Beloveds! Sophia is on the road again and sharing wisdom from the car. This conversation with a friend was so rich that they couldn’t help but hit record, and thank goodness! We all get to benefit from the wisdom and liberation and joy that is sex magic. Sophia has so much to share about sex and healing the wounds we all carry around sex that this is only part 1!

She talks about:

  • Telling the difference between dreaming about someone and actually visiting with them on the dream plane.
  • Being aware of your boundaries or openness when fantasizing about a real person.
  • Taking fantasies that maintain trauma patterns and transforming them into truly fantastic, healed desires.

We need your help! Before Sophia can make part 2, we want to know what you want to hear about. Do you need further clarification on a topic from this episode? Is there something she didn’t touch on that you want to hear about? Make a post and tag Sophia or DM her @SophiaWiseOne on instagram or send an email through her website We want to hear from you!

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