calling in a new vibrational experience. 

Sophia Wise One  41:13

And what a treat that we get to bask in both needs and the needs being met. And this creative experience of wanting something more, and then having that come into being. That’s really powerful. And it does real wild things that like quantum physics is super down with that, like, this whole, like colonized patriarchal bullshit, like has run some agendas counter on purpose. You know, so we’re really looking at getting access to the ability to have those needs met and to be fed. Right. And this is something that we know which is, like, be like that beings can like sit and fast for years not eat a single bite of food. 

Sophia Wise One  42:12

And it’s like, it’s not just that they send their body into stasis. And that’s like, that’s, this is like a wisdom knowing that’s coming through me. So just to be clear, it’s like someone hasn’t told me this. And this way of just being like, they just though I think people do talk about it, too. And I’m not saying I made it up, but it’s like this piece of, it’s not just because they go their body into stasis is because they allow nourishment to come in at the level that they need it. That’s how that happens. They go they quiet and slow themselves, so that they’re fed by by the frequency of the air, and by the vibration of the sun rising and setting, because that’s the nourishment they need. And that’s the nourishment they get, like, so thus they are sustained. 

Sophia Wise One  43:02

And so that’s what we’re talking about cultivating in ourselves is the ability to recognize that we need something and to bring ourselves into the state of being that allows that to occur. So that we are so that we match. So we allow that nourishment or that frequency to come into our being, which can be very, very manifested physical form, very quickly in that way, and can also just be like a meditative state of like, I feel so lonely and unloved and being like, Oh, I need to feel love and then being like, Alright, like, I’m available for love. 

Sophia Wise One  43:39

It’s like, boom, like that moment where I’m like, okay, like, open the door to the blessings that are standing right outside. It’s just like, yeah, that’s a real thing that happens in that moment, right? And so to cultivate a practice of navigating in your life, so that when you have that information of I need something, you autonomously shift and become available to receive that. And then that’s the, that’s the experience that you’re having in this reality of sensation and energetic and manifested form. And then this element of creativity, and generative energy is that when we want and longed for more. 

Sophia Wise One  44:24

And it’s one of the reasons why when we think that something is impossible, and then we desire, we have this like, oh, like, Oh my gosh, wouldn’t it be amazing if this thing existed? And then it’s like three days later, you find like, it does exist, right? And it’s like, it’s totally an option. And it’s out there, you know? And other times, it’s like, wouldn’t it be great if this existed and it’s like 12 years go by, and then it exists, so then it exists everywhere, right? And so this way of being that the creative force.

Sophia Wise One  44:59

Questions, comments needs concerns. Awesome. So what I want to do right now is dress the altar. Oh, I just said it. So can I take it back is that what I wanted to do? It is. 

Sophia Wise One  45:25

Thank you for joining in climbing in and spending your time in this nest, it’s a pleasure to have you here, I invite you to take this time to tend your altar, at the end of this kind of laying down a foundation, the next thing to do was to embody the practice. So wherever you are, however, you may do it, I invite you either in this moment or the next few hours, to take some time to go to your altar, and to address it, to open it to call it to make some space to hear yourself to invite help to be held. We are in a massive turning time. I know I say that every time. 

Sophia Wise One  46:07

But that is because we are in an era we’re in a we’re in a portal that crosses many days, many moons many years. And they call it the quickening for a reason. It just keeps coming. It just keeps on coming. And so that reminds us that there isn’t a break. We don’t wait until it lets up. What we get to do is we get to make the space to rest make the space to relax, make the space to be at ease, and playful, even in the midst of more and more and more. 

Sophia Wise One  46:47

So I invite you to now in whatever way really nourishes and make space in your being. That’s my that’s my call to you right now. Go and tend your altar. Go and address your altar, make request bake prayer, make offerings and say I am Here I am on this journey I am in this process. I welcome help. I welcome assistance. 

Sophia Wise One  47:12

Make yourself a warm beverage call a medicine friend. And if this episode nourished you I invite you to please share it with someone who you believe it may nourish them. Thank you so much. Thank you for your medicine. Thank you for your medicine calling. Thank you for your medicine journey. I know you give more than any one person or a dozen people or 100 people could truly see your being and your presence, your words and your unspoken words, your deep kindness and your unrelenting love. 

Sophia Wise One  47:48

I thank you for your service of being and may you take that time to lean back and be held. May you take that time to find a way to be supported and loved and seen. May your self care include being cared for or just being in proximity of others. And I encourage you to make some space for some other people who may need to just lean back and be in your presence. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just am really feeling that Thank you Take care of yourself. Take care of that which calls to be taken care of by you. I look forward to next time. Be well. Take care. Peace.

Sophia Wise One  49:47

I hear the call. I know the call. I call the call. I am the call. 

Sophia Wise One  49:53

Thank you gorgeous one. Thank you. I want to take a moment in closing I have a few things first. Take a breath. Second, I want to remind you that this in itself can be transmission and medicine so take care of yourself right now. If this is medicine for you, I have a few invitations one is hit that subscribe button, leave me a rate and review. It’s very, very helpful. In addition, I would love to stay connected with you come over to my website SophiaWiseOne.com. Or find me on Instagram @SophiaWiseOne and get connected. 

Sophia Wise One  50:34

And if this is feeding you, I encourage you to join the virtual temple that has up and gorgeous and happening and that is my Patreon and I am inviting you to join us there. If this episode or another episode fed you and was just what you need, consider sending it and sharing it with a friend. Thank you. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for all your work all your medicine. I know deep in my being you are weaving with me. Thank you. Thank you. We are in this together.